High Tide Hooded Towel
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Sweetly Striped Swaddle
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Tisbury Baby Bloomers
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First Mate Play Blanket
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Wellfleet Baby Bloomers
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Nesting Play Suitcases
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Animal Pull Puppet
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Ceramic Critter Piggy Bank
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Rifle Kid's Classics
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Baby Vegetable Rattle
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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Kids
(4.8 / 5)
23 Reviews
  1. / May 17 2015
    Learning made fun
    I bought this for my nephew and I think that it is so cute. It is beautifully made in the USA and it would make learning so much fun. Only thing is the corners are very sharp so be careful when playing especially if the kid likes to throw the blocks.
  2. / Jan 12 2013
    love this!
    I bought this for my daughter and she LOVES it! The quality is excellent. She has tried several times to ride inside the wagon and it has held up. I am so glad I purchased this! We will have it for many years.
  3. / Dec 05 2011
    Lovely Classic Blocks, Made in the USA
    These hardwood blocks are beautifully designed and very durable. An absolute classic and Made in the USA. Nice smooth finished edges and nice detail to the animals.
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  1. / May 25 2015
    So cute and cheerful!
    This is so cute, he makes me smile everytime I see him! Has an adorable face and soft fur. We made the mistake of drying him in the dryer though, his hair will burn off so do not try it!! We had to buy another one!
  2. / Jan 02 2015
    FuzzySloth Friend Stuffed Animal
    This guy is SUPER cute - I saw him and knew my daughter [15] had to have him to go along with a pair of sloth socks I snagged earlier in the year. I couldn't help but play with his hair on the way home and "style him in her stocking. If you're on the fence, stop it right now... who ever you are purchasing this for is going to LOVE it!
  3. / Feb 11 2015
    Perfect pal
    I just received this cute little guy for my birthday after eyeing it for the past month and I love him. It's very hard to find a sloth stuffed animal so having a high-quality one like this is fantastic. He has long fur, gangly limbs and a super sweet sleepy smile.
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  1. / May 03 2015
    Baby Shower Gift
    I bought this to go inside a baby shower basket! Let's be honest, I wanted to keep it for myself! This cute ostrich received so many compliments at the shower, and it looks so cute in the little girls room! Half tempted to buy it again!
  2. / Apr 23 2015
    My sweet Carmela!
    She just happies me. My husband doesn't like it when I talk to her. I think it's because she gives him "the look". I had to have her after my precious pet ostrich passed away recently. I re-named her Carmela of course. Once in a while I have to straighten her neck because it tends to droop to one side so that is my only complaint.
  3. / Dec 21 2014
    This ostrich is absolutely beautiful! The fabrics are lovely. I love how her beak and head are made with a textured weave and her feathers have just the right amount of fluff! Her knobby knees are beyond fabulous...and she even sits up on her own with her little legs dangling off a shelf or chair. I can't say enough about how much I love her :)
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  1. / Mar 22 2015
    I love this bunny! My boyfriend bought me this bunny and he is so cuddly, soft, and cute!
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  1. / Feb 24 2015
    Bought these for my girlfriend's baby six years ago, and they were the only thing that would entertain her and keep her quiet and thinking... sometimes for 30 minutes or more! Since then, we've both bought them for every new baby in our lives! Definitely worth a try for your little one or as a gift!
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  1. / Jun 13 2015
    Adorable gift
    I bought this for my 4-year-old and she loves it. It's so cute! The pieces are heavy quality that won't bend or break. Well worth the price.
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  1. / Jun 27 2015
    really cute
    Bought the deer and creature versions and they are so unique and cute. I have them placed up on an armoire and use them just as art objets rather than banks. They are larger than most piggy banks, but the size is accurate for the measurements listed.
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