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  1. / Oct 22 2014
    Dressy Pony
    These are a lovely way to make a pony look more polished. I wish they came in more colors.
  2. / Mar 15 2012
    Since these hair ties have come out, I have not used a regular hair tie. These are so healthy for your hair, they never leave a bump, and they NEVER rip your hair. It's absolutely amazing that something can be so good for you AND look so cute on your wrist! I wear my hairtie with my watch everyday as a necessary accessory. I can't tell you how many people have stopped me to compliment me on my glitter hair ties. I'm amazed everyday at how something so simple can be so great! The only one's i'll buy though are this brand because these are the only ones that don't fray and that I can wear in the shower without ruining them.
  3. / Sep 13 2012
    I love these hair ties. My mom laughs whenever I tell her I bought more (Ok, I... do have a decent collection now). I most recently got the purple motif set and the colors are just gorgeous! The light teal is a different material than all my others, more like a velvet or something, and the multi-colored/tye-dye purplish one has such a nice mix of colors. I love mixing and matching different ones to wear as bracelets with my outfits, and then I always have some handy for my hair! And very little works to keep my hair tied up without falling out or ripping, but these work great! Love 'em.
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  1. / Dec 30 2013
    I can't recommend this unique necklace enough. It is a true statement piece, but it is perfect even for those who don't wear much jewelry or shy away from more feminine pieces. It has a full collar look, but in person, it's much less overwhelming and almost smaller than it appears in the product shot. The longest spike extends just a bit down past my collar bone. It's a hefty, substantial necklace that takes up the entire collar, and you can definitely feel its weight when you wear it. Still, it changes every outfit by adding visual interest than can be played up or down. The quality is excellent - it feels like a unique, well-crafted piece of jewelry. I've worn it to formal occasions with a simple black dress or on a more daily basis with a casual outfit.
  2. / Sep 12 2014
    Root Needles Necklace Silver
    I dragged my feet on buying the gold and it sold out. I proceeded to buy the silver and so happy I did. It's simply a gorgeous necklace- can be dressed up or even worn with a tee and jeans. Don't wait like I did or the silver will be gone before you know it!
  3. / Sep 08 2014
    This necklace is worth every penny! What a statement! It pairs well with any outfit, can be casual or dressy. The adjustable loops allow the perfect amount of variety in length. Great quality, sturdy metal and beautiful design. Simply gorgeous.
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  1. / Sep 17 2014
    Delicate and pretty
    Love these earrings, exactly what I was looking for. They are on the smaller side but still make a statement. I am not a fan of the large stone earrings so this fit the bill perfectly, I wish they also came in gold. My only complaint was that the packaging was clumsy and one earring was at the bottom of the bag having fell out of its plastic protective bag.
  2. / Sep 19 2014
    My New Favorite Everyday Earrings
    The silver etched drop earrings reminded me of shopping for jewelry in Mexico. The etched design is darling. The length is perfect. Not too huge, not too small, but just right to get noticed.
  3. / Oct 21 2014
    Just what I was hoping for!
    I was worried these earrings were either going to be to large or small but to me their just right! Not including the earring hook it is the size of a penny I would say. Not flimsy thin type of silver either. Very sturdy and design is engraved. Hope this helps someone.
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  1. / Oct 27 2014
    Beautiful and striking!
    This oversized necklace is so much fun! It's quite striking, and will liven up any black, white, or solid colored pieces in your wardrobe. I don't wear it with prints or patterns as shown in the photo, as it is would be a bit much. I would recommend it for small busted ladies like myself, as it might not hang as well on larger bust lines.
  2. / Oct 28 2014
    Happy Purchase
    I was really happy with this purchase! Size was good and the quality of fabric, stitch and structure is impressive. It's definitely worth the sale price.
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  1. / Nov 02 2014
    UMMMM HELLLOO BEAUTIFUL!! i really did take a chance with ordering this bag based on other reviews, but im glad i did. this bag is so fun and beautiful and vintagy looking, i always like to have an interesting bag as opposed to the typical leather bag. if you like to be different this bag is for you. it didnt seem cheap looking at all to me and i always get compliments on what i wear....only reason i didnt give it perfect 5 stars is i havent used it yet so i can only look and see that it looks like good quality and in general i like my bags to have more inner pockets. but for price u gals better go for it!!
  2. / Oct 12 2014
    Beautiful design
    Love it when I first saw it in the store. This bag has a great pattern and colors. Large enough to hold everything.
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  1. / Jul 11 2014
    Versatile hair tie!
    I just got these in the mail and I am thrilled! They are colorful and bright, and they do not leave a that visible "bend" in my curly hair once the tie is removed. I've also put several together on my wrist, and they look adorable as bracelets, too. Great, versatile hair tie...so glad I ordered every color and got them for such a good price!
  2. / Jul 04 2013
    Love these
    At sale price, these things are a steal! I love the colors and they look good on your wrist and in your hair. Plus these ties don't give you the "hair bump" after you take your ponytail out.
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  1. / Oct 28 2014
    Just perfect
    What a great little bracelet. I purchased in the green, which is subtle and looks almost green-gold and very neutral. The clasp makes it very unique. And at this sale price, it's a steal. Very tempted to get the purple as well...
  2. / Nov 01 2014
    Much Better than Anticipated
    Glad I decided to take a chance on this! Great, heavy duty bracelet....perfect for daily wear to add a little something. I got the green, actually looks gold to me. Love this!
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