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Adya Wallpaper
Adya Wallpaper
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Woods Wallpaper
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Average rating for Wallpaper
(4.7 / 5)
74 Reviews
  1. / Feb 06 2014
    Beautiful wallpaper mural!
    Have spent several years eyeing this mural for a future nursery and as soon as I found out I was having a little girl, I immediately purchased it. It is absolutely gorgeous and definitely helped create a whimsical touch to the room. I love sitting in the nursery, staring at it. All 8 pieces were connected in one long roll, so each piece needed to be cut. Directions that came with it were fairly easy to follow. My husband was mainly the person who put it up, as it turns out having one person smooth it out (in one direction), worked best. The hardest part was having to cut off some of the height. Other viewers felt it was fine, but to me, it was sacrilegious! What helped was placing a few key piece onto the ceiling (such as the hot air balloon and crown). Pieces cut off off the bottom were used to line dresser drawers, so I'm not mourning their loss as much. Still wished the original painting could have been tailored so height would not have to be sacrificed!
  2. / Mar 12 2015
    oh what fun
    I ordered this mural for my office. It's so fun, and looking at it just brightens my mood. The colors are soothing yet vibrant. Installation was really easy. Everyone that looks at it thinks that someone painted it. I am super pleased with this product.
  3. / Feb 17 2013
    Love it!
    Finally hung this mural last night and love it! I actually purchased it a while ago, but was so afraid of messing it up that it sat in my closet for weeks. Having it professionally installed was out of my budget, so my husband and I finally decided to tackle it ourselves. Glad we did, I'm thrilled with how it turned out. As previous reviews stated it took a good 3 hours (including prep, measuring, etc.) but the instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. There are a few small places where you can see the seems but not noticeable unless you were truly looking. I was a little hesitant to go this bold in our dining room, but now that it's up I am so happy we did. It adds beauty and interest and just looks really darn cool. I love Rebecca Rebouche's work, and am thrilled to have a (giant) piece of her art in my house. If you're on the fence about ordering this piece by all means do it! You will love the end result.
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  1. / Apr 27 2013
    worth the effort putting up!
    this wallpaper is just so beautiful, and looks even better in real life. the colors are bold and bright and really add to the room! this was my first time putting up pre-pasted wallpaper and it wasn't exactly super easy as a previous reviewer mentioned...I kept thinking, "how did that 16 year old put this up all by herself?!" :) if your walls are super high like ours, I would suggest really making sure the paper is soaked before you put it up. the paper quality is super strong, so you won't rip it with all the water. for the spots that just weren't sticking, we added a little wall paper paste, which really worked like a charm. if you are even on the fence about ordering this, just do it! you'll love the finished results!
  2. / Jun 20 2014
    Absolutely stunning.
    This wallpaper is stunning once hung. The paper is good quality, it stretched as needed, and finished beautifully. That said, I would not recommend the 30 second dip as recommended in the directions. It made the paper too wet, and the glue would ooze out. It worked much better to wet the back with a wet sponge rather than dipping it all in water. Eased application considerably. While it was fairly straightforward to hang, it's still wallpaper. The SureStrip does cut out some of the hassle, but it's still the same issues of pattern matching, dripping glue and smoothing out creases and bubbles. I can't imagine hanging it alone - I was happy to have two friends to help!
  3. / Nov 04 2014
    This paper is perfect for an open room
    Adding this wallpaper to our dining room changed the entire feel and look. Can't wait to entertain guests this holiday season.
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  1. / Sep 21 2012
    This wallpaper makes my 1950s bathroom look fresh, beautiful and sophisticated. This is the first wallpaper I've ever put up, and I got the hang of it pretty fast. It's pre-pasted, which is great for easy installation. I found that I needed two tools: a wallpaper blade that allows you to snap off 1/2" pieces of the blade after each individual cut so that you have a fresh blade for each cut, otherwise the blade will drag and make a ragged edge and rips. I also needed a plastic wallpaper smoother. One last tip: Rather than submerge the entire roll in water, submerge each individual section as you go. I love this wallpaper and can't wait to use it again!
  2. / Dec 06 2012
    A pattern to die for
    I put this pattern up in my bathroom and was a little skeptical about it at first. I began finding myself drawn more and more to it until I was spending 10-12 hours a day on the toilet just staring at the wallpaper. Watching the bus pick up the people from the Eiffel tower and drive them to the Farris Wheel was such a delight. They had so much fun. It was sad when Mr. Stevens pushed his wife out of the Eiffel Tower. I don't know if I can look at this wallpaper anymore. It makes me cry sometimes.
  3. / Mar 18 2013
    So beautiful
    This wallpaper is so whimsical and charming. I used it in my downstairs half bath, and months later, I remain enchanted by it every time I'm in there. The subtle colors and the scale of the pattern works great in a small space like a powder bath. It is busy, but not too overwhelming. I am 100% happy with the purchase, and I think the price is pretty reasonable.
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  1. / Jun 27 2014
    Gorgeous, and so worth the effort.
    I stressed for two months about installing this wallpaper. I got quotes from local companies, and was disappointed to find out that it would cost more than the wallpaper to have it installed professionally. So we decided to do it ourselves, and I'm so glad we did. This gorgeous paper is prepasted, which means all you have to do is submerge it in water for a bit to activate it. We watched some videos online about how to wet, "dock," and apply prepasted wallpaper, but the instructions that came with it would have been sufficient. It wasn't a walk in the park (we don't have square walls by any means, and we had to cut around two windows with ornate details at the corners) but the difficult bits weren't the wallpaper's fault. Overall I am thrilled with the result. It's a beautiful backdrop for our son's nursery, but we've already decided that if he hates it when he grows older, we'll just switch rooms with it. We love it!
  2. / Oct 14 2014
    Super Fun Nursery
    We chose this paper for one wall in our baby boy's nursery. We loved its whimsy. Application was quick and easy - a bit challenging to line images up.
  3. / Mar 21 2012
    i put this in my bathroom, just because. it would look great in a kid's room, very whimsical and playful, might be overwhelming on more than one wall. it was very easy to put up, very gluey like the other reviewer said. wasted more than i would have liked because of the large pattern repeat, but c'est la vie. i love it.
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  1. / Apr 20 2015
    beautiful but much darker in real life
    Very rich look and sturdy feel but be aware it is much darker than pictured. And essentially impossible to match to a wall color...
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