Skeem Field Jar Candle
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Faceted Ceramic Candle
Faceted Ceramic Candle
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Boulangerie Jar, Tall
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Boulangerie Jar
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Good Nature Soy Candle
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Modern Muse Candle
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Tom Dixon Element Candle
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Tisane Votive
Tisane Votive
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Tantallon Lantern
Tantallon Lantern
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Capri Blue Jar Candle
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Hotan Candle
Hotan Candle
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Midnight Bloom Taper Holder
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Hotan Candle
Hotan Candle
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Capri Blue Constellation Candle
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Geo Glow Lantern
Geo Glow Lantern
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Striped Taper Candles
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Crystal Ladder Candle Holders
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Voluspa Cut Glass Jar
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Voluspa Boxed Candle
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Capri Blue Candle Tin
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Average rating for Candles
(4.8 / 5)
103 Reviews
  1. / Nov 04 2014
    best candle ever
    The scent is intoxicating. As soon as I get home, I light it and makes me happy! Its pricey but so worth it!
  2. / Mar 20 2010
    Enveloping & Inviting.
    So I got 3 of these as gifts. They're incredible. The Goji is a unique scent - it was a bit overpowering for my brother but my best friend LOVES it...I have on the fence on it - I like it but I'm not certain I'd get it again. That said I LOVED the tarrocco orange in it - (I love oranges). It might have been that the candle is a strong scent that in my cozy room it became overbearing. Also my bff tells me to just open the tin and leave it by my bedside table and that I'll enjoy the scent as it wafts around me - without lighting it- apparently it's great that way too! I'm looking forward to trying the Santiago Huckleberry: sweet and spicy, with hints of vanilla pod and sugarcane (doesn't it sound amazing?!), Baltic Amber: forest scents of sandalwood and cedar (it sounds really warm) Champaca Bloom: the crispness of Indian evergreen combined with fresh fern and gardenia (sounds like something wakeful and wintery) Enjoy! I certainly did - they also sell another kind on here - check those out too!
  3. / Jul 22 2012
    I was browsing through the sale section of Philadelphia's Old City Anthro and was immediately pleased that there was one lone Goji Berry candle in the sale section. I could smell it with the lid tipped to the side, just sitting there on the table. I picked it up, and one whiff later, I was at the counter purchasing it and thanking my lucky stars that someone got clumsy with it. There wasn't much hard done to the candle itself... it was damage to the tin which wouldn't allow the lid to close. So, I came across, fatefully, my top favorite candle scent of all time. I am forever indebted to to this scent and will happily continue purchasing it and telling all of my friends to do the same! I walk into my bedroom where I like to burn it and I'm instantly in my happy place! :)
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  1. / Nov 07 2013
    Let me preface by saying... "I hate candles..."
    ...And even though I hate them and really don't understand people's obsessions with them, I walked in my local store today and smelled this enchanting aroma. I harassed 4 separate store employees to first help me identify the source of the scent, then where the candle itself could be found (it wasn't by the display candle), then made them help me figure out which exact scent I was smelling (since the candle was in a dark corner). It's been burning on my kitchen counter ever since. I might walk back and buy the peony perfume to match. Yum!! Again, remember, I HATE candles... this one changed my mind.
  2. / Dec 07 2014
    So Pleasant
    This is a beautifully scented candle. I picked up the Peony. The jar and top are very pretty to look at. I may save the top just for extra use.
  3. / Apr 02 2014
    I love this candle! I have the English Rose and the Noble Carnation. Not only is the design beautiful and a great compliment to any room, the scents are unlike anything else I have found. I have a bad habit of buying the Volcano candle over and over and these candles have been a great change for my home. My only complaint is that the top came broken when I ordered it online, so I'll stick to picking it up in the store from now on.
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  1. / Feb 18 2015
    Smells Amazing!
    To be completely honest I am a sucker for a good smelling candle. I stumbled upon this one in the store and immediately fell in love! The smell is to die for! It also has a very sturdy wick which hopefully means long term use. The design of the candle itself is very cute and it makes a nice decorative touch in my room.
  2. / Oct 20 2013
    Love This Mini Candle
    I purchased 6 of these mini candles today all in the silver volcano jars. The volcano scent is my favorite scent. I purchased them to decorate around the house since the holidays are right around the corner. Great alternative if you don't want to purchase the larger size jars.
  3. / May 03 2014
    These have always made great hostess gifts.
    Bar none... I can't tell you how delighted people are to recieve these lovelies, they are nice and citrusy and nonoffensive. Instant mood elevator. A big bounce of joy packed into a nice decorative jar. The burn time is long as well. Can't beat it.
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  1. / Jul 27 2013
    Its exactly how I wanted it to be, so perfect, so beautiful, and goes well anywhere in the house! not too small to be lost in some wall, and not too big to fill up an empty wall, But perfect for corridors or a collaged wall.
  2. / Jan 28 2013
    Truly stunning. Heavy, elegant, well-made. The aged detailing in the mirror around the perimeter shows up more on a lighter wall. I have hung these on both a white wall and on a barn wood wall, and I think you see more detail on a white wall.
  3. / Jan 09 2013
    Even more lovely in person. Very heavy. Packed well for shipping and arrived in perfect condition. Hardware for hanging included. My pair hangs in my living room.
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  1. / Jul 31 2014
    Gorgeous pacific scent
    I live by the sea and bought this for our master bedroom. The smell of the aloha orchid diffuser is divine - reminds me of botanical gardens in Kauai. Very good value - I've had it for over two months and there's still half left. Evocative, fresh, and subtle at same time.
  2. / Jan 08 2014
    Nice Alternative
    Received this more than three months ago and it's only about 1/2 gone. Safer and longer lasting than the candles with the same great scent. No fire danger with the diffuser--just open, put the reeds in and turn them every week or so. I burnt the candles for the scent ,not the candlelight, so this is an economical and flame free alternative. Win/win!
  3. / Dec 26 2013
    Heaven in a bottle!
    If you love the scent of Capri Blue Volcano Candle, then you will love this. The thing that I love the most is that you get the scent without burning the candle. There is no danger of accidentally leaving the candle burning and causing a fire. I don't know how long this will last because we just got them. I'm hoping for weeks of enjoyment!
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  1. / Feb 01 2015
    You Rose Stonecrop is a strong scent that's feminine and breathtaking. "Sun ripened Yuzu grapefruit is blended with Tuscan Roses, Stonecrop Lavender and Tart White Strawberry." I'm not usually a fan of fruity scents but these blend together so well. Well done Voluspa, you're always keeping my nose on its toes. The lavender really brings it all home. I love this and would definitely repurchase.
  2. / Jun 16 2014
    Yuzu Rose Stone Crop!
    The above scent is AMAZING! It's like tropical fruit and flowers. The scent is very potent, fills up my living room, dining room, and kitchen (open floor plan), and is still quite fresh and clean! I am careful to light it only to get it melted, then let the warm wax scent the room, to conserve it. The Sake scent is nice, also, but I don't care too much for the Jasmine. Priced better here than I've seen at most gift shops and boutiques.
  3. / Dec 23 2014
    Candles make a universally excellent presents. I bought this style in Amaranth and Jasmine. The design is to die for. The smell is wonderful. I will be giving it to my friend with pride and joy. This is a wonderful product! I am glad I found it.
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  1. / Jan 05 2013
    Santiago Huckleberry
    Probably the greatest scent ever captured in a candle. I am a candle lover and I am certain that this is the best of the best. I know this review isn't much, but there isn't much more to say. This candle is a little expensive, but worth every penny.
  2. / Jun 13 2012
    gorgeous light fragrance
    Love it! Love the packaging and the scent (bella sucre) is just gorgeous - not to overpowering but definitely enough to fill the room
  3. / Sep 09 2012
    great candles and love the textured glass container that I will definitely be reusing once candle is done!
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These candles have always made great hostess gifts. Bar none... I can't tell you how delighted people are to receive these lovelies, they are nice and citrusy and non-offensive. Instant mood elevator. A big bounce of joy packed into a nice decorative jar. The burn time is long as well. Can't beat it.

Simply a delight. I bought this candle in the store and I love it! I've been burning it all the time. It is adorable, and it smells WONDERFUL. I love the mercury outside, it goes with a lot of other things in my room. Plus, once I've burned the whole thing, I'm going to use the jar for toiletries in my bathroom like I've done with other Anthropologie candles! Great buy!

Beautiful for every season. I don't usually like sweeter, citrusy scents (preferring lavender and cedar notes), but this Volcano candle's scent is so light, it's not overwhelming & doesn't remind me of food. Got it for Christmas last year and the mercury glass has looked pretty in my room all year. Thank goodness, it's slow burning! When it burns down, I plan to refill it with a white candle to recreate the original look.

This candle has a soft smell that's not too overpowering, but what's the best is the antiqued, mirrored glass jar that the cream-colored candle sits in. Really beautiful focal point. I featured this candle on my blog, it's so elegant.

LOVE this candle!!! I agree with one of the previous reviews...Anthropologie is like walking into a happy place and nothing can go wrong there. I love walking into the store and when I light my Volcano candles at home, I feel like I'm in my store. I have both the red and blue candles and they go perfect with the decor in my home. Best candle ever!!!

Best smell ever. I have bought all of the Capri candles (the silver is gorgeous when it's glowing through the jar) and they are to die for. The smells are simply stunning and strong, which I love!
I love the blended fruit and flower scent of the Capri Blue jar candle, it's the best way to freshen up my house and welcome home my husband every evening! The soy wax let's it burn clean and even, leaving the sides looking nice and clean and the candle attractive.

This is my favorite candle of all time. Once you own this candle, you'll want one in every room. I think the scent of this candle gives Anthropologie its distinctive fragrance when I walk into their store and adds to the ambiance while I shop. I love this candle and will continue to use it forever!

Is it a coincidence that the day my wonderful Volcano candle came in that it also started to feel like Spring? I don't know, but after lighting it and smelling those wonderful scents I am also tempted to call it my vacation inducing transference magic jar. Not too powerful, not too smelly...just like Spring Magic. Maybe it's both?

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