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  1. / Sep 11 2014
    one of a kind
    Okay so my suggestion before buying this product is go to an anthropologie store so you know what to expect. I loved the Jasper&Jeera cases but was unsure which design I wanted so I went to the store to check them out- this one isn't sold in stores, but I got a good idea of what to expect when I picked this cobalt blue case. The leather has been bound around a plastic frame - this means that it had to be cut and pulled to fit correctly and not add bulk. The case is completely sleek- but in the whole for the camera lens, the cuts are not curved but rather a series of straight line cuts (thing of an oval-shaped hexagon instead of a true oval). This is true of EVERY Jasper&Jeera case, as I inspected all of the ones sold in my local store. But the case is sleek, lightweight, and I love the embroidery. It adds design and texture without bulk, as many textured cases do. Overall, a winner! Just know what to expect.
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