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  1. / Mar 18 2015
    Perfect case!
    This is the perfect phone case! I have a gold iPhone 6 and they look amazing together. It's a little hard to see from the product picture but the center of the pink and blue flowers are gold so the color of the phone makes that pop a little more. I wasn't sure if it was going to look cheap (like the flowers were just painted on the outside) but it's really well made and looks elegant. The floral design seems to be covered by a layer of plastic so I'm not worried about it fading or chipping. It's also really sturdy; the plastic is thick and actually feels like it's protecting my phone. The buttons are covered but I don't feel like I struggle to use them. Overall, this is easily the best phone case I've ever had in terms of function and aesthetics.
  2. / May 15 2015
    Pretty iPhone Case
    This case looks very pretty combined with the gold iPhone, as previous reviewers have also mentioned. One thing that I especially like about this case is that there is a clear bumper around the front to protect the phone from an accidental dropping here and there (I have a toddler--it happens--a lot!). Great product!
  3. / May 05 2015
    Just the right touch
    I can't tell you how much I love this phone case! I get compliments all the time on how pretty it is. It is just the right touch of feminine. The minute I saw it I knew I had to have it. I have a gold iPhone 6 as well and they are perfect together! I was concerned that this case like many others would be cheap and break. Quite the contrary. I am impressed with the quality. The edges are softer and slightly flexible. I am not normally s phone dropper but I have dropped my phone about 3 times since I have gotten this case and it actually bounced a little and nothing broke!
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Let’s face it – if your iPhone was made out of steel you would find a way to crack the screen. That’s why we’re selling these adorably unique designer phone cases, back-up batteries, and more. Just because you have to protect your phone doesn’t mean you have to use the giant, rubber case that your dad has on his belt. And just because you have to keep sending Snapchats doesn’t mean you have to be standing next to a power outlet. These iPhone cases and back-up batteries add a dramatic flair to otherwise ordinary devices letting you express your own unique style with your most important accessory. We’ve got a gorgeous and chic Kaleidoshine iPhone 5 Case from handbag designer Rafe Totengco. Or prepare ahead with the Graphic Plaid iPhone Backup Battery, a portable back-up iPhone or iPad battery that will get you a 50% charge when you need it and fits in your purse. They’re the technical accessories you need with the style you want.
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