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Geo Soaprock
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Tinted Lip Treatment
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Go Be Lovely Gift Set
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Apivita Face Scrub
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Natural Sea Sponge
Natural Sea Sponge
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Sulawesi Bowl
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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Beauty & Fragrance
(4.6 / 5)
83 Reviews
  1. / Jul 30 2013
    Best Salve
    This product is perfect for chapped lips, setting lashes and brows, moisturizing cuticles, and probably more uses I haven't thought of. Adorable packaging, and the tube is a bit more handy than the tin, in my opinion. I have kept the tin in my bag during summer months, and while it never leaked, it did melt to the side of the container. Great buy!
  2. / Nov 17 2010
    Great consistency, size, and moisture
    I don't have a lot of faith in lip moisturizers - I've always just used Vaseline or natural things. But I read reviews for this and it looked fantastic, so I got it. The tube is pretty darn cute and great for having in your purse/pocket/car. It doesn't leave your lips feeling gross and oily, neither does it leave them sticky, which is a big lip-gloss-balm pet peeve of mine. It smells like babydolls and rose-hips. It isn't a mind-blowing, supernatural moisturizer, but it did help my dry lips to an extent and it'd definitely recommend it!
  3. / Apr 16 2010
    one of my favorite lip products!
    I am a lip gloss fanatic, and this one is definitely at the top of my list! I have always heard great things about this product, but I was hesitant to buy in in a tin. I just can't stand the idea of putting my fingers in there and then on my mouth and all the germs...doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Anyway, this will not disappoint! It has a nice pinky tint but it goes on pretty much clear. It doesn't smell nasty and it even tastes a little bit sweet (or maybe my nose is fooling me). Definitely recommended!
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  1. / Dec 07 2014
    Cute and Functional
    I was on the lookout for a ring dish to protect my delicate little midi rings. I was wonderfully surprised when I came across this unique little thing! I instantly fell in love with the design, and based on the reviews, decided to purchase. It is incredibly sturdy, and it suits its purpose very well. The design is flawless, and it looks even better in person. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but honestly I expected it to be smaller than it is. The size was a very nice surprise. I could always use a little extra space for my things! If you are even just considering buying this, I think you should just do it. You'll never find another ring dish as cute as this!
  2. / Oct 02 2013
    I bought this as a gift and just opened the box to make sure everything was tip-top shape (I feel like anthropologie is getting much better at packing breakable objects - I ordered a few, and they all came together in one BIG box, snug and safe in tinier boxes and foam which I just can't imagine things breaking in without someone dropping the big box off a wall or something). It is adorable. So cute! The kind of cute that makes one covet. I imagine the little umbrella hook might be a little annoying to take a ring off of, but I dropped a couple of my rings on it to see what it would look like, and it was just -- cute. I do recommend it. The colors are pretty. The gleaming silver raindrops are pretty. It's very simple, but you notice it. It draws the eye.
  3. / Dec 09 2013
    perfect little thing
    I am recently engaged to be married (very excited); I never wore rings before, so I had no idea what a pain it was to have one on while doing the dishes. As I was looking at Anthro for presents for friends, this little dish popped up and I thought "perfect!" So I got myself a little something. It is lovely, fairly small (which is ideal) - the only thing that might be a pain is that you have to twist the ring around the handle of the umbrella as you put the ring on or off of the dish. But all in all - clever little ring holder.
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  1. / Oct 14 2013
    LOVE IT!!!!
    BARR-Co. Is my absolute favorite brand of soap, lotion, perfume, linen spray and diffuser! The original scent is so fresh and natural! After my first experience using this Barr-Co products I've been hooked! I cannot say enough good things about this amazing "made in the USA" brand and company! Well worth the price! Love it! Love it! Love it!
  2. / Dec 28 2012
    Spread the word . . amazing American-made products
    My daughter and I stumbled upon these products while browsing in the Boca Town Centre store. After buying and trying several items, we have become loyal customers. A visit to their shop in St Louis was absolutely wonderful. I have given several baskets as gifts, and delight in spreading the word about this amazing company. Anthro . . . please stock the room & sheet sprays.
  3. / Feb 06 2013
    so lovely
    This soap is so wonderful. Soft and moisturizing with an amazing scent that is strong enough to actually enjoy unlike many other soaps. I love how beautiful the packaging is. It is the perfect soap to make a girl feel pampered and enjoy her bath so much more :)
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  1. / Apr 26 2014
    Seaweed Soap in the green box is the BEST!
    I love the Swedish Dreams Seaweed Soap in the green box! It's just perfect! I discovered it at Anthropologie. During the holidays I bought 20 bars for friends & relatives. Unfortunately the Sea Salt Soap is usually reviewed over the Seaweed and several stores have stopped carrying the Seaweed version. I've tried both and I prefer the Seaweed version. They have a similar/same scent, but the Sea Salt version was too rough on my skin. As one reviewer said, "scratchy". I completely agree. Anthropologie, please do not get rid of the Seaweed soap! Thanks!
  2. / Apr 19 2013
    Like an ocean swim
    The scent is addictive A very creamy soap with little grains of salt. leaves skin silky smooth. What you will find is the fresh scent will stay with you for the rest of the day,,,so you will not be wanting to add a conflicting cream or perfume. Lovely for a bedtime soak too..
  3. / May 27 2013
    My current staple
    I am a sucker for great packaging, but once I smelled the soap, I was hooked. The sea salt is a great exfoiliant. I use it every day. It lathers for shaving.One bar lasts about 3 weeks between my husband & my regular use. I have bought out my store's supply!
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  1. / May 22 2014
    Love + Salt - Light and Subtle Beach Waves
    You know a product is good when your friend asks if you just had your hair done and it's been two months since your last appointment! A light mist over my hair in the morning and shake of my head was all I needed. I am always trying beach texture sprays, so I was excited to see one from Olivine (I am currently obsessed with the Full Regalia perfume). The scent of this spray is very subtle - I was expecting a prominent coconut scent as coconut oil is an ingredient. However, it gives your hair nice and light waves. This is not heavy, not greasy nor does it dry your hair, leaving it crunchy. It's not for intense makeovers, but it's perfect for an easy, light, beachy hairstyle. As an aside, when I ordered this product, I was informed it would not ship until the end of May, but I have already received and used it! What a pleasant surprise from Anthro.
  2. / Oct 16 2014
    Smells divine
    My hair is stick straight and this definitely adds a little something. It works so much better if I put it in after my hair is already dry and has been in a bun. I tried it asked I just got our of the shower and it did nothing, so once you find a way that it works for you, it's awesome.
  3. / Jul 14 2014
    It works
    My hair has some natural curl to it when I let it air dry but this seems to help the curl and also make it last longer.
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  1. / Feb 15 2014
    I can't stop smelling myself
    Amongst the Waves... for me it's the perfect perfume. I've been looking for the right perfume that works well on me, and I finally found the one! Smells like coconuts on the beach, I can't get enough of it.
  2. / Nov 03 2013
    Love this scent!
    This is my new favorite scent, fresh and beachy, but just heavy enough that I think it works in winter and fall too. The details in the packaging is also gorgeous. Love!
  3. / Nov 09 2013
    So happy to see this being sold at Anthropologie now! I am obsessed with this scent. It smells like Hawaii. The BEST!
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  1. / Oct 05 2014
    Simply adorable
    I adore this cute trinket dish! It looks exactly as pictured as it does in the store. Who can resist a tiny giraffe? I gave the quality a 4/5 because this is small, glass, and delicate so I would be nervous buying this online or packing/moving this item.
  2. / Feb 05 2014
    VERY CUTE!!!
  3. / Dec 03 2013
    giraffe love
    This is a very cute dish, but for some reason, I just assumed that I would be able to slide a few rings over the giraffe's neck. The ears and horns, which are very charmingly sculpted, unfortunately prevent this. It is really adorable, and probably will look better without being covered in my jewelry. The gold is pretty, and the white is a nice hue - not too much blue or green, very white.
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