Beauty, In A Flash

Getting ready in the morning can be a challenge no matter what, but when you add a wee one to the mix, it becomes downright chaotic. Enter Melissa, our beauty guru and mother of two-year-old Amelia. She’s here to share her favorite quick and easy products that’ll have you looking and feeling like a million bucks in no time flat.

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Matching Game

Amelia plays with these cards on the bathroom floor while I get ready.
They hold her attention at least part
of the time—the rest of the time she’s mimicking my routine, so I keep safe products in her reach, like lip salves and hairbrushes.”

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Earth Tu Face Skin Stick

This great-for-you skin hydrator is made from organic olive oil and beeswax. It also smells amazing—it doubles as my fragrance when I’m in a rush.”

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Waxelene Salve

This multi-purpose, beeswax-based salve is genius. I use it on lips, elbows, hands—anywhere I have dry skin.”

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Rahua Finishing Treatment

I don’t have the time or patience to blow dry my hair. This leave-in, silicone-free treatment keeps my waves smooth as they air-dry.”

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Beaded Boho Scarf

Scarves are the perfect all-purpose accessory—stash one in your bag and pull it out when you need a quick cover-up, or use it to tame crazy hair if you don’t have time for a ’do.”

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Albeit Lipstick

A bright lip adds an instant pop to any outfit. I’m loving this hot pink in a creamy, moisturizing formula.”

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Alder Natural Hair Powder

Dry shampoo is a must on mornings when I’m running late. It keeps my hair feeling fresh and also adds a bit of volume. Just sprinkle it on, work it in with your fingers, then brush out.”

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Hair Ties

Amelia and I both use these. Not a ponytail kink to be found, and they don’t cause tears when I take them out of her hair. I’m not kidding when I say that I have entire drawer full of them in my house!”

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