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  1. / Feb 12 2013
    Adds sparkle to any outfit
    I purchased this belt last year. It's one of those accessories that catches your eye immediately, seeing it in the store for the first time and every time you wear it. The clasp can be worn in front or back and since it has a good bit of stretch, it can be worn at the waist or hips. There is no wrong way to wear this belt. At first glance, it looks like rhinestones, but there are actually threaded faceted silver beads that move on their own and catch light (almost 1,500 of them!). I tried on the small first and it fit, but it looked a little too stretched worn at my waist. I purchased the medium and couldn't be happier. I am petite, 5'2" and usually wear a size 4 or 6 in pants or jeans. I've worn this with a neutral colored thin cowl neck sweater (purchased at Anthro of course!), jeans and cowboy boots. I think the price is pretty reasonable. You can't get a good belt these days for less than $50.
  2. / Jun 01 2014
    Makes my waist look tiny.
    I needed this belt by Friday. I wasn't sure when I ordered it on Monday if it would arrive in time. It did with two days to spare! I've worn it several times and I've only had it two weeks! It's super versatile and every time I wear it, I get positive comments. I'm so pleased with this purchase!
  3. / Mar 09 2014
    V for Very Nice & Versatile
    The darker metallic adds a touch of pretty sparkle without too much, as some reviewers noted with the brighter silver. Adds subtle interest to your outfit. Very comfortable material and width. I'm a size 0 (25.5" waist) and the S fits great laying towards your hips with the clasp forming a bit of a V. This fit looks and feels great, as it's not suffocating and doesn't hang either. Looks fantastic on a long fit and flare spaghetti strap dress. The wood type clasp adds a touch of natural flavor. A great way to add comfortable sparkle to your outfit, even a long tank top. Kind of in between a more standard leather belt and a jewelry-encrusted belt -- nice change. Excellent quality for the price.
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  1. / Jan 25 2015
    Perfect winter compliment
    I purchased this beautiful scarf in cream. I have worn it with everything all winter. It is very soft. I love the ease of an infinity.
  2. / Jan 31 2015
    Compfy and SOFT!!
    Love this! So soft, I never want to take off. Keeps you very warm. Great buy!
  3. / Dec 30 2014
    Rippled Fans Scarf
    I have this scarf in both colors, but prefer the ivory a bit more. Love them! So soft and easy to wear, indoors or out. Lovely details in the knit and perfect blend of chenille and sweater knit. Goes with so many outfits.
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  1. / Feb 05 2015
    I have a small head and have a problem finding hats that fit. I bought this in the fall in grey. It has been my go to hat all season. I am constantly getting complements on the hat - absolutely love it!
  2. / Sep 04 2014
    Elegant & Timeless
    I saw this hat in the store last weekend, and I fell in love with it immediately. I love wearing hats, so off-sided sweep-down of the hat really was attractive to me. I felt like I was on the set of "Downton Abbey" wearing it. :) The ribbon color is more cranberry than red, IMO, making it a great fall accent color. As for the fit, I'd recommend trying it on in a store, if you can. I tried on three of them, and only one fit my head without riding up. I think it could stretch a little over time, possibly, but the one I found fits me fine. A great fall accessory!
  3. / Jan 03 2015
    Great hat with flare
    This is like a classic fedora, but is bent on one side, giving it a great design and cute fit. The cranberry ribbon, and woolen fabric make it a great fedora look for fall and winter. (Up until this hat, I only had a summer fedora). the only thing that I wish had a little more structure are the 'dents' on the top of the hat, where you grab it to put on or remove from your head. Still, it's super cute!
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  1. / Sep 12 2014
    I love this wrap! It's not itchy and looks amazing with a black pant like the Pilcro vegan moto pant. I have not worn it yet as the weather is not quite cool enough, but it looks great when you throw the one side over your shoulder. It is black/gray with slight hints of beige in there. Brown is not the dominant color. Looking forward to mixing this with many outfits this fall/winter. The matieral is quite substantial - not thin at all so it will truly be warm when wearing it. One-size fits all. I am an average size 2 and it's perfect!
  2. / Jan 07 2015
    Very European
    Love the texture of this cape, it is very soft. The color is mostly a soft grey, and so pretty. Much prettier than picture. It is light weight but warm. The length is flattering. Goes well with everything.
  3. / Jan 03 2015
    Absolutely beautiful
    The fabric is substantial, but not at all heavy. The wrap is so very soft and the color much more vibrant than the photo shows. Definitely recommend.
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  1. / Feb 17 2015
    Gorgeous bag with a couple of problems
    First off, this bag is gorgeous. Awesome design and beautiful details, really well made. That said, I disagree with the previous reviewers in that I would not use this for the gym or going to yoga. It's not made for that. And it is too big to be a regular day-to-day bag. In my opinion, I can really only see this being used for a winter overnight or weekend stay somewhere in the mountains. The first problem with this bag is that it is too big. If it was just sized down proportionally, I would be carrying this everywhere for the winter! Secondly, because of its size and the materials used, the bag itself has some weight to it. Once you started added items to it, you will not want to be carrying this around for long. Still it's absolutely gorgeous and totally unique. I am going back and forth on returning it only because I hate to think I'd only use it once every blue moon. It just is not as practical or as useful as I was hoping it would be. But I'm still on the fence, so we'll see!
  2. / Jan 25 2015
    Great weekend bag
    I fell in love with this bag in the store, but could not justify the purchase. The minute it went on sale, I grabbed it. It is a considerable size. This is NOT a purse. I use it for quick weekend get aways or for a night on the boat. It would be great for a yoga/gym bag. It is well made and has a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry. It looks like a bag you would purchase while on vacation in some faraway land.
  3. / Dec 31 2014
    More Than Just a Weekend Bag!
    This bag is wonderful! If you are considering purchasing it, DO IT! The design and aesthetic is both unique and fun and you will want to carry it everywhere with you. I use it for absolutely everything and I love that it has a shoulder strap, with such a large bag its nice to have. The zippers on this bag are great too, they are good quality and they don't jamb up when you zip it closed. It is a very large bag and doesn't have much stability but if you're looking for a super cute diaper bag or totally chic yoga bag, this is it!
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  1. / Dec 18 2014
    Eye catching and casual at the same time. I wore it with a grey t-shirt and a coral red cardigan and found skinnies the same soft blue as the necklace...festive yet casual for an office holiday party. I will be wearing it a lot with my plain grey tees. It is best to have it lying on fabric because otherwise the beads and wires can get on your nerves after a while even though they don't poke or scratch - I am not one to suffer for fashion :-)
  2. / Nov 17 2014
    This is a stunning piece. What really sets it apart from other necklaces is the combo of lightness and complexity-- dozens of bead-lines with varied shades of clear/ blue/green, and yet it doesn't feel weighty around the neck, and it shimmers like water. The bead-lines are attached securely to the top and sometimes need to be flipped over to re-align. Gorgeous, can't wait to take it out for the night.
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  1. / Feb 07 2015
    Nice soft lining, comfy and cute
    Sometimes I need ear protection but don't feel like a hat and this is a cuter alternative to earmuffs. I bought the grey as the pom matches a faux fur jacket I have perfectly...it is nice and chunky and although I itch at the thought of wool, it is nicely lined with a fleece like liner that is very soft on the skin. Might go back for the blue. I was afraid the pom would look cheap but it is very well done and adds the cuteness factor. Highly recommend.
  2. / Dec 31 2014
    This was a late wish list item that my daughter wanted. It was available on-line and I got it. Besides being really cute, it is well contstructed and appears to be very warm. The other colors were awesome too. Sale price for now is a good deal.
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