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  1. / Jun 23 2015
    Storing recipes in style
    I was shopping for Mother's Day unsure of what to get my mother and grandmother. The moment I saw this recipe tin, I knew it was perfect. My childhood is filled with memories in the kitchen and my grandmother's stained notecards. This is a gorgeous Rifle Paper piece and will always be in style. Like another reviewer said I wish there were more cards or separate packs to buy. Perfect addition to the kitchen.
  2. / Jun 12 2015
    Beautiful and Classic!
    I had seen the Capri design in store but loved the look of the citrus one online and am glad I took the chance on ordering it. The colors are beautiful and it is such a classic recipe box. The lid fits tight but comes off easily, and it comes with a small stack of recipe cards and dividers to get you started. I couldn't be happier.
  3. / Jun 09 2015
    Beautiful tin!
    I purchased this for a friend's bridal shower. Her & I are in love with Rifle designs, so I thought this would be perfect...and it was! She adored it, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to order one for myself at some point too.
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  1. / Mar 07 2015
    Best headphones ever!
    I got these headphones because I was so tired of replacing my standard earbuds every few months. I saw these had a microphone and they were absolutely adorable in pictures. They look just as amazing in person, the sound is amazing, they block out outside noise, they're extremely well made, extremely comfortable and I cannot step out out of the house without people everywhere complimenting them. Like non-stop. I really can't say enough good things about these headphones. They're worth every penny!
  2. / Jan 23 2015
    I absolutely ADORE my Frends headphones. I have them in this Rose gold color and every time I wear them, I get compliments. They are perfect travel headphones because they fold neatly into their carrying case, and they are comfortable enough to wear for the duration of a very long flight. I recommend these to ANYone wanting new headphones. You won't regret it!
  3. / Apr 21 2014
    These headphones are so beautiful and comfortable. They look even better in person and I get compliments on them everywhere I go. Bonus... the sound is amazing! The microphone makes it super easy to talk on the phone when I’m on the go. Seriously, so amazing – what a find!
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  1. / Jul 02 2015
    I bring this with me every time I go outside to the pool. I also brought it on vacation last year to the beach and it worked great!
  2. / Apr 17 2015
    so happy together
    Very cute, with a few quality concerns. Straight away a bit of plastic broke off near one of the screw holes making that hole useless. The screws are super tiny, hard to hold, easy to lose. The am/fm knob didn't line up correctly, but was somewhat fixable and the broken part did not affect functionality. Reception range is ok as it will pick up local stations in my rural area. Reception for stations further away isn't great unless someone is touching the radio then presto! clear reception. I did find that when the radio is next to a large glass jar the reception improves. It is battery operated, there is no plug in, and when the batteries get low the radio static picks up which is a helpful reminder to buy new batteries. Decently loud when playing your device and having both volumes turned up. It takes a moment to open all three clasps each time you want to mess with your iPod/phone/mp3, but not too big a deal. Portability works great for yard work, house work, camping. I purchased three of these radios last year so despite any quality concerns I still love'em:). just don't drop it.
  3. / Apr 11 2015
    Great little radio!
    I was gifted this as my birthday present, and I love it! I've had it for almost a year and it still works great. I've taken it out to many get togethers with friends and family and they all give compliments on how cute and cool it is. The color has faded a little bit from the sun (I have it in peach) but it looks more retro and has a ombre effect because of the fading lol. It connects to my phone or mp3 player and the sound is great. The bass does work, and it can get pretty loud if you want it to. I've had the same batteries in it since I got it, and so I'm very impressed on how long it can run. Can't wait for my upcoming camping trip in the summer so I can use it again!
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  1. / May 19 2015
    These are absolutely gorgeous and so unique. Everyone loves them!
  2. / Nov 29 2014
    Feel Awesome!
    I was able to pick these up at my local store. They are thinner like the one reviewer mentioned, but that makes them feel lovely! They also shuffle like a dream. The one thing that my boyfriend doesn't like (that I don't mind) is that the cards all look very similar so he gets the suits messed up, particularly the hearts and spades. Overall recommend!! They look gorgeous on the games table :)
  3. / Nov 19 2014
    True Review
    I received my purchase & I Love these.. HOWEVER It MUST be said there was no expense spent in the making if this product as it should of been..The cards are Half the thickness & slightly smaller than of a standard playing card.
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  1. / May 23 2014
    Like a kid with a bike
    This is a gorgeous bike. I spent a lot of time looking for a bike that fit my style and this one is by far the best one out there. It has beautiful, simple lines and that retro feel, without being over the top and silly. Sometimes my friends and I trade bikes, and whenever I see someone else riding it I'm impressed with it again - it just looks SO good. Looks aside, this bike is really fun to ride too. The seat is super comfy, overall riding posture feels good. It weighs a little less than your typical beach cruiser too, so it's easier to carry if needed, up stairs and such. Also it goes fast with less effort than a beach cruiser. I can keep up with my husband on his road bike. IMO this is the perfect bike for riding around town, doing errands or getting some exercise. It's a total joy to ride!
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