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When our catalog team goes on-location, it's not all work and no play: there's always time to scout the local shopping scene. While shooting the March catalog in Thailand, they found themselves wandering market stalls and shops, each more fascinating than the last, in pursuit of perfect little somethings to bring home. Here, Lauren and Emily share their easy-on-the-wallet finds.

Magnet, 60 THB
For my mom—it's a tradition!
Enamel Soup
Spoons, 478 THB
I found these in a cool little vintage store off of Nimmanhaemin Road in Chiang Mai.
Temple Bell, 350 THB
We saw bells hanging at every temple we visited, then I came across this one at an antique shop in Chiang Mai.
Silk Scarf, 597 THB
I loved the colors of this tie-dyed scarf. And Thailand is famous for its silk, so it was practically a required purchase.
Bottle, Free
This soda water was served everywhere we went. I snagged an empty bottle because I love the design and how the Thai language looks in print.
Pillbox, 150 THB
This pillbox is for my mother to add to her collection from around the world: I get one for her wherever I go.
Mask, 747 THB
Khon masks like this are used in traditional Thai dance performances. I hung it in my entryway as a colorful surprise for guests.
Charms, 150 THB
I bought these at the Doi Suthep temple in Chiang Mai to give to my friends; they're so small and delicate.
Antique police
whistle, 448 THB
This is originally from Rangoon, but I found it in a Chiang Mai antique shop. I'm going to use it as a keychain.
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