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  1. / Nov 14 2014
    Luxury in unique colors!!
    I saw these in all three colors at my local VA Beach store. It is very soft, looks as expensive as it is heehee! and looks well made but it worried me that one of the displayed ones had the hook coming undone already (nothing that a few stitches cannot fix- but because of the price things should be perfect!) I grabbed the dark blush pink/coral/peach one in a heartbeat- and forgot to check the price!!! It is $99!!! I still took it home as it was the last one in that color. This reminded me so much of Amy Adams in that movie set in the 40's ("Ms Pettigrew Lives for a day") I just had to have it, and it goes very well with a lot of my coats. It looks fantastic on its own as well (I tried it with the needlepoint garden dress- which I ended up buying too, and also tried it with the minted meadow dress and blush velvet jacket.) I find it pricey for what it is but if you feel like splurging or if you are lucky to find this on sale then I highly recommend. The teal color was fantastic too (with the same outfits) but I needed to have the pink! :)
  2. / Jan 16 2015
    Fell in Love with this Over the Holidays
    I saw this in a few stores over the holidays and the turquoise was displayed on both party dresses and jean jackets - I had to have it! I would never wear fur, but this is so much fun. The quality is high and price (sale) is great!
  3. / Jan 07 2015
    I saw this stole at the my local Anthropologie and fell in love with it at first sight. Although, I couldn't justify paying $98 for it, I decided to wait until it went on sale. Thankfully, it went on sale and I ordered two of them in peach and turquoise with the hopes that they will arrive by NYE. What a blessing it was when it arrived on NYE in time to wear it for my NYE outfit! I decided to do it BIG Hollywoood style and draped the peach stole over a black Isabel Marant tuxedo jacket paired with my black satin Yves Saint Laurent wide leg pants. The peach stole with my outfit was fabulous!!! It was the perfect outfit to the start of a new year.
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  1. / Dec 31 2014
    Yes, you really do need this tote.
    Let me start off by saying, if this is your second or third time taking a look at this bag online contemplating whether or not you should buy you need to stop reading this review right now., put this tote in your shopping cart & proceed to checkout immediately!! Trust me, you will not be disappointed. I too have been stalking this bag for about 2 weeks, when low & behold I found it in my local store today & it is marvelous! It's a really good sized bag & the artwork is stunning. Yes, I agree with whomever said the light green suede probably wasn't the best color choice for the back as it will show dirt more than a darker hue, but honestly I don't care--the quality is great, it's beautiful & all of my friends will be envious that I have such an amazing bag! Don't delay, buy yours today!
  2. / Oct 22 2014
    Bigger! Better!
    This tote has some different features than many of the other animal-themed totes by Miss Albright. Some of its best features: this tote is quite a bit roomier than its predecessors, making it laptop-friendly, among other things. Another huge plus is that it has a zipper closure, which means the risk of things falling out is minimal--something I struggle with when using my bunny tote. The last most obviously new feature (to me) is the additional zip pouch that clips inside. Not a huge bonus for me personally, but it beats only having that one little picket inside. As for design, I love that the colors extend brightly across the entire front of the tote for once, even extending into the zipper area. It has really nice coloring and more vibrant in person. The handles are designed slightly differently than the previous ones, but they are still leather and appear solid. The back of the tote is a nice gray-blue color, on the lighter side. It's a perfect one! A bit of a surprising color choice for this time of year; I would think that the fox tote would come after this one, but I would still use this one throughout the year. It would make a fun little work bag or light carry on tote.
  3. / Jan 04 2015
    Beautiful colors, tall, annoying zipper
    I second what everyone said, beautiful eye popping colors, smooth light blue suede back plus great construction makes this tote super lux. Has really cute matching coin pouch inside that attaches to an inside hook. There's an additional small pocket inside tote as well. The only complaint that I have is that the main zipper on this tote bag is really hard to zip if it is unzipped all the way to the end. Reason being it gets caught in a sort of upward hump corner so you have to focus on bending two sides of the tote together to pull the zip through. Once it gets out of that corner the zip works perfectly fine. I mean it's a tote, so I love being able to easily put stuff inside and take stuff out, so zipper is kinda just added security.
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  1. / Jan 09 2015
    Very Elegant Cowl
    I purchased this cowl to add to my collection of scarves, and this instantly became one of my favorites. It is a very elegant design, both in how the cowl twists in the front and in the patterns of the fabric. As another reviewer mentioned, this is not a cowl that you can loop more than once as it is too short - is intended to be slipped over your head and left alone. I'd say the picture is pretty representative of how much of your upper chest would not be covered by the cowl. The only downside I have about this, which is why it is knocked down 1 star, is that it is sorta of itchy (but note that I really sensitive skin). However, it isn't bad enough to make me return it!
  2. / Jan 16 2015
    "Itching" to Love
    Bought this in the black motif pattern. I love how easily this scarf fits around my neck and have gotten tons of compliments while wearing this. Looks great! However, the material is itchy and not as soft as I would have liked.
  3. / Jan 06 2015
    Elegant but itchy
    I love the look and style of this scarf. It is great because you do not have to wrap it around but it is small enough to just pull over your head. I adore the design and the contrast between the flowers and the other pattern. Its easy to dress up or down. Only downside is that the scarf is definitely itchy.
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  1. / Sep 12 2014
    I love this wrap! It's not itchy and looks amazing with a black pant like the Pilcro vegan moto pant. I have not worn it yet as the weather is not quite cool enough, but it looks great when you throw the one side over your shoulder. It is black/gray with slight hints of beige in there. Brown is not the dominant color. Looking forward to mixing this with many outfits this fall/winter. The matieral is quite substantial - not thin at all so it will truly be warm when wearing it. One-size fits all. I am an average size 2 and it's perfect!
  2. / Jan 07 2015
    Very European
    Love the texture of this cape, it is very soft. The color is mostly a soft grey, and so pretty. Much prettier than picture. It is light weight but warm. The length is flattering. Goes well with everything.
  3. / Jan 03 2015
    Absolutely beautiful
    The fabric is substantial, but not at all heavy. The wrap is so very soft and the color much more vibrant than the photo shows. Definitely recommend.
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  1. / Jan 25 2015
    Perfect winter compliment
    I purchased this beautiful scarf in cream. I have worn it with everything all winter. It is very soft. I love the ease of an infinity.
  2. / Dec 30 2014
    Rippled Fans Scarf
    I have this scarf in both colors, but prefer the ivory a bit more. Love them! So soft and easy to wear, indoors or out. Lovely details in the knit and perfect blend of chenille and sweater knit. Goes with so many outfits.
  3. / Dec 01 2014
    Softest Scarf
    I got this scarf in white. It's really soft and warm, especially the fur part! It's perfect for a double loop and looks great with a statement coat!
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  1. / Oct 05 2014
    Versitile and beautiful hues
    The warm muted hues are lovely and there are gold threads woven throughout which gives a juxtaposition to the subtle coloring. This is so soft and feels great to the touch. My challenge is the looseness of the weave. When the sales clerk brought it over to me I noticed she was carrying it very gingerly. As soon as I took it from her I knew why; when I took it to the dressing room there were several substantial snags already. I really liked the scarf and decided to find another one without any snags. Well, every single one of these scarves was snagged not only once, but several times. I took the original one hoping to alter the snags once I got home. Then I thought: maybe it's supposed to be snagged. Now that I have it home, I'm asking myself, 'did I knowingly just buy a damaged scarf for full price?' I'm afraid I'm not that mindful when it comes to wearing delicate fabrics. My desire for the scarf doesn't match my reality. If you don't mind snagging this would be lovely scarf for one's collection.
  2. / Nov 01 2014
    Love this
    Everything I look for in a scarf! Perfect length for looping twice-I ordered the blue, it's a great neutral color. This will be worn to shreds!
  3. / Oct 18 2014
    Lovely scarf
    I have to disagree with the other reviewer who was complaining about snags. I bought this in-store and it didn't have any snags, nor did any of the other ones. I've only worn it once, but still no snags. I probably wouldn't wear really long earrings that could get stuck in it, but I'm that way with any scarf I wear. It's the right amount of weight to wear all day long (sometimes they're too heavy and bulky as an accessory) and the colors are great...the sparkle is subtle but dresses it up a bit. Definitely happy with the purchase!
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  1. / Dec 16 2014
    Great statement piece
    I love this necklace! I first saw it in the store a couple months back and knew I had to have it. The length of the arcs together is about the width of my fist, and it hits just at my bra line. It's definitely a statement piece. It can be a little noisy when I walk, but that is to be expected. The arc is three different color metals, but the difference is subtle. When I first attempted to purchase this the sales person got it caught on a magnet at the cash register, and the pieces broke apart. The pieces that connect the different arcs are delicate, so just a word to the wise.
  2. / Nov 18 2014
    Solid statement piece
    I snapped this up at the store during the dress/necklace sale. Nicely heavy-weight and not too shiny. They only thing that stalled my decision was that it hangs low at sternum level and tended to flop a bit when I walked up and down the hallway. An Anthro consultant mentioned that it looked perfect 4 inches higher, where it lays on my chest. And so I will pull out my tools and shorten it to a better length. This necklace takes the phrase "bold and brassy" to an elegant level.
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