Sea-to-Sky Headband
Sea-to-Sky Headband
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Shimmered Fleur Clip
Shimmered Fleur Clip
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  1. / Nov 26 2014
    Cozy, silky must-have scarf
    I fell in love with this scarf (in the "black" which is actually a midnight blue) just based on touch. it's soft and silky faux fur, very warm. The "grey" is actually a tan/fawn color, the "brown" is actually a mix of brown and grey- a bit of an odd-looking color, to tell you the truth. I liked the black/blue the best since the fur was very silky and the knit backing was soft. The knit backing on the grey/brown felt a bit too rough to me, it didn't feel very comfortable on. That combined with the odd color turned me off from that one...
  2. / Dec 20 2014
    I bought this item in the store. The rich deep blue color really caught my eye. It looks well made and will probably last a long time. I was tired of long scarves. Plus this looks like it really will keep the cold out and is simple to put on.
  3. / Dec 07 2014
    I bought the brown version and the fur looks really realistic and super smooth and soft. I like the sweater knit on the underside which helps the scarf stay positioned as well as add to the warmth factor. The knit is not itchy or scratchy at all. I find this scarf very warm and keeps all of the chill out of your neck which is very good if you are wearing a V-neck top. If you are wearing more layers, this can get very hot.
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  1. / Nov 14 2014
    Luxury in unique colors!!
    I saw these in all three colors at my local VA Beach store. It is very soft, looks as expensive as it is heehee! and looks well made but it worried me that one of the displayed ones had the hook coming undone already (nothing that a few stitches cannot fix- but because of the price things should be perfect!) I grabbed the dark blush pink/coral/peach one in a heartbeat- and forgot to check the price!!! It is $99!!! I still took it home as it was the last one in that color. This reminded me so much of Amy Adams in that movie set in the 40's ("Ms Pettigrew Lives for a day") I just had to have it, and it goes very well with a lot of my coats. It looks fantastic on its own as well (I tried it with the needlepoint garden dress- which I ended up buying too, and also tried it with the minted meadow dress and blush velvet jacket.) I find it pricey for what it is but if you feel like splurging or if you are lucky to find this on sale then I highly recommend. The teal color was fantastic too (with the same outfits) but I needed to have the pink! :)
  2. / Dec 05 2014
    Fabulous Faux Fur Darlin'!
    I saw a stylist at my local store rocking it one day with an A-line dress for a special event and she looked so classy in it. I'm shorter than her and thought it may look too long, but it fits very well. It's such a great accessory because it provides instant glamour and keeps me warm at the same time. I love the versatility because I can wear it with jeans and boots, dressy clothing, etc. I love, love the turquoise one the stylist wore but I bought the wine instead because I have more clothes in this hue. But trust me, I will be back for the turquoise soon. Every single color is very cleverly picked because they all complement every person's wardrobe. The stole is cruelty-free, total bonus! Awesome!
  3. / Nov 22 2014
    Dressy Dressy Casual Casual
    What a fun accessory. Worn crossed, off the shoulder or like a color this stole will add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Wear to the dressiest occasions or put on with jean jacket and boots ... this is just an overall fun accessory for the winter.
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  1. / Nov 19 2014
    Work of Art
    After looking at this scarf every time I was in an Anthro store, I finally tried it on with the Lumi Pullover, which I bought in both the wine and sand colors. The scarf looked beautiful with both colors, but just wasn't in the budget. I let it haunt me for 2 weeks before going back to give it a good home. Glad I did because I will wear it with one of the Lumi tops for Thanksgiving. I love the size of this scarf. I can wear it as shown in the second photo, altho I will pull it down a bit more, away from my face. The ends fall in soft waves, very pretty. But it's large enough to wear as a shawl, which is a nice option. I usually go for florals, but I couldn't resist the cute birds. And the fabric, so soft and drapey, not at all bulky for such a large scarf. This is also a scarf that can be worn right into spring, making it seasonless, so well worth the money. This is yet another Anthro treasure and artwork I will proudly wear!!
  2. / Nov 15 2014
    Incredibly soft and beautiful
    This is one of those scarfs that you wrap around your neck and don't want to take off! The colors are more stunning in person, and are perfect fall colors. Adds a pop to a plain sweater. Runs long, but when wrapped once or double wrapped, is not bulky. The bird design is pretty and not overwhelming. Very good quality, would definitely recommend! Doesn't look like it will easily snag, grab this beauty while you can!
  3. / Nov 14 2014
    So beautiful!
    Everything about this scarf is breathtaking.
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  1. / Dec 18 2014
    Eye catching and casual at the same time. I wore it with a grey t-shirt and a coral red cardigan and found skinnies the same soft blue as the necklace...festive yet casual for an office holiday party. I will be wearing it a lot with my plain grey tees. It is best to have it lying on fabric because otherwise the beads and wires can get on your nerves after a while even though they don't poke or scratch - I am not one to suffer for fashion :-)
  2. / Nov 17 2014
    This is a stunning piece. What really sets it apart from other necklaces is the combo of lightness and complexity-- dozens of bead-lines with varied shades of clear/ blue/green, and yet it doesn't feel weighty around the neck, and it shimmers like water. The bead-lines are attached securely to the top and sometimes need to be flipped over to re-align. Gorgeous, can't wait to take it out for the night.
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  1. / Jul 11 2014
    Versatile hair tie!
    I just got these in the mail and I am thrilled! They are colorful and bright, and they do not leave a that visible "bend" in my curly hair once the tie is removed. I've also put several together on my wrist, and they look adorable as bracelets, too. Great, versatile hair glad I ordered every color and got them for such a good price!
  2. / Jul 04 2013
    Love these
    At sale price, these things are a steal! I love the colors and they look good on your wrist and in your hair. Plus these ties don't give you the "hair bump" after you take your ponytail out.
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  1. / Nov 29 2014
    Great bag
    I really love this bag. The fabric is soft but sturdy and the shoulder strap is very comfortable. I can get EVERYTHING I carry with me in this bag, and I love the zipper on the outside for my cell phone. Great find.
  2. / Oct 29 2014
    Gorgeous fall bag
    This is a really wonderful bag. Durable and a great size for traveling (fits a laptop and lots of other things). High quality materials. Unique colors but classic style have made this my go-to bag for the fall!
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  1. / Nov 13 2014
    I have been looking for a belt forever to wear over sweaters. I love that its a really simple design and narrow. I will be wearing this every day!!!
  2. / Oct 22 2014
    Interesting metallic stitched belt
    I needed a narrower belt to wear around a full, long top or a sweater. The Adrie belt is about 1" wide and has stitching around the edge. Many other belts of this size have punctured designs; I like the simplicity of this belt with only subtle stitching around the edges. I didn't realize the stitching was metallic, but very subtle, It adds interest to the styling of the belt.
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