Clustered Crest Cuff
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All-Seeing Gem Bracelet
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Ammi Majus Earrings
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Moment Bar Pendant
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Rhodes Mini Hoops
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Fledgling Necklace
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About-Face Hoops
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Stone Edge Cuff
Stone Edge Cuff
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Diamond Era Drops
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Pointe Wrap Cuff
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Fortunes Charm Necklace
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Crescent Gem Necklace
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Sabina Bracelet
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Alpine Drops
Alpine Drops
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Nova Ear Climbers
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Cinq Avenues Watch
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Blue Sea Bar Necklace
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Izar Necklace
Izar Necklace
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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Jewelry
(4.0 / 5)
102 Reviews
  1. / May 13 2015
    Dainty, but awesome!
    These earrings are dainty, tiny, little gems. They are quite small, but that's what I love about them. They're perfect for everyday use, and because they are so tiny, I can even wear them to bed without them bothering me if I forget to take them out in the evening. I've received may compliments on them, and I actually loved the first pair so much that I got another so I could have the option of wearing two letters or two of the tiny crystal studs. My favorite is one initial and one crystal, though. The other thing I love about them is that they don't irritate my ears! I have a nickel allergy and have sensitive ears in general. Sometimes if I buy cheap earrings, I'll have to put a bit of clear nail polish on the posts to keep the earrings from irritating my earlobes (a nice little trick I learned from a friend). No need here! These earrings are perfect for if you have multiple earlobe piercings as a second or third earring, or just if you have an affinity for dainty jewelry.
  2. / Jun 15 2015
    I love these! They are so simple and small, I wear them everyday and never have to take them out to sleep. They are my go-to earrings when I don't want to pick out some or deal with possibly losing some.
  3. / May 30 2015
    I agree that these earrings are tiny- but they are whimsical and definitely worth the sale price. Love them. I have a nickel allergy, and am hopeful these work for me as they did for another reviewer with a nickel allergy.
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  1. / Mar 29 2015
    Wow pretty much sums up the drama of this incredible necklace. I went to the store to pick it up which they just got it in and both were scooped up immediately. So I came home and ordered it, I was every bit satisfied when I open the box and even more when I tried it on! It is a major statement piece and it does drape close to the navel. you will not need any other accessary with this, I did purchase the beautiful open crochet sweater type vest by Angel of the North and that sweater vest screams to be worn with this necklace it is beautifully made for the price it looks like a lot more then $98.Must must have!
  2. / Jun 17 2015
    Show Stopper
    This lovely Horn Swirl Necklace caught my eye as I was walking past the store. I went into the store it was the last one available of course I purchased it! One the best purchases I've made at ANTHO..When I wear it I get so many compliments! It's a SHOW STOPPER FOR SURE .
  3. / Jun 17 2015
    Everything is BIG in Texas!
    I completely adore this necklace. It's such a unique piece, I get compliments every single time I wear it. Yes, it is quite long but extremely lightweight : ). I am 100% satisfied with this purchase.
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  1. / Jun 08 2015
    I ordered this necklace when it was on sale and waited weeks for it to come in due to it being backordered. I was nervous that I was going to be disappointed as what I paid for the necklace is more than I would pay for any other costume type jewelry piece but this necklace is absolutely stunning. It was 100% worth the wait and is truly the only statement necklace I can't imagine not having in my jewelry box. It is a combination of peach, lavender/light blue stones but really could match with any color. It adds a great touch to a simple shirt and I would definitely recommend purchasing this item if you have been eyeing it online. The clasp is not as shiny as pictured, it is more of a subtle washed gold color. I will say the clasp area was not designed the best and can be a bit difficult to clasp but it does have three adjustable areas depending on the length desired.
  2. / Jun 18 2015
    This is a truly beautiful necklace that goes with any outfit. I wear it regularly and always get compliments. The quality is fantastic, and it has had no wear over the few months that I have been wearing it.
  3. / Jun 22 2015
    Beautiful Necklace!
    I splurged on this necklace for a wedding and I love it! I got so many compliments on it. It has gorgeous lavender tones. It's a perfect way to add some sophisticated sparkle to your outfit!
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  1. / May 29 2015
    B-E-A-Utiful bracelet!
    I have received numerous compliments on this bracelet! As the previous review states, the colors are definitely more muted than the picture shown. The bracelet wraps around my wrist 3 times loosely - the perfect summer accessory!
  2. / Jun 04 2015
    Love it!
    I just received this in the mail and I think it is great. It comfortably wraps the wrist three times and has adjustable sizing. I was glad to have read previous reviews so I was not expecting the colours to be as pictured, otherwise I may have been initially disappointed. Beware that there is no cobalt blue, only pale blue and dark turquoise; nonetheless it is lovely and the metallic rose gold border compliments the colours well. I think it will be a great summer, easy wear piece. I didn't give it five stars simply because the colours vary so much from the photo.
  3. / May 12 2015
    Better than I expected!
    This bracelet is lovely and so much fun. I was surprised at the construction of it, as I think it will hold up better than I had anticipated. I'd say that the colors are slightly more subdued than they appear in the photo, which I personally really like. It adds a great pop of color without looking too young.
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  1. / May 18 2015
    A pretty neutral
    I had high hopes for this piece and it didn't fail to deliver. The beads have a decent enough weight; you know it's there but it's not so heavy as to become bothersome after wearing it for a while. As you can see, there are a number of various beads in the necklace, along with 3 chains. The beads offer a delightful little neutral, which makes this a great necklace to wear with a variety of different colors. It lays well and requires no fussing. I imagine it will be a piece I choose to wear on many occasions to come.
  2. / Apr 20 2015
    This is a substantial necklace, the beads are all metal or stone and is quite heavy. Seems very well made and easy to dress up or down. It's a good piece for the fall and winter especially, it will hold it's own against a thick sweater and layering pieces. I love the sparkle in it as well.
  3. / May 09 2015
    Ordered this online because it looks very good, and it's even better that I thought.
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  1. / Jun 14 2015
    Perfect necklace! Pairs up well with a dress or a t-shirt & jeans. Recommend!!!
  2. / May 16 2015
    I couldn't agree more with the previous reviewer - I'm obsessed too! This is the most perfect everyday necklace. Simple, yet unique. I love it so much that I bought 2 - the chain is extremely thin and delicate and I'd be so upset if it breaks, so I got an extra one as insurance...or it will be a beautiful gift for a friend!
  3. / Apr 29 2015
    So cute!
    I got this little necklace at thee Anthro store - I'm obsessed it with. It's delicate and it sparkle nicely. The pictures online do not do justice to how cute it looks in perfect. It's perfect to layer or to wear alone!
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  1. / Jun 03 2015
    A hidden gem
    At first glance this necklace looks like a simple rope hanging around the neck. Kinda neutral, kinda boring, right? Why would anyone buy this, and certainly not for a hundred dollars! But if you actually put this necklace around your neck and wrap & fold the one strand over the other so that it's hanging in a simple knot (like the first half of tying a shoelace), you will see what this necklace is really capable of. It hangs in simple elegance and because it's completely flexible, you can tie the "knot" anywhere you please - high, low, wherever, according to your neckline. If you like the long & lean look, this necklace is for you. It's simply fabulous and sooo functional! Love the tassels on each end too. The chain is made of a simple, comfortable metal (although it doesn't look or feel like metal); rose-gold is an appropriate color name b/c it has a glint of gold throughout, even though the chain itself is primarily a skin-colored pink. It's truly unique and a very, very ingenious necklace IMO. I pondered buying it for a month before I actually caved. So glad I did. Random side note- my 5-year-old autistic son who never notices any jewelry I wear, seemingly likes this necklace. Whenever I have it on, he likes to play with the tassels on the end... as if he's fascinated by the look & feel. Ha! Me too, kid. Me too.
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