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Average rating for Cosmetics & Tools
(4.7 / 5)
25 Reviews
  1. / Jul 30 2013
    Best Salve
    This product is perfect for chapped lips, setting lashes and brows, moisturizing cuticles, and probably more uses I haven't thought of. Adorable packaging, and the tube is a bit more handy than the tin, in my opinion. I have kept the tin in my bag during summer months, and while it never leaked, it did melt to the side of the container. Great buy!
  2. / Nov 17 2010
    Great consistency, size, and moisture
    I don't have a lot of faith in lip moisturizers - I've always just used Vaseline or natural things. But I read reviews for this and it looked fantastic, so I got it. The tube is pretty darn cute and great for having in your purse/pocket/car. It doesn't leave your lips feeling gross and oily, neither does it leave them sticky, which is a big lip-gloss-balm pet peeve of mine. It smells like babydolls and rose-hips. It isn't a mind-blowing, supernatural moisturizer, but it did help my dry lips to an extent and it'd definitely recommend it!
  3. / Apr 16 2010
    one of my favorite lip products!
    I am a lip gloss fanatic, and this one is definitely at the top of my list! I have always heard great things about this product, but I was hesitant to buy in in a tin. I just can't stand the idea of putting my fingers in there and then on my mouth and all the germs...doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Anyway, this will not disappoint! It has a nice pinky tint but it goes on pretty much clear. It doesn't smell nasty and it even tastes a little bit sweet (or maybe my nose is fooling me). Definitely recommended!
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  1. / Oct 31 2014
    EVA NYC Blow Dryer
    I used to own an expensive salon quality blow dryer that was amazing. My hair was always smooth and shiny. After several years of wear and tear it broke and I ended up buying a cheap hair dryer at the drug store for a quick replacement. I decided after seeing this hair dryer, that I would try it out since it's less than half the price of a good quality salon dryer. I used it this morning. My hair hasn't felt this soft and looked this shiny in a long time. There is a button you can press that turns on a blue light that emits negative ions to lock in moisture and reduce frizz. I have seen this on other websites for over double the price. Try it out, you're hair will never feel frizzy again!
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