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  1. / Dec 31 2014
    Yes, you really do need this tote.
    Let me start off by saying, if this is your second or third time taking a look at this bag online contemplating whether or not you should buy you need to stop reading this review right now., put this tote in your shopping cart & proceed to checkout immediately!! Trust me, you will not be disappointed. I too have been stalking this bag for about 2 weeks, when low & behold I found it in my local store today & it is marvelous! It's a really good sized bag & the artwork is stunning. Yes, I agree with whomever said the light green suede probably wasn't the best color choice for the back as it will show dirt more than a darker hue, but honestly I don't care--the quality is great, it's beautiful & all of my friends will be envious that I have such an amazing bag! Don't delay, buy yours today!
  2. / Oct 22 2014
    Bigger! Better!
    This tote has some different features than many of the other animal-themed totes by Miss Albright. Some of its best features: this tote is quite a bit roomier than its predecessors, making it laptop-friendly, among other things. Another huge plus is that it has a zipper closure, which means the risk of things falling out is minimal--something I struggle with when using my bunny tote. The last most obviously new feature (to me) is the additional zip pouch that clips inside. Not a huge bonus for me personally, but it beats only having that one little picket inside. As for design, I love that the colors extend brightly across the entire front of the tote for once, even extending into the zipper area. It has really nice coloring and more vibrant in person. The handles are designed slightly differently than the previous ones, but they are still leather and appear solid. The back of the tote is a nice gray-blue color, on the lighter side. It's a perfect one! A bit of a surprising color choice for this time of year; I would think that the fox tote would come after this one, but I would still use this one throughout the year. It would make a fun little work bag or light carry on tote.
  3. / Jan 04 2015
    Beautiful colors, tall, annoying zipper
    I second what everyone said, beautiful eye popping colors, smooth light blue suede back plus great construction makes this tote super lux. Has really cute matching coin pouch inside that attaches to an inside hook. There's an additional small pocket inside tote as well. The only complaint that I have is that the main zipper on this tote bag is really hard to zip if it is unzipped all the way to the end. Reason being it gets caught in a sort of upward hump corner so you have to focus on bending two sides of the tote together to pull the zip through. Once it gets out of that corner the zip works perfectly fine. I mean it's a tote, so I love being able to easily put stuff inside and take stuff out, so zipper is kinda just added security.
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  1. / Jan 25 2015
    Cute for Gifts
    I bought these for my nieces for Christmas. As with many Miss Albright items, these are so cute and unique. The details are beaded, jeweled, and embroidered. I may buy some to put away for people for next year!
  2. / Dec 29 2014
    Monogram Pouch
    This was the perfect holiday gift for special friends this year. Loved it so much I purchased one for myself.
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  1. / Jan 25 2015
    Great weekend bag
    I fell in love with this bag in the store, but could not justify the purchase. The minute it went on sale, I grabbed it. It is a considerable size. This is NOT a purse. I use it for quick weekend get aways or for a night on the boat. It would be great for a yoga/gym bag. It is well made and has a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry. It looks like a bag you would purchase while on vacation in some faraway land.
  2. / Dec 31 2014
    More Than Just a Weekend Bag!
    This bag is wonderful! If you are considering purchasing it, DO IT! The design and aesthetic is both unique and fun and you will want to carry it everywhere with you. I use it for absolutely everything and I love that it has a shoulder strap, with such a large bag its nice to have. The zippers on this bag are great too, they are good quality and they don't jamb up when you zip it closed. It is a very large bag and doesn't have much stability but if you're looking for a super cute diaper bag or totally chic yoga bag, this is it!
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  1. / Sep 05 2014
    Mesmerizing Bronze Bag!
    This bag stopped me in my tracks in the store... it looks like the bronze is melting right there it is SO vibrant. I purchased for the color alone. I will agree with the 1st reviewer that this is probably not the sturdiest of bags and although you can probably fit a ton in it, you probably don't want to. And I wished the top zipped completely.
  2. / Jun 13 2014
    Bronze beauty
    I love this tote although it is a bit on the delicate side. It is not lined but the leather is beautiful! It has a non removable leather zippered pouch anchored inside to put your wallet and lipsticks/glosses. Only drawbacks is I get shedding from the leather on my velvet Tom Ford sunglass case, it can't handle anything really heavy, and there is no zipper to close the main compartment:/ I would be very careful on public transportation because it would be easy to have somebody slip their hand in without your knowledge on a busy train or bus. I purchased this in a store and I don't regret this purchase at all!
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  1. / Nov 08 2014
    Perfect in every way!
    The fit, the structure, the fabric, the color... PERFECT! I absolutely love this hat! The brim is not too big, but just big enough for me to flip it up. Which is how I prefer to wear my fedora. The color combo is stellar, and the fabric is good quality. This will definitely become a staple in my accessory closet. I wish it came in more colors, I'd buy all of them.
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  1. / Oct 02 2014
    Love This Bag
    I love this bag! The 2 turn locks on side of bag covers 2 pockets and a zippered pocket for easy access! Very roomy bag too. Buy it, you'll like it!
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  1. / Oct 30 2014
    Liebeskind Berlin ! WOW I love this bag !
    I now own three bags from Liebeskind - this is my favorite !
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