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  1. / May 11 2015
    I had been eyeing this crane for a while, and I am so glad I finally took the plunge. It is a beautiful addition to my table whenever I have guests. The top plate will wobble a bit when the crane is jostled (a result of physics, not poor construction!) so I try to keep the more precious display items on the bottom. I highly recommend this serving dish - I have found myself planning parties around it!
  2. / Mar 17 2015
    Gorgeous centrepiece or functional plate
    I was a little hesitant about purchasing this & getting shipped to AUS, but it came in perfect condition - well packed, no chips or breakages at all!! Beautiful for use as a platter, or simply as a table centrepiece...only drawback is that it's a bit wobbly, but understandably, as the tiers aren't directly above each other, and the crane's foot is only glued to the base. The plate is smaller than it looks in the photos. All in all, highly recommended! :)
  3. / Apr 17 2015
    Truly Outstanding!
    I put this crane on my wedding registry and it is by far my favorite gift. I just can't give it enough praise. It's such a work of art. The detail on the feathers and feet are exceptional. It's now prominently displayed in my kitchen and I enjoy looking at it every day. Though I may be slightly biased (my new last name is Crane), I think the quality of this piece is worth the price and highly recommend it.
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  1. / Jun 18 2014
    Cute platter, nice size
    I ordered the smaller platter because I was trying to use up a gift card and the price fit better. I looked up the dimensions and was able to get a sense of how large the smaller platter would be, and it's still a great size. Definitely bigger than it seems when you look at the picture. I have a pretty small apartment so I figured it would be easier to store/handle. The design and colors look great - it's colorful and a little playful but still feels tasteful. I loved this design so much I bought the matching dinnerware. I'm hoping to get the larger platter at some point because I love the overall look of it as well. Definitely recommend!
  2. / May 30 2014
    Small platter
    I am crazy about fish and these colors really caught my eye. I ordered the small platter which was about a medium size. It was a pleasant surprise. I intend to buy the pitcher also.
  3. / May 06 2014
    Colors that PoP!
    Adding this fish plate to my collection was one of the smartest moves I've made. It brings life to my wall of fish with it's vibrant colors. Exceptional quality and design. I was only going to buy the platter however, seeing it in person has inspired me to purchase the entire set. 10 Stars and 2 Thumbs up!
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  1. / May 12 2015
    so cute and great quality
    I have all of these bowls and they're so great. Such a unique design and they're larger than I thought they would be which was a pleasant surprise. And they're dishwasher safe!
  2. / Oct 10 2010
    Beautiful serving bowl!
    I own two other Anthropologie serving bowls, and just love them! So, needless to say the red serving bowl was a great addition to what I already have. The red in this design is very pretty and cheery looking. And, the size of these bowls are perfect for either whipping up french toast, or serving one of your favorite side dishes. If you don't have one of these bowls, you need to get one, their life changing!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  3. / Mar 27 2011
    Beautiful, multipurpose bowl
    I purchased the green version of this a few years ago and have been so pleased with how it adds a nice colorful touch to serving stuff at dinner parties. It is also currently being used to hold our keys when we walk in the door so I decided to get this color as I love this design so much.
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  1. / Feb 09 2015
    Blue elephant t-pot
    I have this teapot in the blue and it is a beautiful colour,, I would describe it as a faded denim blue.i love it because it is cute without being twee. It is sturdy and I would say comfortably serves 4 or even 6 cups if you are using proper dainty tea cups and not the swimming pools Anthro sells.
  2. / Feb 24 2014
    Great Teapot!
    This teapot is absolutely lovely in person! It stopped me in my tracks when I was walking the store looking for something else entirely. The green is a beautiful color, just as pictured. The lid is slightly a different color than the pot, but if you can overlook that this is a great piece. It is a great size (large) and has substantial weight to it, so it is not overly fragile. I would definitely recommend for any tea lover or elephant lover! I bought it and am in love with it!
  3. / Mar 31 2014
    Beautiful Teapot!
    I love this teapot - I too saw it in the store and bought it immediately! The store I was in had 3 in stock. The one I bought was almost as emerald green as the one in the tea set picture. (I have yet to see one that dark) The others were more faded. Basically, make sure to examine all of the teapots the store has before buying.
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  1. / Mar 27 2012
    A beautiful and admired functional piece of art
    I had this shipped to Australia and thought because it was glass there was a chance it wouldn't arrive safely, yet it did arrive perfectly in tact. I have used this many times now to serve sangria, punch, water infused with fruits and each time it has been an admired functional piece of art. As delicate as it looks it has withstood many parties. It is massive though and you need to put alot of liquid in it to get it above the line without having to tilt it to get the liquid out.
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  1. / Nov 06 2014
    I have seen Ms Blum-Cuthbert glass work on this site as well People and Epicurious magazine but these cake dishes are definitely going to be a new addition to my collection.
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  1. / Jan 19 2015
    These look even better in person, especially the red/pink and blue/purple ones. They are made from quality pressed glass and the colors and patterns are beautiful. I bought the two bigger sizes even though we have a tiny kitchen and are out of storage space. They were too pretty to resist. The olive green base on the smallest one is less appealing, but I'll probably cave and get it, too, since it does look fabulous stacked on top of the other two.
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