Lollia Soap Bar
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Ceramic Ring Cone
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Tinted Lip Treatment
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Arca Jewelry Box
Arca Jewelry Box
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Albeit Lipstick
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Barr-Co. Soap Bar
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Tocca Body Lotion
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Natural Sea Sponge
Natural Sea Sponge
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MOR Lip Macaron Tin
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Tocca Body Scrub
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Kiwabi Root Vanish Pen
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Olio E Osso Balm
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DuWop Seashell Compact
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DuWop Circle Block
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Lollia Shower Gel
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Tocca Eau De Parfum
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Geo Soaprock
Geo Soaprock
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DuWop Venom Lip Styxx
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Apivita Face Mask
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Fringe Studio Soap Box
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Apivita Face Scrub
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Sulawesi Bowl
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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Beauty & Fragrance
(4.5 / 5)
255 Reviews
  1. / Jul 10 2012
    Cleopatra, Stella, Florence
    I sampled these fragrances on my own skin, and I kept track of how they changed throughout the day. Here are my impressions: Cleopatra - the description made me think it would be heavy, but it's actually quite light and fresh, and yet it lasts. At first, the scent wasn't that exciting to me, but it grew on me throughout the day. It has a very pleasant freshness to it. I bought this one for everyday use. Stella - delicious but very sweet. I wouldn't be comfortable wearing it at work, and I might even be self-conscious about the sweetness in public in general, but it does smell fantastic to me. I don't really get the blood orange, but I smell the lily, and it is quite a lovely floral. Florence - gardenia, gardenia, gardenia. That's all I could think. I love the scent, but unfortunately, my mother has always worn gardenia lotion, and I didn't want to opt to smell exactly like her. :)
  2. / Jun 19 2011
    best perfume yet
    I love nice smell. But I can't stand smell of most perfume in the market now. I am allergic to perfume. This one doesn't give me allergy. Smell is very gentle. It smells good. It is almost like 'I am not wearing perfume, but I smell nice naturally.' kind of good, you know what I mean... It smells gently, and strong aroma exists many hours. Yes, the smell is not imposing. Yet, its presence is definite. What I am trying to say here is that this is a very, very good perfume. I highly recommend that you try at the store and find out what I mean. If you are like me, sick of bad perfumes, bought many perfumes, but end up not using them due to headache and allergic reaction... you still have hope. My life is better, because of this perfume. It is the Cleopatra. I didn't like other smell from the same company. Cleopatra is the one for me.
  3. / Mar 05 2015
    Holy grail fragrance
    I love Tocca fragrances! Brigitte, Cleopatra, and Lilliana are my favorites. They are timeless and long-lasting.
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  1. / Mar 25 2012
    Lollia Wish - Spring / Summer Sent for Me
    I started wearing Lollia Wish a few years ago on a daily basis during warm weather months. It is light and not overpowering yet there is definately a clean, pleasant scent. I always get compliments all around when I wear this scent. Several friends have even started wearing it. I have really bad allergies and cannot tolerate many perfumes. This perfume and most of the other Lollia perfumes do not bother me at all. The travel sizes of these scents are great when I travel. I get to use my daily scent and not have to bring a big bottle with me. Note: The bottle is clear. Store in a dark place / room without direct sunlight or the perfume goes bad after awhile.
  2. / Feb 08 2013
    "In Love"
    This review is for the "In Love" fragrance. I found a forgotten gift card from Christmas and decided to put it to use yesterday. When I smelled this, I knew I had to have it. It smells so clean and fresh and even stayed with me through my spin class last night. I would highly recommend this!
  3. / Dec 01 2011
    Love it!!!
    I've been using this perfume in the Wish scent for the last 2 years after falling in love with Lollia's hand lotion and I receive so many compliments while wearing it, especially from guys. It has a sweet scent, which is my personal preferance, but the best thing is that it's not over-powering at all! I've owned perfumes in the past that even though I may like the scent, even putting on just little bit can be too much, but not with this. You can just keep layering it and layering it without a problem. You'll never be able to smell it on yourself, but trust me, others will because the compliments will not stop!
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  1. / Jan 02 2012
    warm, sweet and feminine (canadian made). love it!
    i have always worn burberry brit perfume but decided i wanted to try something similar, but new. i went to anthro looking to try the moulinette soeurs odette perfume, but decided it was too strong for my taste. this little bottle (the charmer) was hiding on the bottom shelf, and after one quick spritz i realized it was exactly what i wanted: light, warm and sweet like sugar. but i don't think it smells like candy or pie, it just smells warm and delicious (but not in a fresh baked kind of way). i definitely liked this one the best, my 56 year old mum liked it too ! at $28, you can't beat the small convenient size and cute bottle. plus it smells great and is made in toronto! great x3.
  2. / Sep 11 2014
    I really wanted to love this perfume and though it does smell quite nice, it's just not for me. I'll send it back and give one of the other scents a go.
  3. / Oct 18 2011
    I have all four scents, and love each one. I am so sad that you can no longer get Darling Blue, it was a perfect light and almost powdery scent that I will have a hard time replacing. I absolutely love Flaming June for the fall, The charmer in a perfect spring scent and Women in Yellow is slightly citrus-y and is great to wear during the day. I wish there were matching body lotions and bubble baths for these scents because I would buy the whole line. I have read in some of the other reviews about trouble leaking, but I've never had that problem. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back Darling Blue and do not discontinue this line!!!!!
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  1. / May 07 2014
    Everytime I would go to the store I would see these Tocca perfumes. Never tried. The other day I went to store alone and had tons of time trying out everything. So i tried on the Tocca. I ABSOLUTELY loved the Florence. The other scents are good too but I am a floral person so Florence spoke to me. It is floral, light gardenia. Absolutely beautiful. Almost romantic, feminine, sexy, innocent. Its hard to describe. I LOVED IT!!! I hardly buy full price items at Anthro but this one I picked up in a heart beat. One thing to know for who hasn't tried this on from the mini bottle, this is NOT A SPRAY BOTTLE. Its a dab bottle. Its perfect for travel if you ask me. The glass bottle with beautiful old world lid looks very pretty. Other reviewers who were disappointed by this, well I guess they did not want that or did not know about it. I would not consider that as a negative review. The bottle and perfume are amazing. I also tried the hand lotion and fell in love. I bought the Florence hand lotion and this mini Florence perfume. I highly recommend. But do try all of them to see which one you like.
  2. / Dec 07 2014
    Cleo - great fragrance
    Cleopatra is my favorite of this selection. Musk adds sensuality while the floral notes soften the scent. It lingers hours after I put it on, but seems only to have average staying power. I have other perfumes that last all day. Love the bottle and this smaller version is not a spray, It can be refilled. This smaller version is also at a great price point.
  3. / Nov 11 2014
    This is one of the most enjoyable brand fragrances I have experienced. I am very sensitive to smells and yet I desire to wear fragrance. All of the Tocca line smells original to their individual specifics and I have not experienced a negative sensory reaction to the line. Thank You for this perfume line and please make it a staple. I also receive many compliments.
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  1. / Dec 04 2014
    Warm, non offensive, AND affordable
    I'd been looking for a vanilla perfume forever, but everything I tried was too cloying or chemical-smelling. I sampled this one day in Anthropologie and have been hooked ever since. I normally hate powdery scents in anything, but this is a warm scent that feels similar to many vanilla perfumes without smelling of sugar or alcohol. This is reasonably priced (especially if purchased in tandem with an Anthro sale). Because I'm a concert musician and am prohibited from wearing any type of fragrance - lotion, hair spry, perfum, etc) - I put a touch of this on when I get home late at night and it winds me down!
  2. / Dec 08 2012
    Smells so fresh and clean.
    I absolutely love this smell. I really didn't want to spend $38 on such a small perfume bottle but I couldn't stop thinking about how good it smelled on my coat for the rest of the night after haphazardly spraying it on myself in the store. I ended up ordering it online and it's amazing. It smells fresh and clean with just a hint of spicy. It's perfect for a day around the house or after a shower. It's probably not strong enough to wear to work or for a night out but it's a good clean smell and I am going to have to say it's a must have for me from now on.
  3. / Aug 23 2013
    Warm & Comforting
    I am a total sucker for any fragrance that has hints of vanilla, cream and spice. To me, this is the fragrance that best embodies those scents. One to two spritzes is all you need and you will be able to get wafts of it throughout the day. It is definitely a warm, comforting fragrance for those cold, rainy winter days but I have worn it in the summer as well and couldn't get enough of it even then.Well worth the price. It's my new favorite scent!
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  1. / Feb 24 2015
    Strawberry Di-Vine!
    Strawberry Vine is the perfect perfume for me. I only like essential oil fragrance and can't tolerate synthetic versions. My nose is very sensitive. It was unusual for me to pick this perfume up and try it. And I'm pleased I did! It's a beautiful, floral fragrance. I've worn it for a week so far and I find this lasts on my skin. Lasts and lasts. Smells wonderful on. And I can wear this day or night and layer it with my essential oil perfumes if I choose. Smells expensive! Could easily be a $200 bottle. And I like that it's an unknown fragrance line and not something everyone has. Not a grandma fragrance nor young but classic for a teen, grandma or in between. Second runner up for me was Dandelion...Also very pretty....
  2. / Aug 22 2014
    Really beautiful
    Alright, stop all the presses and close down the shop. I can end my search. Distillery General's Dandelion perfume is what I had been looking for in a perfume for the past 4 years. It is a truly beautiful scent on my skin. I splash it on every morning and all I can say is that it's so delightful. It opens sharp (but not unpleasant), fresh, and stimulating. I don't get the citrus note other than the fact that it's probably contributing the sharpness/freshness. It's kind of like walking through a wildflower meadow at the height of summer. Then it begins to settle down and round out with juicy pear. The best part is that after 40 min or so you get this warm, gentle but almost spicy, maybe a little powdery floral drydown that's soooooo nice. It smells like hugs and cuddles on a grassy field. Also, it's low sillage but lingers a while, for 4-5 hrs longer. This is not a perfume that will announce your presence in a room. But it will get noticed by people who are intimately close to you. Bottom line: get Dandelion if you're looking for a romantic spritely floral (but not fussy or formal) run-out-into-the-fields, summertime evocative scent that also happens to feel cozy.
  3. / Jun 01 2014
    Never thought I'd want to smell like a tomato, but
    I bought "heirloom" and absolutely love it. There is just the faintest hint of tomato-like scent to it; most of what I smell is fresh summer garden greens and some sort of green or white floral note. This perfume was the nicest little surprise. I didn't go looking for it, but was just browsing in the store and the attractive little copper-capped bottles caught my eye so I smelled the testers and fell instantly in love with heirloom. I liked dandelion also, I may go back and purchase it too. For small-batch artisanal scents, I expected to turn the bottle over and see $78, not $25. At $25 I couldn't pass it up. Maybe it's the different scents, but I don't find mine to fade particularly quickly, it lasts about as long as my other (much pricier) perfumes from houses like Tocca and Marc Jacobs.
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  1. / Feb 23 2011
    I had bought this shampoo and conditioner when I first saw them on Gwyneth Paltrow's blog, GOOP. I needed hair products that didn't have sulfates in them because I had a carotene treatment on my hair. They worked great, my hair felt so clean and it felt great to use a product that was organic and paraben (a hormone in a lot of beauty products) free! The smell is one that some might have to get used's not floral or frilly, but a very organic and refreshing scent. I love the smell though! My only complaint is that rahua only makes one size, they need to make the bottles bigger!!! Thank you Anthro for carrying this product!
  2. / Feb 10 2014
    Luxury Shampoo
    I have been using this shampoo for 1 year. It is gentle and worth every penny. I have long hair and I wash it every day. My hair is never dry and it looks better than ever!
  3. / Jan 12 2012
    I am on speaking terms with my hair/scalp again
    Wow. First off, I live in pretty harsh weather conditions so my hair and scalp need all the moisture they can get. On top of that, I have very sensitive skin and it carries over to my scalp. I had an unbearable case of dry scalp and nothing worked longterm. I tried the scalp focused lines of Head and Shoulders, Selsum Blue, Redken, Nioxin, Kevin Murphy, Giovanni, et cetera... literally everything. I even did a baking soda/vinegar rinse as a substitute for shampoo/conditioner and slept with jojoba oil in my scalp every night for awhile. I saw the Rahua line on Anthro and had never heard of it before. I did some research and decided to give into my sinful tendency of buying things all the time. I used both the shampoo and conditioner and after the first use, my scalp was whole again. I was skeptical and used it for another two weeks to observe the longterm effects of the duo. Still good. It has been over two months and I am a believer. Yes, it is pricey, but do not waste your money on products that almost work and simply leave harmful chemicals clogged in your pores. This stuff works and it is really all natural. I do not mind paying for quality and fairness in a product as long as it delivers. My medium length, ultra thick, uncolored, slightly coarse brown hair is shiny, bouncy, and most importantly healthy. The one limitation is that the shampoo and conditioner makes my hair oily more quickly. It might be hard to get used to at first, but at least my hair is moisturized. :) I cannot quite explain the scent... It is warm and buttery. Definitely not floral or fruity, but more woodsy. I wish I had a lifetime supply...
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