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Average rating for Fragrance
(4.3 / 5)
83 Reviews
  1. / May 04 2011
    Distinctly beautiful memories in a bottle
    I love attaching certain memories to certain smells, and my extraordinary first visit to London in May of 2010 has very specific smells attached to it. When I picked up the delightfully attractive packaging of the Royal Apothic scents at my local Anthro and saw that one was called Kensington Gardens, a rush of sights and smells came back to me. I was nervous to actually smell the perfume, as my memories were so distinct... but I sprayed it, and my breath was literally taken away by how beautiful and how ACCURATE the scent was, so much so that it almost brought tears to my eyes recalling the day I spent at Kensington Palace with my mother, wandering the gardens, having tea in the Orangerie... It was an instant purchase. Love at first sniff. I wear it every day, and beyond its own delicate powers, it mixes well with some of my other favorite, lightweight perfumes, so I am able to mix and match. I would try the other Royal Apothic scents as well, sometime... I love the packaging and the old-world feel of the atomizer. It's everything a dreamer like me could want in a perfume. :)
  2. / Jan 04 2015
    Triple sister loving it!
    My sister found this scent while in Las Vegas visiting our favorite store, Anthropologie. I liked it on her and bought a bottle and our other sister loved it and she got some. Please don't stop making this scent! It is very unique and smells good on all of us. It is a scent you don't need much of, but reminds you in subtle ways it is still with you. Very earthy and brings comments. Winner.
  3. / Jan 24 2013
    My best friend bought me a small Royal Apothic oil roller for my birthday, and I have been obsessed with how good it smells ever since. When I found out that Anthro sold full bottles of the stuff, I couldn't resist snatching some up. I got Kensington Garden, and it really is every bit as lovely and sophisticated as it sounds. There are several layers and nuances to the scent - it's not just floral, but there's an earthiness about it that really does recall a botanical garden. I've never been to Kensington Gardens, but this perfume makes me want to go! The packaging is lovely as well! I kept the cap on the bottle as some reviewers have reported the perfume evaporating through the atomizer. I only put it on when I intend to use it. I highly recommend this product, and I will definitely be buying more in the future!
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  1. / Mar 25 2012
    Lollia Wish - Spring / Summer Sent for Me
    I started wearing Lollia Wish a few years ago on a daily basis during warm weather months. It is light and not overpowering yet there is definately a clean, pleasant scent. I always get compliments all around when I wear this scent. Several friends have even started wearing it. I have really bad allergies and cannot tolerate many perfumes. This perfume and most of the other Lollia perfumes do not bother me at all. The travel sizes of these scents are great when I travel. I get to use my daily scent and not have to bring a big bottle with me. Note: The bottle is clear. Store in a dark place / room without direct sunlight or the perfume goes bad after awhile.
  2. / Feb 08 2013
    "In Love"
    This review is for the "In Love" fragrance. I found a forgotten gift card from Christmas and decided to put it to use yesterday. When I smelled this, I knew I had to have it. It smells so clean and fresh and even stayed with me through my spin class last night. I would highly recommend this!
  3. / Dec 01 2011
    Love it!!!
    I've been using this perfume in the Wish scent for the last 2 years after falling in love with Lollia's hand lotion and I receive so many compliments while wearing it, especially from guys. It has a sweet scent, which is my personal preferance, but the best thing is that it's not over-powering at all! I've owned perfumes in the past that even though I may like the scent, even putting on just little bit can be too much, but not with this. You can just keep layering it and layering it without a problem. You'll never be able to smell it on yourself, but trust me, others will because the compliments will not stop!
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  1. / Dec 04 2014
    Warm, non offensive, AND affordable
    I'd been looking for a vanilla perfume forever, but everything I tried was too cloying or chemical-smelling. I sampled this one day in Anthropologie and have been hooked ever since. I normally hate powdery scents in anything, but this is a warm scent that feels similar to many vanilla perfumes without smelling of sugar or alcohol. This is reasonably priced (especially if purchased in tandem with an Anthro sale). Because I'm a concert musician and am prohibited from wearing any type of fragrance - lotion, hair spry, perfum, etc) - I put a touch of this on when I get home late at night and it winds me down!
  2. / Dec 08 2012
    Smells so fresh and clean.
    I absolutely love this smell. I really didn't want to spend $38 on such a small perfume bottle but I couldn't stop thinking about how good it smelled on my coat for the rest of the night after haphazardly spraying it on myself in the store. I ended up ordering it online and it's amazing. It smells fresh and clean with just a hint of spicy. It's perfect for a day around the house or after a shower. It's probably not strong enough to wear to work or for a night out but it's a good clean smell and I am going to have to say it's a must have for me from now on.
  3. / Aug 23 2013
    Warm & Comforting
    I am a total sucker for any fragrance that has hints of vanilla, cream and spice. To me, this is the fragrance that best embodies those scents. One to two spritzes is all you need and you will be able to get wafts of it throughout the day. It is definitely a warm, comforting fragrance for those cold, rainy winter days but I have worn it in the summer as well and couldn't get enough of it even then.Well worth the price. It's my new favorite scent!
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  1. / Feb 15 2014
    I can't stop smelling myself
    Amongst the Waves... for me it's the perfect perfume. I've been looking for the right perfume that works well on me, and I finally found the one! Smells like coconuts on the beach, I can't get enough of it.
  2. / Nov 03 2013
    Love this scent!
    This is my new favorite scent, fresh and beachy, but just heavy enough that I think it works in winter and fall too. The details in the packaging is also gorgeous. Love!
  3. / Nov 09 2013
    So happy to see this being sold at Anthropologie now! I am obsessed with this scent. It smells like Hawaii. The BEST!
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  1. / May 22 2014
    great scent. I was worried it would smell reminiscent of bath and body works cherry blossom body spray and bring me back to middle school, but it's less fruity and more genuine. The bottle is gorgeous, and I plan on buying the orange blossom scent as well.
  2. / Apr 14 2014
    great fragrances
    very happy with this brand. great fragrances that you can mix together to make different combinations. the two I tried (Tiare, Musc) each have a high quality scents for daytime or evening.
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  1. / Dec 18 2014
    Smells Amazing!!!
    I'm so glad I happened across this fragrance. There is a perfume I used to use that was discontinued and now sells on ebay for $200! Albeit smells very similar and I believe it is the Ylang Ylang. It is fresh, light and floral and smells amazing. My new fav! So excited!
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