Geo Gem Jewelry Roll
Geo Gem Jewelry Roll
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Electric Light Clutch
Electric Light Clutch
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  1. / Aug 18 2013
    Cute and Functional ... but squeaky
    I adore the look of this bag. I purchased the gold color and I just love it. I can express the same positive sentiments as other reviewers: oodles of pockets, environmentally friendly, looks much more expensive than it is, holds up well. I not only use this for a purse, but I also use it to hold my son's diapers and wipes. Everything is more organized in here than my original diaper bag!! Some cons I haven't seen mentioned are these: I've noticed that my dark denim is rubbing off on the light canvas of the bag, which looks ugly. I was worried that maybe the dark leather might rub off on my lighter colored clothing, but it appears that my jeans are now the culprit. Still though, it's a sad thing. Lastly, it squeaks!!! SO LOUDLY. It's irritating to the point that I'll shove it under the stroller because wearing it is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. I think it might be the swivel areas on the strap hardware. Honestly, my bag doesn't carry anything heavy so it's frustrating. Anyone with any tips on how to fix this issue ... they'd be greatly appreciated!
  2. / Aug 27 2013
    in. love. with. this. bag.
    i love a big bag and the size of this one is perfect for me, really roomy. the strap is canvas and can be adjusted which is a bonus since it is true that the flap clasps are not strong enough to keep close when carrying by the smaller strap, unless you have almost nothing in the bag which is pointless for such a good-sized item. one reviewer complained about the smell, but mine smells like leather so no prob for me on that. i got this in gold, i really did not like the other colors, and this gold is like a light, tawny brown, very true to the pix here; it's neutral in that it goes with so many outfits but it's special enough to add pop, like an old fashioned saddle sack. because the price is so reasonable, i bet this won't go on sale and will sell out so if you like it, get your paws on it now.
  3. / Mar 21 2013
    love it!
    I bought this bag as a graduation gift for my sister. I love it and would definitely carry it. She and I are both tall and I think the bag lies nicely on a taller frame. Because of the size, I had hoped that the bag would be sturdy enough to put a couple of small-medium text books in or maybe her laptop, but after seeing it in person, I'm not sure that it would hold up for that. The attachment points for the shoulder strap don't look very promising for heavier weights. Aesthetically, the bag is wonderful. I love the contrast of the fabric with the utilitarian leather. The fabric is soft and as others have mentioned, the leather has less give than you might anticipate. I like that though, because I think it gives the bag more durability. Function ties with form for an everyday bag.
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  1. / Dec 13 2014
    Absolutely beautiful! Very original and cute design! I get compliments all the time:) Very unique! I looked at this backpack for a long time...and just happened to get it when it went on sale, with extra 30% sale price!
  2. / Sep 04 2014
    Love the price on this!!
    Another Jasper & Jeera winner! I have several of their bags and was surprised at the low cost of this beautifully designed backpack. Honestly, I would have paid double for this find! The fringe around the cover is super cute and quite durable. The fabric of the bag is heavy, with perfectly placed pockets on front. This backpack is sure to sell out quickly!!
  3. / Sep 20 2014
    Makes everything look better
    Receive compliments on this gorgeous piece all.the.time. Even from men! I use it for schoolbooks so wish the seams were reinforced a bit more but would probably be perfect for general everyday use. I also agree with the other reviewer who says this bag is a steal at the current price. Would buy again in a heartbeat.
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  1. / Dec 06 2014
    designed well
    Really happy with this bag! I love the colors and the leather details. The leather around the top zipper is a rich brown suede, I only mention this because it is not immediately apparent in the picture. The bag is really big, check the dimensions. Perfect for me, that is just what I was looking for. What makes it great is that the the zipper goes halfway down the height of the bag so you can actually see inside the bag without having to fish around in the depths. I also like having an exterior pocket for keys and lip balm. Great design! I only wonder if the interior lining will hold up since it is a rather thin cotton.
  2. / Sep 07 2014
    Great Bag
    I was looking for a new red bag & there are many shades of red out there & this covers them all. It's big but lightweight & it's easy to find everything in it even though it's deep. Love it!!
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  1. / Dec 07 2014
    Nice bag!
    Great bag. Saw it in the store and much nicer than appears on line. Beautiful colors, nice contrast of leather and denim. Great buy.
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  1. / Nov 06 2014
    Picked up this metallic leather cosmetic case on sale. The leather is more gold than pink gold as it appears on the website. It is a special little zip case for makeup or more importantly going out clutch. Nice leather and substantial. A nice size that can fill up with many items. There is no product label but the inside lining reminds me of a silver metaliic and grey suede kelly style purse I purchased from Anthro this past spring. A fun item to add to your purse or tote bag to store your essential beauty items, money, receipts etc.
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  1. / Aug 12 2014
    Great transition piece
    I was thrilled to find a hat that actually fit my big noggin, and even more pleasantly surprised to realize how cute it is. In person it's sort of across between a fedora and a sunhat, and the fabric is midweight enough that it could be worn now and later in the fall. A versatile piece to up the ante on any outfit.
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