how-to Paper Root Veggies

Plucked from the gardens of our Earth Day store windows, this how-to begins with a beet, but can be used to craft a variety of other root vegetables, too—no seeds, soil or sunshine required.

Supplies: -Newsprint -Masking tape -Drawing paper -14 gauge wire -Wire cutters -Craft knife -Ruler -Pencil -Scissors -Paint brushes -Watercolor paints (shades of green) -Acrylic paints (beet red tones) -Hot glue gun Steps: -Crumple newsprint to form a beet shape, and cover in masking tape. (Don’t forget the little root!) -Draw six 9” long leaf shapes on drawing paper. Cut out each. -Paint both sides of leaves with green watercolors and let them dry. -To make stems, cut six 7” pieces of wire and wrap each in masking tape. -Hot glue a stem to one side of each leaf and paint green with a touch of beet red at the bottom. -With the craft knife, cut a small X into the top of the beet and use a pencil to form it into a hole. Dab hot glue inside the hole and insert the bottoms of all six stems. -Paint the beet red. -Modify the shape, colors and leaves to create radishes and carrots, too!
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