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Harwin Tablecloth
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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Table Linens
(4.9 / 5)
65 Reviews
  1. / Feb 13 2015
    Order these napkins!
    I bought two sets of these fabulous napkins. They are wonderfully large, thick, and wash very well. From the online photos they seem thin and it looks like there is a lot of white in the patterns, not so. These are very bright and saturated colors with only a little bit of white in the background of each print. They also seem delicate, but are much more durable than they look in the photos, almost like a thin dish cloth thickness. I only use cloth napkins and I use these for everyday and have already used them while entertaining, they are the best I have purchased in years. I will buy more when they go on sale (if they don't sell out first) These are worth every penny, 32 bucks is a steal!
  2. / May 11 2015
    These napkins are great - fun colours, good size- I really love them. Buy them - you won't regret it.
  3. / May 06 2013
    No iron!
    My family has moved to using cloth napkins in place of paper to reduce our waste. I've been ironing the cloth napkins. Yes, someone please hand me the vodka, I've been ironing the cloth napkins. Not so with these! I try to grab them out of the dryer as soon as they're done and lay them out flat on a table, and voila! Perfect. They're softer than the other ones I bought, bright and cheerful and also hide stains fairly well, which is nice when the vodka runs out and I resort to red wine. Anyway, I love, love, love these napkins. Absolutely fab.
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  1. / Nov 23 2013
    This table cloth is well made and the colors are stunning. Got this as a gift for my mom to replace her beloved circular table cloth that she purchased in India years ago. I don't think she'll be disappointed.
  2. / Jul 06 2013
    This tablecloth is so pretty--the picture does not do it justice. The colors are so vibrant and the embroidery around the edges is a really nice touch. Definitely worth the splurge!
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  1. / Mar 25 2015
    Love it!
    We saw this in the store and ordered it immediately. It looks great on our table and adds some texture and fun.
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  1. / Jun 06 2013
    Beautiful on the table
    When this arrived my first reaction was ..."mistake". Then I unpack and laid out the table with this magnificent cloth. The table just transformed into this happy and beautiful eating environment. It washes and irons easily. I love it, as did the rest of the family.
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  1. / Dec 03 2013
    I LOVE these napkins, they are just stunning. The colours are gorgeous and the pattern is beautiful. They are really wow.
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  1. / Nov 30 2014
    Adorable napkins
    These napkins are adorable....the colors are vivid and they wash well. Love the floral print. I also purchased the apron in this same pattern which, actually is slightly prettier. It has a slightly darker grey/black background which sets off the flowers a bit better. Still the napkins are fabulous and a perfect accent to your tablesetting...with so many different dish colors and patterns.
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  1. / Jun 24 2015
    These are probably the coolest cocktail napkins I have ever seen. So much fun to have a mix-matched set of napkins since my cups, bowls, and plates are mixed as well. "Funky, south-american, colorful, classy" way to add color and spice to any dinner! One of my favorite gifts I received from my wedding registry. My honey loves them too!
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The goal of good tablecloths or table runners is to keep your tables safe and clean while not sacrificing your bohemian décor. Luckily we have an array of designer, unique, and vintage-inspired options that can fit in ? and even extenuate ? any interior design. We have many beautiful colors and designs to choose from; which you use depends on your home space. If simplicity is your thing, the Farmstead Linen Table Runner serves its purpose to decorate and protect a table, and its simple design really won?t make the room too busy. Or you can go the opposite route ? the Turned Petals Table Runner provides vibrant, colorful designs with equally flamboyant tassels hanging from each side. On the flipside, a table where you eat probably should use a full tablecloth. Check out the Bistro or Ribbon-Weave Tablecloths to get some boho-style ambience in your eating area. See what works best with and enhances your décor.
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