Jardin Des Plantes Vase
Jardin Des Plantes Vase
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  1. / May 10 2015
    Mokara scent is fabulous
    I love the Mokara scent! Adds such a lovely light scent to the room, even my husband notices and comments on how nice the scent is! These candles come in such a lovely container as well. I stocked up on these when Anthro has their % off all items sale, since they never go on sale otherwise.
  2. / May 09 2015
    High Quality & Smells Incredible
    My favorite brand of candles. I particularly like the Goji Orange, but all give a very balanced, unique fragrance that really fill a room. The burn time is always longer than estimated for me. I've saved the tins for plant basins in the garden too, patterns are pretty.
  3. / May 05 2015
    fills the room
    I'm hooked on Voluspa candles and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Baltic Amber has sealed its spot on my favorites. Well worth the money. Candles last a long time and the scent fills the room within minutes of being lit. Pure heaven.
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  1. / May 21 2015
    Love this stuff!
    I love this balm! It feels silky, natural and it's tasty too! Would make a great stocking stuffer or small gift.
  2. / Nov 17 2010
    Great consistency, size, and moisture
    I don't have a lot of faith in lip moisturizers - I've always just used Vaseline or natural things. But I read reviews for this and it looked fantastic, so I got it. The tube is pretty darn cute and great for having in your purse/pocket/car. It doesn't leave your lips feeling gross and oily, neither does it leave them sticky, which is a big lip-gloss-balm pet peeve of mine. It smells like babydolls and rose-hips. It isn't a mind-blowing, supernatural moisturizer, but it did help my dry lips to an extent and it'd definitely recommend it!
  3. / Apr 16 2010
    one of my favorite lip products!
    I am a lip gloss fanatic, and this one is definitely at the top of my list! I have always heard great things about this product, but I was hesitant to buy in in a tin. I just can't stand the idea of putting my fingers in there and then on my mouth and all the germs...doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Anyway, this will not disappoint! It has a nice pinky tint but it goes on pretty much clear. It doesn't smell nasty and it even tastes a little bit sweet (or maybe my nose is fooling me). Definitely recommended!
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  1. / Jun 07 2015
    I got my mom the clear pitcher for Mother's Day and we love it. It looks beautiful displayed in her hutch. I have been using it to put fresh flowers in and it looks gorgeous. I love the vintage feel. I plan to get a colored pitcher for myself. Definitely worth the money.
  2. / Oct 25 2011
    Sturdy, beautiful pitcher!
    I have the hobnail pitcher in the blue colorway. It is a vibrant, beautiful shade of turqoise that definitely looks like it could be an antique. I use it for ice water whenever I entertain. I am actually thinking of getting the purple one also to have two of them for my large holiday gatherings. One at each table would look lovely. I gave it 4 stars for design only because I wish the neck was just a little bit bigger so I could fit my hand thru it when I am washing it. Otherwise, just a lovely, lovely piece of glassware.
  3. / Mar 31 2011
    Retro beauty
    The brilliant turquoise hue attracted me to this piece - I've always been a fan of colored glass (bottles, vases, etc.) I intend to use this only as decor, although there's no reason why it wouldn't be functional - I'm too afraid I'll break it! I'd rather put it on a sunny surface in my kitchen and enjoy the art :) Very retro/antique-looking. A tad pricey, but that obviously didn't deter me. It's a full-sized pitcher and is bigger than it appears in the photos (imo).
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  1. / Mar 13 2013
    Easy remedy for making the lid air tight
    I too had a broken bin when it arrived. Customer service was wonderful and I explained the problem of the lid falling in and breaking the bin. I asked them to put shipping instructions to wrap the wooden lid so it could not fall into the bin during shipping. Then after receiving The replacement I resolved the loose wooden lid situation by spreading some clear silicone on the under lip of the lid. I also spread a bit of Vaseline on the top edge of the bin so the silicone wouldn't stick. I placed the lid with the still gooey silicone down firmly on the bin to make a "mold" of the top rim. Remove the wooden lid and allow to firm up and set (I left mine overnight.) Wipe off the Vaseline. Now you have a bin with a silicone seal that stays in place is not visible and provides an air tight seal. The bin Is absolutely beautiful. I smile every time I walk into the kitchen.
  2. / May 07 2015
    I have always thought this bread bin to be STUNNING. After searching through the reviews for other uses (I've seen cookie jar and dog treat jar!), I was curious if anyone had ever used it as a kitchen utensil holder? Is it too fragile? I'm daydreaming of filling it with wooden spoons, but was hoping for some feedback before ordering!
  3. / Jun 02 2011
    A beautiful addition to any kitchen
    I received this bread bin as a gift from a close friend. It is large enough to hold a large round loaf of sourdough bread. The lid is too beautiful to use as a cutting board so I treated the wood with an oil to protect its surface. For a tighter fit I placed a long (14") piece of scrunched up plastic wrap between the lid and the rim of the jar to creat a barrier. If placed carefully, the plastic wrap can not be seen. This makes a fabulous vase for fresh flowers too. Far too pretty to just use as a storage vessel for bread.
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  1. / Nov 07 2013
    Let me preface by saying... "I hate candles..."
    ...And even though I hate them and really don't understand people's obsessions with them, I walked in my local store today and smelled this enchanting aroma. I harassed 4 separate store employees to first help me identify the source of the scent, then where the candle itself could be found (it wasn't by the display candle), then made them help me figure out which exact scent I was smelling (since the candle was in a dark corner). It's been burning on my kitchen counter ever since. I might walk back and buy the peony perfume to match. Yum!! Again, remember, I HATE candles... this one changed my mind.
  2. / May 06 2015
    This candle is amazing. I have the one in English Rose and I burn it when I need to relax or when I take a bath. Definitely helps. It's strong but not overbearing.
  3. / Apr 02 2014
    I love this candle! I have the English Rose and the Noble Carnation. Not only is the design beautiful and a great compliment to any room, the scents are unlike anything else I have found. I have a bad habit of buying the Volcano candle over and over and these candles have been a great change for my home. My only complaint is that the top came broken when I ordered it online, so I'll stick to picking it up in the store from now on.
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  1. / Sep 02 2014
    Unexpected love
    I grabbed this as an afterthought while I was waiting in line to check out... I wouldn't have thought much of it, but I really needed a small container to put some loose jewelry in. I bought the octagon shape that has 3 compartments, the bottom is also mirrored. It's SO pretty. I liked it in the store, but now that I have it sitting on my dresser, I love it even more. Photos don't do it justice, but I'm including one to help give an idea of size. It's really surprisingly stunning, good quality and totally affordable. I'm considering purchasing the earring one as well. I think they'd look beautiful together!
  2. / Jun 22 2015
    Curious cabinet
    This display case is perfect for curious goods, such as antique pocket watches. I love the old world charm and unique shape.
  3. / May 11 2015
    Great Display Case
    I've been looking for a way to store my jewelry, while keeping it all in plain sight so I know what I've got, and make sure to wear each piece. Not only do these showcase the jewelry nicely, they also keep it dust free. Unlike lucite or acrylic storage solutions, because these are glass, there's no plastic-y smell. I bought the rectangular for large bangles and the hexagonal for rings. The sole drawback is that the hinges are a little weak and have the potential to break easily. But other than that, these were a fantastic purchase.
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  1. / Jun 06 2015
    perfect little mugs
    These are so cute!! Perfect in size color and feel. I ordered 4 of them.
  2. / Dec 29 2012
    Swirled Mug
    I love it! Can't go wrong for the price and it feels like a mug anyone would love to have tea or even a hot chocolate in. The design is lovely and catches the eye. The handle might be a little small, but when you're sitting down on a cold night with this mug and a good book, it just goes with the whole feel of it. Perfecto!
  3. / Dec 26 2012
    Mug Love
    I received this mug as part of a set for Christmas and it is PERFECT! I've already made two cups of tea in it today.
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