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  1. / May 21 2015
    Cinnamon candle my favorite!
    The cinnamon scent is my favorite! It is not too strong or faux smelling. I just wish it burned all the way to the bottom. The sides end up smothering the wick.
  2. / Jun 14 2014
    Tested all the options...
    Alright guys, I took it upon myself to go instore and stick my nose into all of these for you (tough job, I know.) Anyway, here's my take on the different options: Angel Food & Strawberry Shortcake: Both a little too sickly sweet, in my opinion. I don't know if the scent would be quite as strong when it's burning, but my nose couldn't really handle more than 2 sniffs. But if you really love a sugary scent, then knock yourself out. Vanilla and Cinnamon: A really lovely smell with not too overpowering of a cinnamon. I thought these blended perfectly, and would be great for the fall or winter. Vanilla and Fig: I thought this one would be my favorite, but almost couldn't even tell it was a scented candle. The scent was pretty weak, but what I could smell was pleasant. Cream and Pear: A dreamy blend. I ended up getting this one because it seemed more appropriate for summer, and felt like it had just the right amount of "sweet" without being like the strawberry or angel food cake one. And I can happily say that once lit upon arriving home, it did not disappoint. My room smells great.
  3. / Aug 03 2012
    Coconut Macaroon... Happifying
    So I bought this candle a few days ago in coconut macaroon, and had the lid closed. Yesterday I painted my room, and today I had the brilliant idea to open the candle lid up to see if that darned paint smell would go away. And did it ever! My room now smells entirely of amazing, sweet, calming coconut! It doesn't even need to burn to fill up a room, and the room I just painted is very large and my windows are open. Also, it goes perfectly with the theme of my room, which is sort of vintage-simplicity and airy-elegant with a light cozy feel. The jar looks like it is a little "cracked" and its glossy. I will definitely keep it once it has burned out to use it for something else since its so cute! It conveniently has a little rubber inlay in the lid, which makes taking on and off the lid very easy, and unlike actual vintage jars, none of that scratchy feeling when you open it. I feel like this is one of those things that will make me happy every time I revisit it (like any other Anthropologie product really). Very pleased, and in the future I will most likely always buy my candles from Anthro (I smelled the cinnamon one, and it reminded me of Christmas, so maybe I will come Winter!)
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  1. / Jun 21 2012
    Anthro at home
    Anthropologie is my favorite retail therapy store! I shop both In store and Online. I stopped shopping at other stores since I fell in love with Anthro. I was away from home yesterday and stopped at different Anthro. I felt at home. I realized they smelled the same as my local Anthro. (DUH) I see their candles all the time while I shop there. I even play finding the one with light with my little girl. Why didn't I think about it before? I LOVE the smell of the store as well as the art and the merchandise. So, today, I went into my local Anthro and asked SA for her recommendation. She told me that many customers say "Volcano" candles smell like the store the most. There is a smaller candle of the Volcano but I brought this bigger (and prettier) one home. If you are in love with the store and haven't had this, you should get this! I am enjoying the scent, and it's soooo relaxing! I want to get the smaller one for my closet! When I am stressed, I'd go into my closet and look at my Anthro pieces and relax.
  2. / May 21 2015
    Best smelling candle I've had
    I am picky about my candles and I've had at least 4 or 5 of these. Of all of them, I think this container shape helps it burn best. I wouldn't get the taller container. I wonder how it would burn if it had two wicks. I am so obsessed with this candle that I can't stand to see any wax go to waste, so I actually scooped out the leftovers, melted them and put a new wick in to get some more life out of it. The containers are all beautiful. I've had the blue and silver. I usually don't like floral scents, but something about this one is different. This candle would make a perfect hostess or birthday gift. Love it!
  3. / Jul 15 2011
    LOVE this candle
    I have owned quite a few candles and this by far is my favorite. I walked in my local BR store and asked what the scent is every time I walk in. I was directed to the volcano scented candle. I smelled one that was not lit and was not too sure. I grabbed the aloha scent next to the volcano and fell in love. A bit later, the sales lady showed me the mercury glass version of volcano. It was LOVE. I could not wait to get home. I was sure about the aloha but I figured the volcano would just look pretty. WRONG! Once lit, the volcano changed for me. It instantly took me back to the experience each time I walk in my store. In LA, it's HOT and my store is a bit dark, a strong breeze hits you as soon as you hit the door and a lovely scent makes you never want to leave. Crazy, I know. But true. I am glad she gently pointed me to the volcano scent too bc I'm going back for another!
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  1. / May 10 2015
    Mokara scent is fabulous
    I love the Mokara scent! Adds such a lovely light scent to the room, even my husband notices and comments on how nice the scent is! These candles come in such a lovely container as well. I stocked up on these when Anthro has their % off all items sale, since they never go on sale otherwise.
  2. / May 09 2015
    High Quality & Smells Incredible
    My favorite brand of candles. I particularly like the Goji Orange, but all give a very balanced, unique fragrance that really fill a room. The burn time is always longer than estimated for me. I've saved the tins for plant basins in the garden too, patterns are pretty.
  3. / May 05 2015
    fills the room
    I'm hooked on Voluspa candles and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Baltic Amber has sealed its spot on my favorites. Well worth the money. Candles last a long time and the scent fills the room within minutes of being lit. Pure heaven.
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  1. / Mar 26 2012
    SO CUTE!
    I am in LOVE with this precious tea cup! I was on a hunt for the perfect tea cup and here it is. I use it to drink pretty much everything! To give you an idea of exactly how big this cup is, you can poor an entire can of soda into it. Of course it's so attractive-- there were no chips in the paint or anything when it arrived, it was in perfect condition and it's plenty durable. The size is spectacular, I've even eaten soup out of it. When i drink tea or coffee from it i only need to fill it half way which i love because it leaves me plenty of room so that I don't spill. I recommend this to anyone! :)
  2. / May 11 2015
    Prettiest Teacups
    These teacups are a classic. I wanted some new mugs/teacups to replace my boring white ones. These add so much personality to my cup collection. Makes drinking tea and coffee much more colorful and fun.
  3. / May 04 2015
    Perfect size for tea
    This cup is even more fabulous than it appears in the picture. Ever so slightly brighter in colour, I bought the turquoise, and well balanced when brimming with tea. The elevated foot takes it out of mug territory, yet it holds a good amount. I actually returned and bought a second for when one is in the dishwasher.
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  1. / Oct 27 2010
    Beautiful in Blue!
    This is a very pretty juice glass. I got it to see if it would match a pair of double-old-fashioned sized glasses I have that are genuine antiques from the Victorian era. Of course, the antiques simply cannot be duplicated, but these tumblers are made by Mosser, who do in fact use old molds to manufature their glasswares. I purchased one just to examine it for size and quality, and I really do love it, its just a little jewel. I was going to use it as a tealight holder, and it does work for that purpose and is totally heat-safe, but have now decided to purchase three more and use them for their intended purpose. Can't go wrong with these glasses, they seem very durable, and Anthro's price is a good one.
  2. / May 09 2015
    love these glasses!
    I received 4 of these glasses off of my Anthro registry and I love them! I washed and used them immediately. They are fun and sturdy. They are small juice glasses and I use them for wine and small cocktails. Every one wants to drink out of one, men and women alike. They make any beverage more exciting to drink and I highly recommend them!
  3. / Apr 26 2014
    I love this perfect little tumbler!
    I use this quite frequently. It is beautiful on the breakfast table with juice and milk. I was in a pinch last year and during a party with a race horse theme, I was serving mint juleps. I ran out of julep cups and pulled this beauties out. As it turned out these became the special ones people went nuts over them. I now serve cocktails, wine, and just about everything in them. I have 16 of the white, but am considering getting some of the blue. They are truly lovely and as others have mentioned durable. They have been dripped on many occasions and literally take lucky bounces as I hold my breath. Please continue to carry them, we sure do love them.
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  1. / Mar 12 2013
    I love these glasses. I have 6 in red. My kids love them too. They are so different and beautiful. I read some of the reviews and was surprised to see some negative things written for this product. I have been using these for last 4 months everyday. These are my everyday water and juice glasses (we love these rather than plain boring ones). I have had no issues with the quality, color, chipping or anything. But remember, I do wash these myself and do not put them in dishwasher. Such pretties cant be trusted to dishwasher. Now I see that they have new color lavender. And I want that too. I will definitely buy atleast 2 lavender (its my fav. color) even though i have 6 reds already. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these. These are beautiful, with no quality issues, atleast I did not have any problem with my batch. I absolutely love these beauties.
  2. / May 04 2015
    Solid yet feminine
    Oh these are so pretty! They are a well made solid glass. I love the floral pattern on them. I can't wait to use them for summer entertaining!
  3. / May 01 2015
    Beautiful goblets!
    These goblets are just gorgeous. They make such a great accent to a dinner party.
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  1. / May 08 2015
    I got this as a gift, and it is just so cute! It makes baking and cooking a blast with its bright colors! I always want to take a picture in it!
  2. / May 13 2015
    I adore my sewing basket apron. I have the oven mitt and pot holder to match so my kitchen looks super cute
  3. / Jan 28 2012
    This apron is seriously AMAZING! I adore the design, and it still looks like an apron. I bought it two days ago, and I'm so in love with it already. I hesitated to buy it at first because of the price, but I'm so glad I bought it, and it was the last one in the store! I read reviews that criticized the material of the apron, and I think it's just fine, it is an apron after all! It's a tad big at the top, but that is probably because I'm a small sized person, and that is easily looked over! All in all, I think you should definitely buy it if you're debating on it. I absolutely adore it :)
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