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  1. / Mar 03 2015
    These sheets are keepers, they look great on the bed and bring a room together. If I had any improvements to make, I would want them thicker and softer. Good Job Anthropologie. Now I just need a comforter cover to match and complete the look.
  2. / Jan 03 2015
    Wonderful Sheets!
    I had never ordered sheets from Antrho before, and I was so pleasantly surprised at how wonderful these are! I ordered the grey color, and they are beautiful. They fit my pillow top mattress and feel wonderful to sleep on (I tend to be a hot sleeper, and the cotton fabric is breathable and soft). I also just washed them, and they are even better! I can tell that these are going to get softer and softer with each wash...great purchase, I wish I had bought them in another color!
  3. / Apr 15 2014
    Fun and Flowery
    I got these sheets in the orange and they are so fun! I love the coral-orange color and the mod flower-power pattern so much, they make me smile each time I get in bed. They are ok in the softness dept. I've only washed them once and because the thread count isn't super high they haven't softened up as much as I hope they do after more washes. But, the cuteness and happiness of the pattern make up for the lack of super softness. Love, love, love.
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  1. / Apr 14 2014
    These sheets are gorgeous!
    I ordered these sheets with the slight fear that the fitted sheet would be too small to fit over my slightly thick mattress, but these fit so well! I will say that the flat sheet is rather large, but that's certainly not a dealbreaker for me. The print is truly adorable and unique. Just a note on the pillowcases. They're not actually short, but rather the kind where you tuck the top of the pillow under the bit of fabric overlap at the top of the pillowcase. No problem fitting my standard/queen pillows in them.
  2. / Oct 07 2013
    Great sheets
    These sheets are very comfortable and soft. I was leary since printed fabric can sometimes be stiff, but you cannot feel the print at all. The pattern is very well represented by the picture, the colors are spot on and I am very happy with how they coordinate with my decor. The only thing wrong and why they didn't get 5 stars is because the pillowcases are REALLY short. Like the pillow just fits in with no leftover "flange". And I have regular size pillows, so it's weird. Also weird is that the sheets themselves are really oversized. I bought the queen size and I think you could easily fit them on a king. So the sheets have lots of extra room, but the cases are short, but I love the print and they are comfortable, so 4 stars it is.
  3. / Mar 07 2014
    They Get Better With Time
    The most comfortable sheets I've ever bought from Anthro are the nosegay sheets, the measuring stick for all other sheets. That being said, these weren't super soft at first but got better after a few washes. They're more of a winter sheet set though. The fabric almost has a slight brushed texture, a bit like flannel. But again, it's very slight. Also, they tend to grow in between washings; they seem to have a tiny bit of stretch to them. Overall, my husband and I enjoy sleeping on them, but we'll probably go back to the nosegay once it warms up some. Also, the pillowcase size is a bit on the smallish side but fits my standard down pillows. The colors online are true to life.
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  1. / Aug 06 2014
    Lovely, Simple Comforter
    I had been eyeing this duvet for a long time (months and months and months) when I finally decided to go for the buy with a discount in hand. It is an absolutely gorgeous duvet. Clean white with a pop of color in the threaded tassels. However, I think the price is a bit much for the simplicity. After about 4 months, the comforter has retained its look, though the tassels have lost a few threads here and there. I haven't tried washing it yet (surprisingly enough, it is not dry-clean only), but can probably anticipate over a few year's time the tassels will shed some more thread from general use. Overall I heartily recommend the comforter-- but only with a discount in hand.
  2. / Sep 03 2013
    A+ ....I adore this duvet
    Isn't the design so quaint? I fell in love with this online, and ordered it promptly. The price is definitely affordable and it's worth it's value. The coloring of the tassels are also very true to the colors pictured. I have no regrets about buying this product. I'm very impressed with this lovely duvet, it has more than fulfilled my expectations!!!
  3. / Feb 21 2014
    this is a duvet cover
    even though it says it is a duvet, it is just a duvet cover. a beautiful cover, at that.
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  1. / Feb 16 2015
    I got the long pillow in ivory and it is very, very cute. Soft and fat, with a nice braided finish all around, it goes with everything and gives the right pop of light to a couch or chair. Depending on the light the gold looks more subtle, almost silvery. A real gem for the price.
  2. / Oct 15 2014
    These pillows are just absolutely lush in real life. The photos here don't do them justice. The fabric is soft and rich, the colors gorgeous, the fill very plump, so that the overall effect is that they look expensive and just beautiful. Highly recommend. *All* the colors are amazing.
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  1. / Mar 13 2015
    Perfect pillows that are not too feminine!
    I got these shams in store today and I can't wait to use them! They're thick and holds the shape well but yet very soft. The ones I got at the store were marked as "standard" but they were actually "king" and they're huge! I've never had king size pillows for my queen bed, but I'm actually excited to get the pillows and see how they are. They almost look like big, comfy body pillow! Overall, I'm very pleased with the purchase.
  2. / May 04 2014
    Great colours
    I used these as my shams to go with the Creature Hideaway Quilt to mix the patterns and it looks great.
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  1. / Feb 09 2015
    Romantic Bedding
    This bedding is simply amazing. I ordered the gray and it's beautiful. It is on the blue-gray side or gray. It's soft and comes with ties in all four corners of the inside of the duvet cover so you can tie your comforter to the inside! The bedding itself is very soft and comfortable. I've received numerous compliments!
  2. / Jan 19 2015
    Simple and sweet duvet
    I ordered this duvet in light gray. As soon as the UPS man delivered it, I quickly stuffed my down comforter into it and assembled it on my bed with the matching shams. IT IS PERFECT. It is simple and sweet with the ruffles. I love it. Definitely a keeper!
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  1. / Apr 04 2015
    Soft and Bright
    I bought this blanket at my local Anthro store, and while it does have a few snags, it is exactly what I was looking for. It's soft, warm, cozy, and the perfect snuggle size! I bought the yellow, and it is such a lovely shade of bright golden yellow. It reminds me of Forsythia blooms. It's just what my living room needed.
  2. / Feb 05 2015
    sunny, cheerful yellow but fragile
    I paid full-price for this after seeing it in my local store. That one had some snags so I ordered mine online. The color is prettier in person. It's such a warm, sunshine yellow that is a gorgeous shade. It's a thinner weight so I'll especially get good use out of this in spring & summer. I use brighter colors in winter too since I'm not a fan of the snowy/grey days. A color like this lifts my spirits. The problem is while it's handmade, it pulls easily. I've had to re-knot several threads. My dog jumped on it and easily caught about 8 threads with his claws and he wasn't even pawing at it. So, this is one throw I'd recommend more for light use or decoration. I saw the coral version in a store too and it's a beautiful light orange shade.
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