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  1. / Jan 09 2015
    Warm & Fuzzy
    I agree with the other reviewers - these earmuffs are very cute & super warm!! I looked at other earmuffs, and I didn't see any that were as stylish and as warm as these at the same price range. They definitely are worth it, especially at the sale price. My only complaint is the white color is more tan in person. And if you have a small face (like myself), these will look a little big on the sides of your head. Honestly they still look cute though and they don't mess up your hair! :)
  2. / Dec 02 2014
    White fur is a different texture!
    I just tried these on in the store today--I had no idea earmuffs could be so WARM! The faux fur wraps all the way around your ears, which seems like it could be itchy if it were poor quality, But it's silky and wonderful, except for on the white ones (with the black and white wrapping). For some reason, the fur's texture is different on those. Rougher, or something. If it weren't for that, I would have those on me right now. As it stands, I'm torn on what color I want--they're going on my Christmas list, so maybe someone else can decide for me!
  3. / Dec 05 2014
    Warm and fuzzy
    These earmuffs are so cute, it took me forever to decide which one to purchase. I like the design as well as the width, it looks and acts like a real headband and keeps my unruly hair in place on a windy day while keeping my ears warm and fuzzy. I usually have problems with earmuffs sliding around because my hair is so straight, but this one stays in place. Plus it's faux-fur, cruelty-free, what's not to like? I like the mixed gray color the best, but trust me, it's difficult to choose.
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  1. / Dec 31 2014
    Yes, you really do need this tote.
    Let me start off by saying, if this is your second or third time taking a look at this bag online contemplating whether or not you should buy you need to stop reading this review right now., put this tote in your shopping cart & proceed to checkout immediately!! Trust me, you will not be disappointed. I too have been stalking this bag for about 2 weeks, when low & behold I found it in my local store today & it is marvelous! It's a really good sized bag & the artwork is stunning. Yes, I agree with whomever said the light green suede probably wasn't the best color choice for the back as it will show dirt more than a darker hue, but honestly I don't care--the quality is great, it's beautiful & all of my friends will be envious that I have such an amazing bag! Don't delay, buy yours today!
  2. / Oct 22 2014
    Bigger! Better!
    This tote has some different features than many of the other animal-themed totes by Miss Albright. Some of its best features: this tote is quite a bit roomier than its predecessors, making it laptop-friendly, among other things. Another huge plus is that it has a zipper closure, which means the risk of things falling out is minimal--something I struggle with when using my bunny tote. The last most obviously new feature (to me) is the additional zip pouch that clips inside. Not a huge bonus for me personally, but it beats only having that one little picket inside. As for design, I love that the colors extend brightly across the entire front of the tote for once, even extending into the zipper area. It has really nice coloring and more vibrant in person. The handles are designed slightly differently than the previous ones, but they are still leather and appear solid. The back of the tote is a nice gray-blue color, on the lighter side. It's a perfect one! A bit of a surprising color choice for this time of year; I would think that the fox tote would come after this one, but I would still use this one throughout the year. It would make a fun little work bag or light carry on tote.
  3. / Jan 04 2015
    Beautiful colors, tall, annoying zipper
    I second what everyone said, beautiful eye popping colors, smooth light blue suede back plus great construction makes this tote super lux. Has really cute matching coin pouch inside that attaches to an inside hook. There's an additional small pocket inside tote as well. The only complaint that I have is that the main zipper on this tote bag is really hard to zip if it is unzipped all the way to the end. Reason being it gets caught in a sort of upward hump corner so you have to focus on bending two sides of the tote together to pull the zip through. Once it gets out of that corner the zip works perfectly fine. I mean it's a tote, so I love being able to easily put stuff inside and take stuff out, so zipper is kinda just added security.
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  1. / Jan 25 2015
    Makes a statement
    This is one of those beautiful Anthro pieces that has the appeal of a vintage piece of jewelry. The center piece reminds me of an antique broach. I love this necklace because I found the stones to be chameleon like and take on different shades depending on what I am wearing. The only negative I've had with this piece, as with almost every necklace I have purchased this year, is the links are not secured tightly so the necklace came about. I was able to repair it every time, but it's frustrating when you pay a significant amount and it breaks the first time you wear it.
  2. / Nov 18 2014
    Beautiful but not for me
    I tried on several of these at the store, this wkend, and as other reviewers have mentioned, the darker stones varied in color-- brandy, grey, deep blue. In the end, none of them worked with my skin-type, which prefers blue-toned colors, as opposed to the slight olive tint found overall in this necklace. But each had its own beauty and all were in excellent condition. I recommend this lovely piece to others.
  3. / Nov 14 2014
    Beautiful Vintage Inspired Necklace
    Beautiful necklace. This necklace has been a worthwhile purchase, as I have worn it many times and received many compliments. The subtle blue grey color of the stones and the neutral details make this piece coordinate with so many outfits. It easily dresses up a more casual outfit. I also like the adjustable length. Highly recommended
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  1. / Oct 29 2014
    My new favorite scarf
    My Anthro stylist brought the black "starred" version to me in the dressing room to jazz up a solid-colored top. It is black, but it also looks dark navy! It is adorable and I get compliments when I wear it. The beads and sequins can be a bit scratchy on the neck, but I just make sure the scarf is arranged so that part does not touch my skin. I do tie it carefully because of the beads and sequins. Rough handling may pull them off (extras were included). I have worn this scarf tied different ways: sometimes similar to how the model wears it; sometimes with longer tails to elongate my torso. It goes with so many different colors and styles of tops! There was no unappealing odor to the scarf I purchased; only a very slight "new textile" odor which is now gone. All ages love this scarf. It would make a great gift...that is, if you could part with it!
  2. / Dec 06 2014
    I Love the fact i got this on sale! Well Packaged, Tagged and Designed. No smells on mine, - my super hot mail man would not stand for it ; I Think this scarf has an bunch of wearable options to it. Around a swim suit bottom for Spring Break is what i am feeling. Someone mentioned that there could be a little irritation around the neck (due to the added details) i agree, & easily corrected buy a simple roll of the fabric. Think this would be a Great gift option as well.
  3. / Nov 20 2014
    Love this scarf
    The design is great, but the shape of this scarf really makes it stylish.There is no guesswork involved about how to loop it, it falls perfectly. The Tassels on the ends create a lovely touch and so do the sequins and beading. It can actually be quite warm. It is so versatile, it goes with all of my outfits.
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  1. / Sep 12 2014
    I love this wrap! It's not itchy and looks amazing with a black pant like the Pilcro vegan moto pant. I have not worn it yet as the weather is not quite cool enough, but it looks great when you throw the one side over your shoulder. It is black/gray with slight hints of beige in there. Brown is not the dominant color. Looking forward to mixing this with many outfits this fall/winter. The matieral is quite substantial - not thin at all so it will truly be warm when wearing it. One-size fits all. I am an average size 2 and it's perfect!
  2. / Jan 07 2015
    Very European
    Love the texture of this cape, it is very soft. The color is mostly a soft grey, and so pretty. Much prettier than picture. It is light weight but warm. The length is flattering. Goes well with everything.
  3. / Jan 03 2015
    Absolutely beautiful
    The fabric is substantial, but not at all heavy. The wrap is so very soft and the color much more vibrant than the photo shows. Definitely recommend.
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  1. / Dec 18 2014
    Eye catching and casual at the same time. I wore it with a grey t-shirt and a coral red cardigan and found skinnies the same soft blue as the necklace...festive yet casual for an office holiday party. I will be wearing it a lot with my plain grey tees. It is best to have it lying on fabric because otherwise the beads and wires can get on your nerves after a while even though they don't poke or scratch - I am not one to suffer for fashion :-)
  2. / Nov 17 2014
    This is a stunning piece. What really sets it apart from other necklaces is the combo of lightness and complexity-- dozens of bead-lines with varied shades of clear/ blue/green, and yet it doesn't feel weighty around the neck, and it shimmers like water. The bead-lines are attached securely to the top and sometimes need to be flipped over to re-align. Gorgeous, can't wait to take it out for the night.
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  1. / Dec 16 2014
    Let me begin by saying this: Anthropologie has done a disservice to this hat in two ways: Calling it a beanie and the photo. First, it is not a beanie in that it is made of a fairly sturdy fabric, it is solidly constructed, it has a nice hearty shape to it, and it has a very nice quality to it. It is not AT ALL what you think of when you hear "beanie." Second, the color is so vibrant! The photo on the website is really a sad representation of this hat. It doesn't highlight the gold strands throughout, neither does it accurately depict the well-constructed bow on the side. I saw a lady trying this on in the store and let me tell you, it looked magnificent on her. That is the only reason I gave it a second glance. I certainly would not have looked twice had I based my opinion solely on the website description. It is a little steep in price--$78.00. However, on the one day that I wore this hat, I received enough compliments for the entire season. It appealed to so many different women, all having different fashion styles. I had a lot of comparisons to a 1920's flapper hat. If you'd like to see a more accurate description, check out the same hat on the Europe website--it is spot on! I'd definitely recommend this hat, even at the current price point.
  2. / Nov 15 2014
    Get it!!
    I love this little hat. The colors are much more vibrant, as they are a dark black with a bright, shimmery gold. This kept my head warm while looking adorable all weekend in NYC. I received so many compliments! Can't wait to wear again.
  3. / Sep 24 2014
    I tried this cutie on at the store today and quel adorable! It did look different in person. The contrast color was an antique gold color. Not sure what I would wear it with, realistically, but it's super cute on it's own. I have classic features and can wear a cloche, but almost no other kind of hat.
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