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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Bath & Body
(4.8 / 5)
51 Reviews
  1. / Feb 25 2015
    I have every single product from this company in this scent. It's the sort of scent that makes you feel like you're being given a warm hug and everything's going to be just fine. It smells clean and classy and delicious and luxurious all at the same time. I came close to buying two bottles of the perfume but then realized that would do me no good since they would become fragrance bleached before I'd be able to use them entirely...and I'm overjoyed to see they're so popular that Anthro is stocking new products in this scent like the lip balm and solid perfume. Having said all that, I was disappointed to find that this lotion had turned into an unscented liquid when I brought it out to use this winter (I bought it in winter of 2014, and stored it in a cool, dark toiletry cabinet over the summer). It's literally the consistency of skim milk, and doesn't smell much better. I've never had a lotion break down while in storage, perhaps it's because this is so natural. I'm certainly not going to fault the company for making such an ethically sound product, so I will buy another and keep it in the fridge this summer.
  2. / May 24 2013
    I love love love this product. Scent is soft and feminine. Just right, not heavy but lasts on your skin. And there is no strange undertone to the fragrance. it has a purity about it. Lotion is smooth and the Shea butter leaves a delightful sheen on your skin, which makes your skin almost glow. The Shea is a heavier moisturizer, so you don't need much, but its such an amazing moisturizing product. My sensitive skin had no irritation from this product. Will be buying this from now on. Wish they made all their scents in this form. Packaging is super cute like a vintage glass milk bottle.
  3. / Mar 18 2012
    Light and Moisturizing
    Love this lotion! I'm not a fan of strong scents and usually have a hard time finding anything that will not trigger an allergy fit. This lotion is amazing. The scent is very light and yet, like others have mentioned, long lasting. Also, the consistency of the lotion itself is light despite the fact that it includes shea butter (which can be very heavy and hard to rub into your skin). It's great to find a nice smelling lotion that is also a excellent moisturizer. My skin is typically on the dry side but I only have to apply this once a day.
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  1. / May 09 2015
    This is my go to hand crème. I keep one upstairs, downstairs, in my purse & in my car. I am never without it. It leaves my hands moisturized without feeling greasy and the scent is heavenly.
  2. / Feb 20 2013
    Best Hand Cream Ever!
    This hand cream is amazing! It smells wonderful and softens without the grease or sliminess that you get from some hand creams. I leave it on the windowsill in my kitchen and use it when I'm done with the dishes. My hands have never been softer!
  3. / May 27 2014
    Finally! A hand cream that is not super greasy !! This product is awesome!! Not only does it smell wonderful but it really does moisturize. It smoothes on nicely and absorbs quickly. It also looks super cute sitting on my bedside table.
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  1. / May 07 2014
    I tried this in my Anthro store and I absolutely LOVED it!!! I had already tried on the Florence perfume and fell in love and was buying the mini bottle. These hand lotions were on the same table so I decided to give them a try. The Florence hand lotion smells just like the perfume. Not only the scent is good but the lotion made my hands feel so soft. I did not even check the price, I bought it right away. I read the other reviews regarding Cleopetra. Unfortunately Cleopetra is not my scent so I did not try that lotion so I can't comment on that. But Florence is amazing. Scent aside, the lotion is really good. Don't let the other two mediocre reviews stop you from trying this out in the store, atleast Florence. Its absolutely worth the full price.
  2. / Feb 12 2015
    smells fresh
    I love this hand cream. The smell is fresh and the results are excellent.
  3. / Sep 06 2014
    Love ALL Tocca
    I have been using Tocca since visting the SoHo store in 1996.. Currently still have a feu de touch bottle of perfume that still smells divine, Stella (classic), Liviana (new, not a huge fan) Guilietta (amazing), and smaller sprays of cleopatra (lux), Florence (a little heady with the gardenia for my opinion), Colette (warm singular vanilla), Bianca (fresh light green tea), and some others. Have had all the candles over the last few decades and adore memory producing Havana, Yima, Touch, Stella.. Ok all of them. The new Mano creams and this new bath line may be my favorite new addition- quality products and amazing value. To touch on the scent difference comments of the cream to perfumes from my experience I believe the perfumes were reformulated "takes" on the ideas of the original Stella Cleo Florence lotion/candle only lines when Touch was the only perfume back in the early 2000's and the House hadn't begun this amazing venture into Old World Scent "the girls". Therefore they smell different. BUT as a lifelong Tocca fan I appreciate that the new bath lines (and this cream) kept the original scents as their base when (I believe?) the Tocca beauty house was bought out and changed not too long ago. Therefore for ME the perfume scents smell different than the REAL cleopatra scent which this cream is the original scent.
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  1. / May 01 2015
    I have gotten so many people hooked on this soap! The scents are amazing and last shower after shower. I have bought a lot of hand-made soaps and half way through the bar the smell disappears and it gets cracky and nasty, but this soap does not do any of those things. I think it's a great bargain and as someone who is sensitive to perfumes and fragrances I have NO issues whatsoever and only buy Mistral soaps!! Also, I have several of these in my closets and hidden in rooms because it permeates the room that its in and really just make everything smell great.
  2. / Jun 15 2015
    Smells like spring!
    I can't get enough of how great the soap smells! I am a big fan of the pear blossom smell, and really haven't found anything like it anywhere else!
  3. / May 22 2015
    Lovely soap
    The scent is heavenly, I buy these for myself to keep it on bedside or for drawers. I often buy these as a gift too and everyone raves about this nice soap. It is expensive but totally worth it!
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  1. / Apr 26 2015
    Amazing soaps!
    I just bought these Hand in Hand soaps from Anthroplogie and they are wonderful. The soap's fragrance is a mix of mint and eucalyptus, which is so refreshing! And, the best part is that every soap purchase helps preserve our oceans. I will continue to buy these soaps for myself and as gifts!
  2. / Apr 25 2015
    Best soap ever!
    Hand In Hand soap is THE BEST! After my first use I noticed my skin was significantly softer, and now I'm hooked! The soap smells great, and the beautiful packaging also makes it a great gift!
  3. / Apr 27 2015
    Delicious Mint Fragrance
    This soap has a delicious mint fragrance ~ super cute packaging ~ feels wonderful on your skin ~ great gift for your summer hostess ~ all this and the company gives back ~ It's a WIN WIN !
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  1. / Mar 01 2015
    Great quality
    I got the "lemon verbena" and love it- very delicate scent, leathers easily and a little goes a long way. Vegetable-based soaps are very good because they don't dry your skin, so I don't feel like I have to apply lotion every time I wash my hands. Family likes it too, happy with purchase and will buy more in future.
  2. / Mar 19 2015
    soft and clean
    I originally had purchased another product on line with Anthropologie, I was looking for that product. I didn't see it. I saw this Barr-Co. Liquid Soap, and the ingredients are quite close. I was quite happy with this product. The soap is very pleasant smelling, is easy to rinse, and my my hands do stay smooth after rinsing.
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  1. / Apr 23 2015
    Love this lotion!
    I am so glad I bought this lotion. Not only does it make my hands nice and soft, but it smells amazing. I am prone to migraines, so finding scents that are not too overpowering is a chore. This scent, while fragrant, is not super strong.
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