At The Desk Tami, One of Our Visual Directors

Go ahead, call her taste particular: she certainly won’t mind. Meet Tami, the woman once voted “most bizarre” in high school, whose askew point of view has been guiding our store merchandising teams for over 13 years. The former Brooklynite and Boston terrier devotee is the brains behind those meticulously detailed nooks in our stores—things like an individually labeled 54-drawer cabinet filled with staffers’ personal belongings and a wall of ruffles that took four days to sew by hand. This month, Tami lets us poke around her wonderfully particular workspace.

A way to stay organized. I believe
it was an orphaned prop.

I’ve had this $10
yard sale pineapple girl
for twenty-some years.
It’s one of my
favorite things.

This is a photograph
of my grandparents, to
whom I was very close.
They were both a little nuts,
and I’m kind of obsessed
with peanuts, so I clipped
them to this card.

How can you not love that face?

Our team is always trying to outdo one another when it
comes to decorating our desks, but this fall we somehow
managed to agree on the same birch-tree pattern.

A parting gift from a former colleague and
friend. I’ve been fortunate to work alongside
some brilliant, creative people in my career.

I keep a fake egg inside this
cookie jar. I’m not sure why.

I’m not really into sweets—I eat maybe one piece of candy
a day—so these jars are purely aesthetic. The yellow candies
are a mainstay and I swap out the others each season.

Pairing these deer with our
woodsy wedding photo
seemed right.

One of the best gifts I’ve ever received. It was
handmade by my friend Ann, who chose
all 29 fortunes: May you grow rich. A person
is never too old to learn. Keep true to the
dreams of your youth.

I love dogs. I imagine myself as an old lady, taking
care of a bunch of pups. In the meantime, I collect
all kinds of dog figurines and hope to do something
amazing with them when I have thousands.

I think everything is
‘bananas.’ I use the word a lot.
‘That’s bananas!’ ‘My day
is bananas!’ ‘This is driving
me bananas!’

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