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  1. / Jan 01 2015
    Too pretty to hide!
    I got these on a whim. Yes, I bake, no I'm not hung up on exact measurements. These little measuring cups are too pretty to hide!!! I have them sitting on top of my "retro style" microwave. The colors are vibrants, nice quality ceramic. They would make an adorable wedding gift or for anyone who loves to bake. I may order another set to give as a gift!!!!
  2. / Jul 30 2011
    Beautiful, unique ...
    These cups were a birthday present and were put to use the following weekend at a dinner party. I used the smallest one for olive pits, the 1/3 cup contained the olives. The half cup was used to serve the dipping sauce for grilled artichokes, the full cup was full of marcona almonds. I love these measuring cups! They have yet to see the inside of my kitchen drawer, they are displayed on a shelf above my bar. Having said all that I'm not sure I will ever use them as measuing cups. Go ahead, buy them ... have some fun!
  3. / Jan 22 2012
    I had a blast spending my Anthropology gift card the day after Christmas. Everyone expected me to buy clothes, but instead I shopped the House & Home section. These fun little beauties immediately caught my eye as a much needed alternative to my white plastic measuring cups. They are even prettier in real life and have become a centerpiece in my functional kitchen art piece. They are coveted by all who enter my kitchen and several friends have hinted they may want a set for their birthdays.
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  1. / Dec 26 2009
    Just buy it!
    The most versatile thing in my purse. I have DRY hands from constantly washing them as a result of having a toddler, and this makes my hands & cuticles look presentable in an instant. This works as a great lip balm/gloss (satiny finish on lips), to soothe dry skin or protect a small scratch or scrape, and as a fragrance in a pinch if smoothed lightly on the neck/decolletage. The scent is a real faint rose with a hint of baby powder, not too perfume-y to put on lips. It lasts a long while for people that aren't me, but one of these still lasts me a couple months. The vintage looking tin is appealing to almost everyone. I love to buy these as 'just because' gifts for friends, and they end up getting hooked too. I like to recycle the tins to put tiny sewing & crafting supplies in.
  2. / Jan 13 2011
    Totally addicted to rosebud
    Have been using this for around eight years now and my only complaint is that I have now become somewhat addicted to it! Each coat has at least one tin of rosebud in it. It has a nice rose fragrance. The fragrance is very slight though so it's not weird (seeing as how it's on your lips) and is flavorless. The color looks pink but when you put it on, to me, it's transparent and I have very fair skin so would imagine it'd be transparent on anyone else. This company has been around since 1892. When I was going through my 97 year old grandma's house, I found an old tin of rosebud salve that she used when she was young! And yes, it was the same rosebud that we use now. She said that they used it as a lip gloss, for chapped hands, and diaper rash.
  3. / Nov 03 2014
    Buy it already!
    I've used this for over 10 years and swear by it. its for everything and lasts forever. i have one for my different purses, bedside table and then car. If you think its overpriced realize that you spend more than this by 2 Starbucks trips and this will last you much longer than a latte. from one girl to another- GET IT!
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  1. / Nov 07 2013
    Let me preface by saying... "I hate candles..."
    ...And even though I hate them and really don't understand people's obsessions with them, I walked in my local store today and smelled this enchanting aroma. I harassed 4 separate store employees to first help me identify the source of the scent, then where the candle itself could be found (it wasn't by the display candle), then made them help me figure out which exact scent I was smelling (since the candle was in a dark corner). It's been burning on my kitchen counter ever since. I might walk back and buy the peony perfume to match. Yum!! Again, remember, I HATE candles... this one changed my mind.
  2. / Dec 07 2014
    So Pleasant
    This is a beautifully scented candle. I picked up the Peony. The jar and top are very pretty to look at. I may save the top just for extra use.
  3. / Apr 02 2014
    I love this candle! I have the English Rose and the Noble Carnation. Not only is the design beautiful and a great compliment to any room, the scents are unlike anything else I have found. I have a bad habit of buying the Volcano candle over and over and these candles have been a great change for my home. My only complaint is that the top came broken when I ordered it online, so I'll stick to picking it up in the store from now on.
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  1. / Dec 27 2012
    Can't beat the quality for the price!
    I sampled Rose, Peony, Carnation, and Thistle. All of them smelled just like the notes described, which was really great. I didn't expect to love them all, but I did. For the price, you can't get perfumes that smell better than this. The bottles are gorgeous. I did notice the tops had chipped, but it's probably because they are just display bottles. But they are still pretty and unique even when chipped to the point where it wouldn't bother me. I tried them on several hours ago, and they are still plenty strong on my skin. No complaints about longevity. I think English Rose is my favorite. It's a very sweet rose. I like the minty green of the thistle. I liked the pink scent of the peony, kind of reminded me of sweet pea by Bath and Body Works, but better quality. And the Carnation perfume smelled a bit like vanilla and orange, sweeter than expected, my least favorite, but still nice. I don't think you can go wrong buying any of these.
  2. / Dec 30 2014
    All scents smell amazing
    I love these perfumes so much that I bought at least three of the scents: Noble Carnation (travel size), English Rose, and Dogwood. The bottles are beautiful and decorative; even the travel size one! They're well packaged and come in beautiful wooden boxes, which I kept even though I have no idea what to do with them. I definitely recommend smelling the perfumes in stores rather than go by the online descriptions. The scents are unique and unlike most other perfume brands (except for the Hot House Peonie, which kind of smelt like generic perfume to me). Noble Carnation is definitely a sweet, almost candy-like scent (with a little tartness). Perfect for spring, summer, and the young of heart. English Rose goes the opposite direction and is a bit more adultish, which isn't necessarily a good thing. While I love the scent, it can be reminiscent of one's grandmother, if that makes any sense. However, I guess that's the price it pays since it actually smells like real roses (unlike many of the so-called rose scented perfumes). It's a pretty, soft, and floral scent. I think Anthropologie discontinued the Dogwood scent, which is a real shame because I really like it (it's actually my favorite of the three). It's not a girly scent, but I wouldn't call it masculine either. What I really like about it is that its underlying base is cocoa, which stays on you for hours! So after the initial scent evaporates, the chocolately base stays with you for a long time. Definitely more of a fall/winter scent.
  3. / Nov 12 2012
    I am a fan of Royal Apothic's perfumes- the packaging is beautiful and the scents are rich and unique, and let me be the first to say that they have really outdone themselves this time!! At first glance I didn't really know what to expect from a Carnation perfume since the flowers themselves don't really smell, but this scent is absolutely stunning. It is light and floral but strong enough to stand alone as a winter fragrance. I am always instantly attracted to Royal Apothic's beautiful packaging and I am so happy to add this to my vanity. I have found my new signature scent! Can't wait to try more!! Thank you Anthropologie and Royal Apothic!!!
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  1. / Aug 22 2014
    I purchased this book as a "welcome to the world" gift for my niece, and I could not be more pleased. This classic story has stuck with me throughout my life and I am sure it will continue to be a treasured tale for my niece as well. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you Anthro for always giving us quality product.
  2. / Apr 19 2013
    Love this edition!
    This is one of my favorite books and I absolutely love that it's been turned into a pop-up version using the original illustrations. The pop-up versions of the illustrations are brilliant and really enhance what was already a wonderful, beautifully illustrated story. The only thing that could make this better is if it had used the translation by Katherine Woods instead of Richard Howard, since the Woods translation is more charming. (Plus, the Woods translation is older, so it would fit better with Anthro's vintage theme.)
  3. / Feb 01 2012
    Amazing book for adults and children!
    The pictures in this book are adorable. The pop-up design and other funky structures of the book are so neat and wonderful. There are cards that you can open up and things pop-out. There are triggers you can pull to move objects on the page. There are triggers you can spin to create a wonderfully changing background. This book is so well thought out! I originally purchased it for my baby girl's room. Once she gets older, I know she will love it as much as I do!
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  1. / Dec 04 2014
    Warm, non offensive, AND affordable
    I'd been looking for a vanilla perfume forever, but everything I tried was too cloying or chemical-smelling. I sampled this one day in Anthropologie and have been hooked ever since. I normally hate powdery scents in anything, but this is a warm scent that feels similar to many vanilla perfumes without smelling of sugar or alcohol. This is reasonably priced (especially if purchased in tandem with an Anthro sale). Because I'm a concert musician and am prohibited from wearing any type of fragrance - lotion, hair spry, perfum, etc) - I put a touch of this on when I get home late at night and it winds me down!
  2. / Dec 08 2012
    Smells so fresh and clean.
    I absolutely love this smell. I really didn't want to spend $38 on such a small perfume bottle but I couldn't stop thinking about how good it smelled on my coat for the rest of the night after haphazardly spraying it on myself in the store. I ended up ordering it online and it's amazing. It smells fresh and clean with just a hint of spicy. It's perfect for a day around the house or after a shower. It's probably not strong enough to wear to work or for a night out but it's a good clean smell and I am going to have to say it's a must have for me from now on.
  3. / Aug 23 2013
    Warm & Comforting
    I am a total sucker for any fragrance that has hints of vanilla, cream and spice. To me, this is the fragrance that best embodies those scents. One to two spritzes is all you need and you will be able to get wafts of it throughout the day. It is definitely a warm, comforting fragrance for those cold, rainy winter days but I have worn it in the summer as well and couldn't get enough of it even then.Well worth the price. It's my new favorite scent!
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  1. / Jul 04 2012
    glad to have it
    I went back and forth wondering if I wanted to purchase this teapot. I am so glad I did. I know it is on the smaller side, but it is for my singular use. I was concerned that there would not be enough room in it for more than two cups of tea, but I am getting three full mugs full of tea out of it, as it turns out, when I fill it to the top with hot water and tea bags. It seems to be keeping the tea hot enough until I have time to drink it all. And it is so unique in appearance, vintage, delicate, and feminine. I read the other reviewer who stated it might chip easily and will be extra careful when washing it. Now I will have to consider buying one of the matching cups and saucers to use with it!
  2. / Jan 24 2014
    Adorable Teapot!
    This is a very cute teapot! I love the design and it is nice quality. Perfect for a few cups of tea.
  3. / Jan 30 2010
    i received this as a gift and love it. it's perfect for tea for one or two and is easy to keep in a small place. if you want a large tea pot keep looking but for a smaller size this is the best tea pot i've been able to find. it's lovely!
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