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Q&A A Day
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Daily Jotter
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Slipped-In-Suede Journal
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Average rating for Stationery & Journals
(4.7 / 5)
33 Reviews
  1. / Apr 25 2014
    This is a great Book !
    I'm in Quebec (Canada) and the shipping took only one week! This is a great memory book and a good idea of gift !
  2. / Aug 25 2012
    I got this journal a few months ago after admiring it for some time and I've been writing in it every night since then. I used to keep an in-depth and faithful journal but life got too busy and I found myself missing it. That's part of why I love this journal so much. It encourages you to keep up by writing every day but it never takes more than a few minutes. The questions are great too, ranging from deep and thoughtful to light and funny. It's not for everybody, but for someone with a full schedule who is looking to get into journalling it's a pretty great item. It's also just beautiful to look at and the size and feel of it is quite satisfying. The binding does feel a little bit fragile, which makes me worry about constant use over five years. It is wearing in a bit and doesn't feel quite so delicate now that it's not brand new, but it's something to be aware of when considering the purchase.
  3. / Feb 24 2012
    absolutely adore this journal!
    i am so happy i found this journal! i found it randomly on pinterest, and immediately bought one for myself, and my best friend for her birthday in a few weeks. as soon as i received my package, i ripped it open, and completely enveloped myself in the journal. not wanting to spoil the surprise, i only read a few of the other questions, and immediately loved writing my first entry. so simple, and such a genius idea!! i love that i can be able to look back years from now and read how my life evolved, and i'm sure it will be much more fun than a normal journal where you'd have to read every single LONG entry to find even tidbits of insight. some of the questions are though-evoking, and some are light-hearted, and that's what i love! it's made me think about things i normally wouldn't on a day-to-day basis, and i love the length you get to write. just enough; not too much or too little. the book is beautiful, as well. i love the vintage-style cover, with the gold page edges, and i can even keep it on my bookshelf and it doesn't stand out. it's not too personal that i have to hide it from my husband, i just know i'm going to cherish this journal for years to come. i cannot wait to fill out each day's questions! i want to buy several more so that i can have them for way more than 5 years!! <3
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  1. / May 13 2014
    Love Note
    I have seen these for a while but, it wasn't until I noticed the LOVE set of notes. The Love Note consist of light pink and hot pink cardstock with the gold lettering. I picked up 4 packs being that my daughter will head off to college in the fall. I figured they are nice for me to drop her notes on a weekly basis. Not too mention they are also my favorite color.
  2. / May 10 2014
    Perfect for teachers!
    I have been using these for 2 years as little reward notes to my students for different contests. I usually add that they have won a "sit by a friend day" on the note and then they keep it to use as a bookmark for the rest of the year. Please don't stop making these!!
  3. / May 12 2013
    Cute Notes
    My husband goes on about 35 to 40 business trips per year. Several years ago I started writing him love notes and sticking them in his suitcase. He always loves them...whether greeting card or plain printer paper. He says just the colors and the phrase "Happy Note" at the top makes him feel that I think of him when he isn't around. I still throw in the occasional card when I find a cute one, but for the majority of trips I use these.
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  1. / Jan 01 2012
    Gorgeous Journals
    These journals are gorgeous and such a good deal!!! They are thin, but that's told in the description. Would make a great gift. I gifted myself ;-)
  2. / Jul 27 2014
    Thin but nice
    The notebook is very thin but it looks beautiful and is just enough for me to jot down little daily thoughts.
  3. / Jan 09 2012
    So completely cute!
    They are almost too cute to write in. Small and thin, so read the description before you buy!
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  1. / Apr 11 2014
    This product is so whimsical
    I got this journal from a friend of mine for Christmas, and I instantly fell in love with it. Journaling is a lot easier when you have a cool looking journal that makes you want to write in. However, there are no lines, but this for me doesn't impact me at all because I write fairly straight. It may be a bit hard to write on the left side for the first couple pages because of the pencil holder but trust me when you start using it, the pay off will be great. My journal is gray with the blue strings on the sides and I haven't had a problem with the pages falling out at all because they're sewed and not glued. This is definitely a good journal to get a friend, mom or yourself
  2. / Jun 25 2014
    Great BUT
    I love the suede. I have the small green Journal and I've been using it almost everyday since march and it's only 1/5th used. The design is very simple and very indie. My biggest problem with this book... is the pencil.. it became really dull after like 3 uses and tried to use some sharpeners and they never worked. I eventually stopped because I realized that if I kept going it wouldn't fit in the book anymore. Later I got a new one but it kinda sucks that I can't use the pencil that it came with anymore. Plus... my dog chewed on the eraser :(.
  3. / May 10 2014
    Perfect for a nature journal!
    This gorgeous journal is clearly handmade. The pages are sewn in signatures and lay flat beautifully. The paper is thick like good-quality art paper. The green one I bought has a woodsy look with a bare wooden pencil holding it shut. The suede cover is soft and supple and inviting to open. The stitching is done with purple thread to contrast with the green suede. I have added pockets for clippings and can add pressed flowers easily.You will not be sorry if you buy this beautiful item.
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