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  1. / Aug 20 2012
    Great Rug!
    I had been looking for a rug with the perfect pattern, which took some time, but I finally did! If you're looking for an area rug that will be a focal point and/or will tie other colors of a room together, this is a great choice. I planned my entire living room around this rug in 8X10. Like the other reviews said, it is THIN, but in my opinion that's a plus. On hardwood floors, with a medium-thick rug pad, this blends perfectly without adding bulk and being tripped over. The rug pad is essential though, the rug will not really function without it. Also, keep in mind that the colors on the rug are a little brighter when you first get it, but of course they will mute over time if that is what you're looking for.
  2. / Mar 13 2014
    Lovely Rug
    This rug requires a rug pad. It isn't a shaggy rug and it is a thin rug. It's beautiful in our bedroom. We have Anthropolgie sheets & curtains & they all go well together. I like the lightness of the rug & the colors. It gives me more freedom to use different types of sheets without clashing with the rug.
  3. / Apr 11 2012
    Love this rug!
    I searched and searched for a rug for our living room and this one was perfect! I was a little nervous about not getting to see the rug in person before ordering it, but I was sold when I saw it had free shipping (not to mention I could return it to my local store if I wasn't entirely happy). The rug is very light weight...the package only weighed 4-5 lbs, but I like the fact that I can take it outside and shake out the dirt. It is thin so I bought it a nice under pad. I like the fact that the rug doesn't shed because the wool fibers are woven down into it. The rug itself is absolutely lovely and very good quality. I will come back to anthropologie for another rug in the future!
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  1. / Sep 25 2011
    Loooove this rug!
    This rug is even prettier in person than online! It is clearly very good quality (handmade in Kashmir) with beautiful stitching and a very soft feel. It is relatively thin, but that's the nature of the type of rug it is (crewelwork). A rug pad can easily be put beneath it to increase it's thickness, but by itself it feels substantial under my feet. I still think I am going to get a pad for it because it does slide around a bit on hard wood floor. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and I've received many compliments on it already. The only warning I would give is that the pattern of the actual rug I got (size 4 x 6) is bigger than I expected. Based on the picture I expected the pattern to be small, but I'm guessing the rug in the picture they show is just a larger rug zoomed out, so the pattern appears small. Once I got over the surprise, I decided I liked it even better the way it is, but just an FYI.
  2. / Jul 21 2013
    Fantastic versatile rug
    I bought this rug for my dorm room at college. Maybe it's because I got the smaller 5 by 3 rug, but I didn't find the rug blanket or duvet-like at all. It's very light and thinner than your average home rug, but that works perfectly for me since I'll be using it in a space where I'll be moving it around a lot. Surprisingly, the wild and crazy pattern/color goes very well with a lot of different patterns. My bed spread is a more muted paisley design and i was worried that the two designs wouldn't mesh. But they go great together and create a very creative, boho vibe. It is a softer material, but the threading is very tight and short, so you won't get those fuzzies that rub off of thicker and fluffier carpets/rugs. I would definitely recommend this rug for anyone looking to bring color and life into their space.
  3. / Apr 26 2011
    GREAT Hallway Runner
    I really thought in ordering this that it would be a little "wild" or "too much" for my quiet little house. Don't get me wrong, I love color, and have used quite a bit while decorating, but thought this may be too "out there" for my style, and therefore wouldn't blend well. Boy was I wrong! Not only did the rug fit my space perfectly, it gave a special POP of color to a bland area, and also inspired me with other ways to pull the colors in it out. It's heavy, well made and I'm so excited to have it.
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  1. / Oct 17 2014
    We purchased this rug for our daughter's nursery and I am simply in love with it! The colors are bright & warm but not overwhelming. Though the rug is thin I simply purchased a thicker rubber pad and it works perfectly holding the rug in place on our hardwood floor, while adding some padding to stand on. The pattern is such that it will definitely grow with our daughter and I anticipate keeping this rug in her room for awhile!
  2. / Apr 08 2013
    So cool
    This rug is beautiful -- I agree with another reviewer that the colors look better and more saturated in person, especially the light blue and green. The wool is pretty and high quality. I love the combination of the textured, folkloric look with the modern touch of the magenta and the chevron stripes. I am using it in my dining room and it is pretty bad-as* with my super rustic and chunky wood furniture.
  3. / Oct 08 2012
    Better than the pictures
    This rug is better in person that the images online convey. The colors are more saturated and more vibrant. The weave is more authentic. The pattern is more impressive. I am more than pleased with this purchase. Don't forget that you will need a rug pad underneath it.
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