Zodiac Signs Bobby Set
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Swirl Petal Headband
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Calexico Headband
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Hibiscus Mesh Headband
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Woven Rarity Barrette
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Rose Striped Barrette
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Coronet Hair Comb
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Interweave Headband
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Polka Dot Turban
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Undine Headband
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Metallic Mesh Turban
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Anniana Turban
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Papaver Headband
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Olenska Bobby Set
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Climbing Vine Headband
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Juniper Headband
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Eustatia Bobby Set
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Taglioni Clip
Taglioni Clip
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Zing Hair Ties
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Pamba Hair Clip
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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Hair Accessories
(4.8 / 5)
22 Reviews
  1. / Jun 15 2015
    Saw this at the checkout last minute. It has such happy colors, consider it an accessory when I don't know what to wear. I have a pretty big head (runs in my family!) and straight hair, and most headbands just slip right off my head. Surprisingly, this one stays on well but doesn't squeeze my head. Since it passed my requirements, I had to buy it. Yes, it is a bit expensive but it's high quality and I think it can be used for many years to come. So if you're a fan of delicious flavors...add them to bright colors and great fit, I say, buy it!
  2. / Jul 01 2015
    Suoer cute headband!
    This headband fits great and is comfortable to wear. I love the colors and how versatile it is. Would definitely recommend adding this to your collection of headbands!
  3. / Jun 11 2015
    I love this headband! It fits nicely and isn't overwhelming but is so adorable. The colors are versatile. I can't wait to wear it with a green, white, or yellow tee and light denim shorts!
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  1. / Jun 17 2015
    I am a headband wearer...daily...i could not wait to get this one. It is stunning, I love the rustic look with the wooden beads along with the surprise of the blinging crystals...completely compliment each other. I did find that after. Few hours of wear the ends were digging into the area behind my ears and causing discomfort...I will tilt it next time I wear it to allow that area to slant to the back of my head instead of straight down...this will not keep me from wearing it. Beautifully made and properly priced.
  2. / May 15 2015
    Best Hair Accessory!
    I'm always looking for something to spruce up my day-old (or two or three-day-old) hair. Pulling it back and adding this gem gets me so many compliments, and it cuts back on my morning routine! The headband feels a little tight at first, but stretches just enough to fit comfortably after a few wears. Definitely a great buy!
  3. / May 08 2015
    Love it
    I have wavy curly hair that I'm attempting to grow out. The day I wore this, I received 4 compliments while I was shopping. I also like that it looks like one of those turban headbands, but those always end up giving me a headache by the end of the day. Since this is just a headband, its great!
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  1. / May 19 2015
    A Perfect Clip
    Oui oui, this hair clip makes doing my hair a breeze! You just twist up your hair and the slide the straight comb up the back of your neck and clip in place. It sits flush with the back of your head. You can also slip it in sideways. I have very fine hair and it stays put all day!
  2. / Feb 15 2015
    Love This Clip
    I love this hairclip. It's holds my hair securely and is very easy to use. I wrap my hair into a round bun and then slip the clip in using the straight prongs. It is quite secure. I highly recommend it. It's very chic and effortless.
  3. / Feb 15 2015
    First, I believe this is pricey for a hair clip. I did like it for my hair. I have long hair and I did like how the clip held my hair and sat flat with my hair. So overall, it cost more than I would like to pay but I have worn it many times and this has made it worthwhile for me.
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  1. / Jun 14 2015
    extremely beautiful in person
    I saw this by accident in the store not initially thinking much of it. But once I tried it on, I realized how not only well-made this is but also versatile and lovely. The lining inside is such that it really holds onto your hair well without tugging on it and hurting you, The elastic bands are securely in place and don't created any unusual bump beneath the hair as other headbands have done to me in the past. The colors in the glass "stones" are so lovely, which makes them easy to match with any outfit. They are securely in place. Love it!
  2. / Apr 15 2015
    Even the "lining" is beautiful
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  1. / May 04 2015
    a little extra "sparkle"
    Cute hair clip. I have thick hair, but i can wear it half up in this clip. It's not a large clip, but quite nice
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  1. / May 28 2015
    Cute additions
    I ordered these without checking any reviews, and so when I did I was a bit scared they would be damaged. I had gotten them for a big event so I was waiting on my toes for the package, but they arrived perfect. They're kinda tiny which fits my head proportionally.
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  1. / Jun 26 2015
    So Beautiful
    These were an impulse purchase. I was about to get in line when I saw a jar of these stashed behind a bunch of other stuff. I have no idea why they were hidden away, they're so pretty. I had one in my hair before I even got into my car! My hair is very slippery and most barrettes fall right out, but for some reason that doesn't (usually) happen with these. And despite being small, they actually hold a decent amount of hair. I've had larger clips that didn't hold as much. So far all the stones have held up (and I usually have one just tossed into my handbag). I get tons of compliments on them too. I'm in love!
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Sometimes it?s the little things that can really pull a look together ? the pattern on your scarf, the color of your eye shadow, or even how you do your hair. Luckily we have an assortment of unique, vintage-inspired hair accessories for women that help tame your mane and can complete any ensemble. If you?re going for an earthier vibe, check out the Baroque Leaf Headband; it will add a unique element of nature to your hairstyle. Or, you can add the Artemis Flower Bobbies to your hair-do for a cute component to your look. If you?re going to a more formal affair, there is the Crystal Wreath Headband. This hair fixture can neatly push your hair back and blend bohemian chic and elegant styles. Browse through our headbands, bobbies, clips, and more to find that little detail you?re looking for.
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