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  1. / Mar 11 2015
    I really don't know how anybody could not love this pouch. I am not certain I would use it as old hurts but I certainly have found several uses for it from my make up two bills and Corning's to carry within my purse. I have purchased close to 10 of them for just about every female friend I have. Everyone I gave them to loves them and using them proudly displaying their initial in tasteful bling. II even bought one for my best friend who happens to be a puppy to keep her toothpaste and toothbrush inside.....yes this pouch has many uses and works for everybody :-)
  2. / Jan 25 2015
    Cute for Gifts
    I bought these for my nieces for Christmas. As with many Miss Albright items, these are so cute and unique. The details are beaded, jeweled, and embroidered. I may buy some to put away for people for next year!
  3. / Mar 07 2015
    Great gift...for yourself or someone else!
    These unique wristlets come exactly as described. Each one was well put together, which is exactly what you want with such fine detailing. These make a perfect gift you can easily put your cell phone and credit cards in while fitting in most handbags or on their own.
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  1. / Mar 05 2015
    Not quite the color shown
    I ordered this online and whilst it is a lovely bag, I returned it because the one I received was more of a dull, muddy brown as opposed to the rich orangey tan shown on the website. (Hence the 4* for aesthetic). Had it been the color I was hoping for I would have kept it, as the bag itself is well made, roomy and just the right slouchy/relaxed look I have been searching for. The leather was of good quality and I think would wear well over time, softening up even more and adding to the casual boho feel of the bag. I don't think I would have used the detachable cross body strap as I don't like my handbags to be that long, but the shorter handle felt comfortable on my shoulder. Such a shame the color did not work as I find it so difficult to find this style with a single handle as opposed to two. (I find with two handles, one has a tendency to slip off the shoulder which is very annoying). If it makes it to the sale, I may reconsider as it's just the kind of bag that I love, but for the moment I will search on for my preferred color.
  2. / Apr 07 2015
    Exactly what I was looking for!!
    I really love this bag, and contrary to the other reviewers, I thought the color matched the picture pretty spot on. It's a large bag, pretty oversized, but looks really nice and can carry a lot. The straps are both great as well, but I think i will wear the shoulder one the most and not the crossbody strap. This is a very classic staple piece, and I think I will get a lot of wear out of this. I gave it 4 stars for quality because the leather is fraying a little bit only at the very top by the zipper. I think I will take a lighter and run it a long the top to try and stop it. Hopefully that works. Regardless, this small problem is not enough to make me return it. I absolutely love this bag, and for 150 bucks I think it's a total steal. I've never got a Liebeskind bag for under $200.
  3. / Mar 27 2015
    Lots of pockets!
    I ordered this online, and like the other reviewer, I was disappointed with the color. It's not quite the same brown as pictured. The leather is beautiful, and the size and shape of this bag are perfect. It's got nicely placed pockets inside along with the inner zippered pocket. I just don't know if I can get past the color being so dull.
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  1. / Feb 08 2015
    Nice bag!
    I wanted a fancy bag that I could use to go out to dinner with friends, to a wedding or with jeans when I felt in a funky mood and this bag fits the bill! It's a nice size and has a chain so it can be worn as a clutch or shoulder bag. I love the stones and sequins and have been very pleased with the purchase.
  2. / Feb 09 2015
    Versatile, dressy bag
    I had been eyeing this bag for months and bought it after the holidays when it went on sale. It's a very sparkly, beaded bag and can dress up a casual outfit or be worn with dresses. The one thing to be wary of, though, is the beads and bag itself are a bit heavy to begin with, and the chain strap that comes with it is more delicate and can't hold a lot of weight. So keep the contents in the purse to a minimum or the chain will break (mine did, but I was able to exchange the bag!). I am now hoping to find a sturdier chain to use with it for extra support to wear it over the shoulder.
  3. / Mar 09 2015
    Jeweled mosaic beautiful
    The sparkling of jewels is beautiful and makes this bag an eye-catcher. Though the bag itself is soft, and the structure is not hard enough to sustain the shape while you put it on, unless you have more stuff inside the bag. It is a bit heavy, and chain doesn't seem strong enough to hold it long.
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  1. / Apr 06 2015
    Cute Wallet
    I first noticed this wallet during the holidays. I thought about purchasing in but, decided to wait for it to be on sale. Now that it's on sale I immediately bought it. It is really nice. It only has slots for about 2 credit cards. That doesn't bother me. However, it has accordion sections to keep your things. The color is very pretty. It even has special materials underneath in the folds for that wow factor. All in all I'm very happy with my purchase.
  2. / Jan 22 2015
    Very cute if you like this style.
    I love this cute and unusual little clutch. Very delicate and feminine, bit of a 1940 feel. Doesn't hold a lot so more for show than practicality. Not for everyone since my sisters ridiculed me for paying so much for it!! Regardless it will be a go to staple for years in my wardrobe.
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  1. / Feb 19 2015
    airplane trip saver
    I fly from Arizona to D.C. several times a year. I bought both colors for both my daughter and myself. This product prevents me from being tethered to the phone charging chairs at the airports. After having bought both colors, it is so easy to just reach in my bag to pull out the second one to use. This product is lightweight, comvenient to use, and the colors are true to picture. Each battery comes with its own charger. On long shopping days these are also "life savers". No worries about always looking for a table at a coffee shop near an electrical outlet. No more cell phone cords getting tangled in my purse. I know when I leave my house, whether for a long day of work, or a spur of moment overnight trip, I will NEVER have to say "Oh no, I left my charger at home!
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  1. / Feb 26 2015
    Simply Excellent
    This bag has it all. It's very stylish, hip. The leather is of high quality and the embossing creates a great texture. The inside is fully lined, with different pockets for different things (phone, small docs, one with a zipper and even a hook for your keys) . I love this color in general because it goes with any color you wear. I get a lot of compliments on this bag and just love it.
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  1. / Apr 09 2015
    Love love love this bag!
    This is a beautiful, very well made bag. It has "minimalist chic" written all over it! Very light and comfortable to carry. Looks high end without the high end price tag.
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