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49 Reviews
  1. / Jan 23 2012
    Stylish & Functional
    I've always loved the aprons at Anthropologie...They're generally gorgeous, but I hadn't bought any in the past because they didn't seem very practical for when I'm actually cooking and baking. I always felt that the various trims / embellishments of the other aprons were too dress-like and I'd need an apron on top of those aprons so that I didn't ruin them. This apron was the answer to that problem for me. The colour blocking is beautiful and elegant, but the pleats and piping are simple enough that it still feels like an actual apron as opposed to a dress. Pockets are always handy, especially in the kitchen when I'd need a pencil to jot down a recipe or a fresh tasting spoon. I'd definitely repurchase!
  2. / Jun 20 2015
    Great apron
    This was a gift for my mom, and she loved it. It's a great quality apron and very cute.
  3. / Sep 23 2011
    Look Chic While You Cook!!
    The name of this apron (Cuisine Couture) says it all! This is really the most stylish apron I've ever seen. The colorblock design is so fun, and the combination of tiffany blue, bright coral, and black is absolutely stunning - I want Anthro to come out with a dress version of this apron! I love the structured pleats and there are even pockets!! The cotton is sturdy and looks like it will last for many years. A total winner in my book and I'll be one happy cook wearing this cute apron in the kitchen!
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  1. / Jun 18 2015
    Thank you Anthropologie
    I am very pleased with this purchase. High quality and nice price:) I will have to buy the matching potholder next
  2. / Sep 04 2012
    Nice Pot Holder!
    I was plesantly surprised by the quality of this pot holder. The fabric is thick and provides good heat protection. It is a nice set with the Pot Hodler and Apron, which I have those as well. I especially like the trim fabric that matches the apron. High quality! I hate to get it dirty!!
  3. / Dec 06 2012
    just the thing
    I bought the oven mitt and pot holder as a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law who just re-did her kitchen in pale yellow. I'm adding in some hand knit dish clothes to sweeten the pot. They are well made, great quality, and good price point. I think she'll love them - I would :)
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  1. / Sep 16 2012
    Functional Beauty
    I was attracted to this apron because of the colors. After trying it on I immediately asked if the designer was a chef. I was told that another sales associate designed it and that she was a designer and not a chef. Well, I am a chef and I can tell you that this apron is special and different. There are 2 pockets in the side which is practical for carrying tools and the addition of belt loops is unique so once the apron ties come around to the front they stay in place. The material isn't thick and stiff, which I do not like, yet it is substantial that it lays correctly. Whoever this sales associate is needs to design more. She obviously took into account not only beauty but function. The solid panel in the front also creates the illusion of making me look thinner! I have tried on every apron from Anthropologie and this is by far the best one. Thank you to whoever you are for designing in a thoughtful way.
  2. / Jun 03 2015
    Great gift
    I gave this to my sister as part of her wedding gift. It's beautiful, functional and fun.
  3. / Nov 08 2014
    Love This Apron!!
    This is my first apron that doesn't just cover my waist. I absolutely love it! I am a bit busty for my 5'3" frame (I am a 32DD) and it covers my top pretty well. The bottom wraps around my sides and the apron has little belt loops to help keep the tie in place if wrapped around the front. I like the deep pockets on the sides for holding utensils or dish rags. Finally, my favorite part, I love how feminine it looks and makes me feel fantastic. Plus, the fabric is thick enough to not only hold a nice shape, but allow me to wipe my hands dry after washing them.
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  1. / Oct 15 2012
    Patchwork Pretty with a Pocket!
    I love my pot holders with pockets! They coordinate very well with my kitchen and are nicely padded. I'm very happy I purchased a set to go with the sewing basket oven mitts. They make my kitchen happy!
  2. / Sep 04 2012
    Great Quality Pot Holder
    I was quite pleased with the Pot Holder that I recently purchased. The quality is nice and the facbric is thick. I like the details - I have all of the matching pieces to include the Oven Mit and the Apron. They look nice together and provide an old school feeling in the kitchen.
  3. / Apr 22 2011
    Functional and beautiful
    Bought this to match the apron, and I'm very glad I did- high quality and thick enough that you barely feel heat when taking something out of the oven
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  1. / May 15 2015
    Utility Apron
    I ordered the blue apron and am in love with it. I usually wear aprons through the day to spare my clothing any messes. This apron provides total coverage in front and back. There are ample pockets and even slits to get to the pockets of what's under the apron! I'm going to order the tan one as well. The apron is soft, durable and quite classy!
  2. / Dec 03 2014
    Nice but thin
    This Apron is a great design. It is plenty long and wide enough for any body shape and size. I will say, for the price I thought it would be a bit better grade linen. Perhaps thicker. For reference, I am 5'5" and 136 pounds. It fits me great with enough room to wrap the waist ties around twice which is what I like. The pockets fall perfect on me and are very useful in cooking.
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  1. / Jun 06 2015
    Totally agree with the previous reviewer. I ordered 2 of these and love them. They are beautiful in color texture and are very well made. Super thick. Better quality than I even expected. I would even order more. Just hoping it washes well.
  2. / Aug 21 2014
    Lovely potholders
    I love these potholders. They are a beautiful color that goes well with everything. They're nice and thick, and the quality of the material is exquisite. The texture adds beauty to my kitchen.
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  1. / Jun 12 2015
    The print on this oven mitt is so cute. It's nice to bring a little color and fun to cooking with stylish kitchen items.
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Imagine a place where doing chores and making dinner is a luxurious and fashionable experience? while we may not be able to make the dishes clean themselves, we can definitely help in the fashion department. Slip into one of our many aprons, and turn your normal day of tasks into a fun experience. Cleaning a mirror? Sneak a peek at your cute self. Aprons and potholders are a crucial part of cooking. Without them, your clothes would be ruined and so would your tables and counter tops. Anthropologie turns these common household items into a fun and unique treat. Throw on an apron covered in polka dots, or maybe a frilly option that shows your feminine side. Top it off with vibrant pot holder and oven mitt to complete your fabulous and functional outfit.
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