Tesoro Layered Necklace
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Open Collar Necklace
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Ana Luiza Necklace
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Full Orbit Wrap Belt
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Winstone Necklace
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Shibori Obi Belt
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Speckled Botanic Scarf
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Indah Embroidered Scarf
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Ray-Ban Wayfarers
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Shimmer-Round Ring
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Tetherwing Bib Necklace
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Catchlight Cuff
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Rabia Metallic Pouch
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Bento Bag
Bento Bag
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Fantin Headband
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Ottilie Crossbody Bag
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Venusta Mesh Headband
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Tasseled Ombre Scarf
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Lollia Soap Bar
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Johns Marquis Drops
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Sparked Spokes Headband
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Pixel Plait Headband
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Impressionist Headband
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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Online Exclusives
(4.1 / 5)
53 Reviews
  1. / Apr 15 2014
    Set Light to Your Skin!
    Unlike the other reviewer, I am NOT a makeup person, and try to avoid purchasing makeup products whenever possible. As I get older and more conscious of toxic chemicals and synthetics, I am also more and more concerned about applying cosmetics -- most of which are chock full of those horrible things. This product is amazing. It's non toxic. It's subtle. It's light, and not greasy. And it literally makes my skin look like it's glowing from within. My new beauty routine is to moisturize and put this luminizer on my eyelids, nose bridge, and cheekbones. Add a swipe of the Apivita Pomegranate Lip Balm, and I am done. (FYI: I have fair to medium skin with yellow undertones.) I have received countless compliments. The pot is a heavy glass pot with a sturdy metal lid. The product is much more solid than the Anthro product shot makes it appear -- think a solid perfume, it's that consistency. A little goes a long, long way. This product is a gem and completely worth its price.
  2. / Feb 21 2015
    Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this luminizer!!! It's so subtle and gives your skin such a dewy glow. For the first entire week I wore it, I got non-stop comments on my new "glowing" skin from friends! Yes, it's pricey, but in my opinion worth it.
  3. / Dec 04 2014
    I just love Anthro beauty products. They are so well chosen and high quality. I feel as if I have my own personal beauty shopper! This product is no exception. Fsbulous! I bought the luminizer before a recent work trip to California in which I had to have a lot of both informal gatherings and imporant meetings/presentations. I added luminizer lightly into my routine for day- highlighting just the top of my cheekbone. I felt like it brought a completely dewy look to my face---I felt refreshed in a subtle way. At night, I added some to my eye makeup, which just bought a little sparkle. So great!!!! I love this luminizer and am so happy to find yet another great choice made by Anthro beauty buyers!!
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  1. / Dec 09 2014
    O Iakche
    I have two points to make in my review: one is the quality of the fragrance and the other is the mistaken size label. At the time this review is being written Anthropologie has the fragrance listed as being 2.4 oz, which is wrong. The fragrance comes in a 20 mL sized bottle, a little disappointing based on my expectations but made up for by the quality of the fragrance. I don't profess to be a "nose" or someone that can claim a wide knowledge of the perfume world, but I am an avid smeller and I am constantly looking for scents that don't smell like "perfume." Something I can wear that feels woodsy and warm and natural and not at all like the somewhat alcohol riddled fragrance of most major perfumes. O Iakche delivered this to me and I'm very pleased with it's quality, it's subtle and textured, slightly smoky. Could be worn by a man or a woman easily. I find a have to reapply in the late afternoon or when I'm leaving work for it to last all day. I would buy the small bottle from the sampler if I could to keep in my purse for such occasions. All in all a very nice product, minus the mistaken size label.
  2. / Dec 09 2014
    Love love LOVE this product!
    Recently bough ELEUSIS after hearing about Apoteker Tepe at a crafts fair. I usually have a hard time finding a perfume that I like because I really can't handle scents that are too sweet or too strong, but I've found something perfect in Eleusis. The scents are rich and subtle at the same time, the perfume lasts for the entire day, but it is non-linear so it actually changes and ages with my skin in a really lovely way. It works as a day to day scent, or I can apply it a bit stronger for a special occasion. The size of the bottle doesn't bother me because I only need to use very little for a big effect, so this bottle size will last me for months! All in all, really pleased! Definitely recommend it!
  3. / Dec 09 2014
    Love this perfume. So unique and thoughtfully made
    I first ordered a sample pack to try out the four scents. They are all different and very unique. I personally LOVE the fragrance, Ta Hiera. I ordered the larger bottle, which is true to size per the artist's website (I checked it out there first and am assuming there was a mix-up on the anthropologie website) Every time I wear this perfume I get compliments and questions from strangers about TaHiera and where they can find it. I would highly recommend this perfume to anyone and I am very pleased with the product. Also, a little goes a long way so it was worth the money!
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  1. / Feb 15 2014
    I can't stop smelling myself
    Amongst the Waves... for me it's the perfect perfume. I've been looking for the right perfume that works well on me, and I finally found the one! Smells like coconuts on the beach, I can't get enough of it.
  2. / Nov 03 2013
    Love this scent!
    This is my new favorite scent, fresh and beachy, but just heavy enough that I think it works in winter and fall too. The details in the packaging is also gorgeous. Love!
  3. / Nov 09 2013
    So happy to see this being sold at Anthropologie now! I am obsessed with this scent. It smells like Hawaii. The BEST!
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  1. / Jun 09 2011
    Best Conditioner Ever!
    I read about Rahua on Gwyneth Paltrow's after she said Rahua is her favorite Hair Product. I color my hair blond like hers and found that my hair was drying out from being processed. The first time I used it I could see a difference immediately. Its the best conditioner I have ever used and i love that is 100% Natural!
  2. / Sep 22 2013
    I bought this along with the shampoo. It is thick and moisturizing, but for the price, other deep conditioners that you can buy at the supermarket are better. Still looking for that great higher end shampoo and conditioner
  3. / Jun 19 2012
    One of the Pack
    I'm always looking for hair products to make my fine hair look thicker and fuller. I decided to try the Rahua shampoo and conditioner since I've read so much about it. It worked just as well as the s&c's that are 3/4 the price as these. If it would have been cheaper, I would have given it 5 stars. Nothing in here that makes it stand out above the others.
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  1. / Jan 09 2015
    I bought this case and it is perfect! it is a snug fit and the front goes over the front sides of the phone too, offering more protection than the standard cases that just hug the back. It looks nice with my silver phone but I bet it would look great with the gold too. Buy if you're interested--it is worth it!
  2. / Jan 04 2015
    Beautiful and durable case
    Lovely design. I get compliments on this iPhone case all the time. It fits perfectly and really secures your phone.
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  1. / Dec 14 2014
    The best dry shampoo I've used
    I have very fine, thin hair so I have to avoid heavy products that weigh down my hair. This product works amazingly well - leaving no residue or sticky goop. I didn't realize the product was tinted until I used it the first time, but the coloring is really gentle and blends well with my own hair color - a light brown (with grey). The tint covers the grey very nicely without being obvious, and the product is easy to use and doesn't make a mess. I highly recommend.
  2. / Aug 07 2014
    Smells good
    This is the first and only dry shampoo I've used. It smells delicious and does not leave any weird residue or buildup in my hair. I have really corse, thick, hair.
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  1. / Oct 01 2014
    I got these earring in the slate and they are so lovely! Really pretty - perfect size - hang perfectly and an incredible color - I'm thrilled! I highly recommend them! Am now pondering the white....oh dear.
  2. / Dec 29 2014
    I bought these earrings in the slate color for my mother for Christmas. They are a bit larger and heavier than the picture makes them seem, but they are still absolutely stunning and were a huge hit as a gift!
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