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  1. / Dec 13 2014
    Absolutely beautiful! Very original and cute design! I get compliments all the time:) Very unique! I looked at this backpack for a long time...and just happened to get it when it went on sale, with extra 30% sale price!
  2. / Sep 04 2014
    Love the price on this!!
    Another Jasper & Jeera winner! I have several of their bags and was surprised at the low cost of this beautifully designed backpack. Honestly, I would have paid double for this find! The fringe around the cover is super cute and quite durable. The fabric of the bag is heavy, with perfectly placed pockets on front. This backpack is sure to sell out quickly!!
  3. / Sep 20 2014
    Makes everything look better
    Receive compliments on this gorgeous piece all.the.time. Even from men! I use it for schoolbooks so wish the seams were reinforced a bit more but would probably be perfect for general everyday use. I also agree with the other reviewer who says this bag is a steal at the current price. Would buy again in a heartbeat.
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  1. / Dec 02 2014
    The Perfect Tote!
    Love this bag! Purchased in store. Very thick and soft. The strap is a great length, so it is easy and comfortable to wear. The details are lovely, and the shape holds nicely when worn. Definitely recommend this unique bag! Looked fabulous while wearing all black. The poms add the perfect touch!
  2. / Dec 08 2014
    love this bag! i got it as a gift for my birthday and its the greatest! its so unique and lovely and i can't wait to use it!
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  1. / Jan 25 2015
    Great weekend bag
    I fell in love with this bag in the store, but could not justify the purchase. The minute it went on sale, I grabbed it. It is a considerable size. This is NOT a purse. I use it for quick weekend get aways or for a night on the boat. It would be great for a yoga/gym bag. It is well made and has a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry. It looks like a bag you would purchase while on vacation in some faraway land.
  2. / Dec 31 2014
    More Than Just a Weekend Bag!
    This bag is wonderful! If you are considering purchasing it, DO IT! The design and aesthetic is both unique and fun and you will want to carry it everywhere with you. I use it for absolutely everything and I love that it has a shoulder strap, with such a large bag its nice to have. The zippers on this bag are great too, they are good quality and they don't jamb up when you zip it closed. It is a very large bag and doesn't have much stability but if you're looking for a super cute diaper bag or totally chic yoga bag, this is it!
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  1. / Sep 05 2014
    Mesmerizing Bronze Bag!
    This bag stopped me in my tracks in the store... it looks like the bronze is melting right there it is SO vibrant. I purchased for the color alone. I will agree with the 1st reviewer that this is probably not the sturdiest of bags and although you can probably fit a ton in it, you probably don't want to. And I wished the top zipped completely.
  2. / Jun 13 2014
    Bronze beauty
    I love this tote although it is a bit on the delicate side. It is not lined but the leather is beautiful! It has a non removable leather zippered pouch anchored inside to put your wallet and lipsticks/glosses. Only drawbacks is I get shedding from the leather on my velvet Tom Ford sunglass case, it can't handle anything really heavy, and there is no zipper to close the main compartment:/ I would be very careful on public transportation because it would be easy to have somebody slip their hand in without your knowledge on a busy train or bus. I purchased this in a store and I don't regret this purchase at all!
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  1. / Jan 16 2015
    Ended up returning
    I really liked this clutch and planned to use it on NYE. But I didn't like the gold ring thing? It has blue/turquise on it, so it just kind of stuck out. I guess you could probably take it off, but I just returned it and used a different clutch for the night :( Still, the clutch itself was as expected in size, quality, and appearance.
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  1. / Jan 27 2015
    I'm sold on Jasper and Jeerer products after receiving this pouch. The colour is exquisite and the leather and sequins and overall finish is of an extremely high quality. I want to take this everywhere. A favourite. You won't regret it.
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