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  1. / Dec 31 2014
    This was a perfect find at my local shop. It is the right size to fit in any kitchen! The price is fair and is a great deal for a classic recipe tin that comes with cards. I just wish that there were more cards sold separately as I would like to fill it with more than 24 recipes.
  2. / Nov 29 2014
    Timeless Item
    This is one of the cutest recipe boxes I've ever seen. IT is quite simply timeless in its beauty and simplicity. Because it's made of tin, I'm not afraid to keep it next to me while I cook. Any splatter can easily be wiped away. If you're interested, Rifle Paper Co. also sells recipe cards with a similar decoration as the outside of this tin. They're gorgeous!
  3. / Dec 08 2014
    Elegant recipe box
    Love this recipe box. Very cute and comes with cutie recipe cards. I really really really wish it came with more recipe cards though, 24 is not enough. Or, I wish anthro sold ripe card packs.
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  1. / May 23 2014
    Like a kid with a bike
    This is a gorgeous bike. I spent a lot of time looking for a bike that fit my style and this one is by far the best one out there. It has beautiful, simple lines and that retro feel, without being over the top and silly. Sometimes my friends and I trade bikes, and whenever I see someone else riding it I'm impressed with it again - it just looks SO good. Looks aside, this bike is really fun to ride too. The seat is super comfy, overall riding posture feels good. It weighs a little less than your typical beach cruiser too, so it's easier to carry if needed, up stairs and such. Also it goes fast with less effort than a beach cruiser. I can keep up with my husband on his road bike. IMO this is the perfect bike for riding around town, doing errands or getting some exercise. It's a total joy to ride!
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