away we go Lisbon

Nestled in the outskirts of Portugal's capital city is a place apart from time—Quinta de
Manique, a sprawling 17th and 18th century estate. It was here among the grand, palatial
rooms, endless walls of cool blue tile and lush gardens that we shot our February catalog.
Tag along with us as producer Giselle highlights some of her favorite spots on the trip.

"There was a collective gasp when
we walked into Quinta's garden
hideaway. It has this incredible
Miss Havisham vibe—wild,
neglected and overgrown, yet
still beautiful."

"The estate is so vast,
it even has its own
with a mummy of a
lesser-known saint."

"The ceramic tilework, or azulejo, is
everywhere. Many of the motifs tell
a story—often of Portuguese history,
with some Roman battle tales and
Greek mythology thrown in."

"Walking around Lisbon, one of the first
things I noticed was that tile was often
missing from the first stories of build-
ings. It turns out that thieves chip
away at the ceramic as high as they can
reach. Homeowners can go to Feira da
Ladra—the 'thieves market'—and
demand their stolen tiles back."

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