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  1. / Jan 21 2011
    Thomas Edison is a genius, we all know that though! This light bulb brings that to the for front of your mind as it iluminates whatever it is placed in a magnificent way. You will find yourself placing these all through your home so every lamp feels special with their magical glow!!!
  2. / Nov 12 2009
    worth the money
    I bought this to go with the Mechanic's Beacon Light. I wavered on just using a normal 40w, but I am so glad now I bought this one. The lighting is soft on your eyes and the style is art in itself! Love, Love, Love it. I can't decide if I love the lamp or the light bulb more......
  3. / Dec 07 2010
    I bought these bulbs for some clear glass pendants I have above my kitchen island. The bulbs are so cool, and very retro! I only wish I had ordered a higher wattage.
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  1. / May 09 2015
    A warm glow!
    My lampshade is wrought iron and therefore see-through. The usual type of bulb would emit too much glare and wouldn't look terribly attractive either. This is elegant, appropriate for the style of shade and casts a just-bright-enough warm light.
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  1. / Jul 11 2014
    Beautiful ceiling medallion
    I have this in my living room and it is so beautiful.
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