Cave Collective

Cat Lauigan and Alex Wolkowicz formed Cave Collective when they discovered commonalities in their work, such as mysticism, the exploration of natural forms and the use of raw materials. For this exclusive collaboration with Anthropologie, we selected the forms and colors together, and we couldn't be happier with, or more eager to wear, the results.

Emma Cassi

Emma Cassi merges her love of the traditions of lace-making and hand-embroidery with materials like vintage sequins, Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones to create what she refers to as "modern antiques". Inspired by high fashion and art history, Cassi embroiders and beads every item in her collection by hand, ensuring that each one is a unique work of art.

Erin Considine

After studying metals and sculpture in Washington state, designer Erin Considine moved to NYC to launch her sustainably minded line in 2009. As a metalsmith with a passion for fibers, Erin's creative repertoire is loaded with diverse techniques like natural dyeing, weaving, crocheting and Japanese braiding.


MADE is an ethical accessories brand with an eye on the long-term: sustainable every step of the way, they use responsibly sourced materials and invest in their employees. The skilled African artisans of MADE's Kenya workshop craft handmade jewelry using a blend of traditional and modern techniques.


Founded in 2002 by Satya Scainetti and Beth Torstrick Ward, each Satya collection beautifully illustrates the spiritual and natural themes that the designers value as travelers, yogis and philanthropists. The name itself is Sanskrit for "truth," and was bestowed upon Scainetti after the transformative month-long yoga retreat that led her to launch her own line.


Like the name of her line, LA2L, which is shorthand
for the French phrase
elle a deux ailes—meaning “she has two wings”—French designer Marie-Helene Spitzer’s pieces are at once modern and poetic.


Taking inspiration from everywhere under the sun—vintage markets, Italian piazzas, far-flung locales that she's visited on holidays—and focusing on quality and craftsmanship, Daniela Ravaioli has designed the Rada collection for more than twenty years.

Gerard Yosca

Born-and-bred New Yorker and Parsons grad Gerard Yosca has been handcrafting jewelry in his hometown studio for twenty-five years. A long-standing member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Yosca continues to collect fans and accolades with each brilliantly bejeweled, statement-making collection.

Elke Kramer

Illustrator, art director and designer Elke Kramer draws from a vast reservoir of creative practices and technical skills when crafting her innovative, stone-laden jewelry pieces. Handmade in her hometown of Sydney, Australia, each piece exudes modern appeal.


Inspired by Montreal's jetsetters, Canadian designer Michelle Luterman of Tova creates jaw-dropping statement pieces and demure accents in colorful compositions.

Alana Douvros

LA designer Alana Douvros imagines faraway and untouched landscapes when designing her jewelry—handcrafted, rugged shapes that incorporate natural elements and bold color combinations.

Momo's March

Infatuated with the beauty that can spring from conflicting ideas, Momo's March designer Christina Lu seeks opposition in the materials and shapes she uses in her pieces. Finding harmonies within these elements, Lu bases her designs on the idea of "wearable thought," and hopes her jewelry collections inspire passionate positivity.

Issued by
Tribune Standard

Tribune Standard designer
Tawfik Mounayer's vision is
to bring back thoughtful
design, traditional craft and
considered luxury to a world
of fast fashion and instantaneous
everything. The theme of his
Anthropologie-exclusive line,
Issued by Tribune Standard,
is a Moroccan holiday (read:
luxe shine, silk fringe,
handpainted prints and
texture galore).

Gillian Steinhardt

As a stylist scouring the globe, Gillian Steinhardt realized the pieces she sought existed only in her mind's eye. Inspired by the geometric forms of Art Deco, she set to work sculpting architectural jewelry, adding to it a sensual 1970s glamour. Her pieces are polished yet streetwise modern heirlooms that accent the sophistication of the wearer.


Drawing inspiration from the Oregon coast and Pacific Northwest landscape, Seaworthy designer Marisa Howard celebrates both the rustic and the refined in each of her handmade pieces.


Each of Nocturne's exquisite designs is hand-beaded and fashioned by artisans, capturing an enchanting mix of Eastern-inspired craft and European grandeur. With a unique fusion of textures and materials, each necklace is not only a truly individual piece of jewelry, but a work of art.


Inspired by the beauty of geodes and minerals, Australian designer Eleanor Ford combines viscose cords, beads and chains alongside sparkling Swarovski crystals to create flowing strata and crystalline surfaces with a luxe textural, tactile quality.


Influenced by her earthy Northern California roots and bustling Brooklyn neighborhood, Emily Hirsch of Talon creates style-driven pieces that are edgy yet nostalgic. Her collection of engraved rings and bracelets is inspired by the mysticism and simple elegance of the medieval period.


Drawn to the variety of textures of beads from around the world, sisters Lisa Sisco and Carolyn Berluti began stringing bracelets as personalized gifts for family and friends. Soon after, as word of mouth took over and boutiques clamored, they launched their stacked-to-perfection line of beaded bracelets.


Belgian designer Catherine De Groote launched Caths in 2006, combining precise design with organic elements like horn, bone and wood. Her pieces evoke sophisticated natural beauty with raw materials and energetic shapes.

Daydream Nation

Founded in 2006, fashion arts house Daydream Nation is fueled by collaborations with artists across disciplines. Their in-house designers, Kay and Jing Wong, draw from backgrounds in textiles and performing arts to create jewelry with a sense of tactile drama that deconstructs, layers and weaves together unexpected elements.

Ace Commune

Designer Fumika Richards of Ace Commune draws inspiration from the streets of New York City, the beaches of California and her Japanese roots to create her line of handcrafted jewelry. Guided by her eclectic sense of style, her pieces make subtle yet vibrant statements.

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