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  1. / Apr 22 2013
    In love with this rug!!
    I purchased this rug based on all of the other reviews and I completely agree with all of them! This rug is GORGEOUS and the quality is excellent! It's very plush and the colors are rich. It really brightens up my kitchen! Highly recommend.
  2. / Sep 24 2012
    Very thick, cozy rug - chem smell gone in 2 days
    First of all - this rug is very pretty, and very thick and cozy and I did not pay full price ($170 for 4x6) so that is where I am coming from with my review of overal satisfaction. Down to the issues others had: 1) "Chemical smell." I bought this knowing that some people had a big issue with it, and some didn't, or didn't even mention it (so who knows!). It was a risk, and when I opened it up and rolled it out, I smelled it. But I waited 2 days and the smell was almost completely gone. Maybe another couple days before I couldn't smell it when I got down on the floor. 2) "Difficult to clean." You just have to clean it a different way. I bought the creme rug and have a black fluffy cat. It's awesome, I know. But every week I quickly vacuum it, and the run a tape roller over the "hard to clean" spots that are a different level of pile. It takes 2 tape squares (that's what I'm calling them) to pick up the extra stuff. So like .20 cents per week.
  3. / Oct 13 2011
    It doesn't smell! Promise!
    All these reviews left me quite anxious about buying this rug, but after going back and forth for months (and having saved enough finally - this is not a cheap rug), I realized I was willing to risk the odor to have the rug I really wanted. And I'm not sure if Anthro has just responded to all of these reviews and has improved their techniques of odor removal but this rug did NOT smell at all when we opened it. It had a bit of a "new product" smell, but nothing offensive in the slightest. We vacuumed it immediately after laying it down (necessary anyway because of fuzz), and it had zero smell afterwards. None. Moving onto the actual rug - it is perfect. It's thick and lush and feels great on the feet. The colored parts are raised which gives the rug a really interesting texture, and it looks great in the room. One note is that the rug has less color in person that it is in pictures. If you stalked it on blogs the way I did this won't be a huge surprise but you should know that in person the cream is the dominant color and the navy/red/green complements it, rather than the cream just being a background color below the pattern. I hope that description makes sense.
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  1. / Nov 21 2013
    lightweight and lovely
    Having read the reviews, I was expecting a shockingly lightweight, almost nonexistent, item. Previous reviewers have implied that this rug is but a scrap, a scarce tissue of tapestry that will crumple into a heap at the merest gust. To be sure, it's no thick-pile rug, but neither does it wrinkle "every time the cat runs over it," and my cat has run over it with gusto on multiple occasions. It's crewelwork, which you can tell from the item description; essentially a single layer of braided yarn, applied in swirls to form the pattern. It's beautiful and it lays flat, very flat, no padding. I think of it more as a tattoo for the floor than as a rug. The colors are exactly like the pictures. My boyfriend says "Are you reviewing the rug? Say that it sucks to vacuum. It adds, like, major time to my vacuuming time, and I'm not happy about it." And yet he lounges joyfully atop it, snuggling with the cat. I told him to just shake it out next time and then sweep the floor but he's skeptical. I have the 5" round. I balked a bit at the price, but now that it's here on my floor I consider it good value for its size and beauty.
  2. / Jan 15 2010
    Glory, Glory, Glory!
    This rug is phenomenal. I live in a rental with un-paintable white walls. This rug is exactly the splash of color I needed without being overpowering or tacky. It is truly art. What you cannot see from the picture is that the stitching is done in swirls, so the "plain" grey-blue background isn't plain at all. My one complaint is that the rug is light. Because it isn't heavy, it gets wrinkled on the floor and doesn't hold it's shape. Frankly, it's worth the daily adjustment. It's art!
  3. / Oct 12 2011
    All Around Lovely
    Colors are vivid and striking. It's made of a soft yarn-type material that feels great on bare feet! Woven like a fine sweater, the detail is amazing and what you'd expect from Anthro. If you're looking for a thick rug, then you'll have to buy a thicker rug pad (which is what I may do), but I don't think it's necessary given the sweater-y texture that makes up for its thin-ness. Gold star Anthro (for style and price).
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  1. / Sep 25 2011
    Loooove this rug!
    This rug is even prettier in person than online! It is clearly very good quality (handmade in Kashmir) with beautiful stitching and a very soft feel. It is relatively thin, but that's the nature of the type of rug it is (crewelwork). A rug pad can easily be put beneath it to increase it's thickness, but by itself it feels substantial under my feet. I still think I am going to get a pad for it because it does slide around a bit on hard wood floor. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and I've received many compliments on it already. The only warning I would give is that the pattern of the actual rug I got (size 4 x 6) is bigger than I expected. Based on the picture I expected the pattern to be small, but I'm guessing the rug in the picture they show is just a larger rug zoomed out, so the pattern appears small. Once I got over the surprise, I decided I liked it even better the way it is, but just an FYI.
  2. / Jul 21 2013
    Fantastic versatile rug
    I bought this rug for my dorm room at college. Maybe it's because I got the smaller 5 by 3 rug, but I didn't find the rug blanket or duvet-like at all. It's very light and thinner than your average home rug, but that works perfectly for me since I'll be using it in a space where I'll be moving it around a lot. Surprisingly, the wild and crazy pattern/color goes very well with a lot of different patterns. My bed spread is a more muted paisley design and i was worried that the two designs wouldn't mesh. But they go great together and create a very creative, boho vibe. It is a softer material, but the threading is very tight and short, so you won't get those fuzzies that rub off of thicker and fluffier carpets/rugs. I would definitely recommend this rug for anyone looking to bring color and life into their space.
  3. / Apr 26 2011
    GREAT Hallway Runner
    I really thought in ordering this that it would be a little "wild" or "too much" for my quiet little house. Don't get me wrong, I love color, and have used quite a bit while decorating, but thought this may be too "out there" for my style, and therefore wouldn't blend well. Boy was I wrong! Not only did the rug fit my space perfectly, it gave a special POP of color to a bland area, and also inspired me with other ways to pull the colors in it out. It's heavy, well made and I'm so excited to have it.
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  1. / Aug 22 2014
    In my all white and wooden home, this is the standout item. The rug is extremely well made, and the pattern is absolutely stunning. Price is very reasonable for what you are getting, and both my husband and I couldn't be more satisfied.
  2. / Aug 01 2012
    I ordered this rug for a lounge area; unfortunately, the 5' round was too small BUT to my pleasant surprise it worked perfectly for our entry. It is just as pictured, color and pattern-wise. The quality is great. Even my husband commented on how much he likes it and that doesn't happen often.
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  1. / Mar 24 2014
    Beautiful rug!
    I purchased the 5x7 rectangle version of this rug and absolutely love it. It's just as beautiful, bright, and fun as it looks in the pictures. I purchased the pad as well to go underneath it. After reading other reviews I expected it to be thinner than it was, but it is still relatively thick and perfect for an area that doesn't get high traffic. It is not a heavy duty carpet for sure. But it's a nice quality and just brightens up my living room. I'm thrilled with this rug.
  2. / Jan 08 2014
    Beautiful colors
    We had to wait about 4 months for this rug but it was worth the wait! The texture and quality is different from other area rugs we have owned, in that it is more like a tapestry and less like a carpet. You will definitely need the rug mat to go underneath, to keep it from slipping (we have hard wood floors). The rug is perfect for our DTLA loft and the colors are amazing. I wouldn't recommend the rug for areas where there are children or pets, as there is a fair amount of white.
  3. / Feb 22 2014
    I've had this rug for a few months and I'm still in love with it. I put it under my dining set and I didn't use a rug saver. It seems to be of high quality and it immediately adds tons of colors to any space. I could not recommend this rug enough.
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  1. / Dec 05 2013
    Love this rug!
    I splurged and bought this rug in 5x7. I love it and I get a lot of compliments on it! Its exactly as pictured. My only problem is that it sheds pretty bad! Im constantly sweeping up my hardwood floor! Over time, I hope, this will quit! Overall, its a very great buy and worth the money!
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  1. / Jul 20 2013
    Fantastic Rug
    This rug is wonderful. There is quite a bit of texture to it which adds a great bit of interest and allows it to really create a great focal point in the room. I ordered it in the tan color which is as pictured. Love this rug and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something different in a neutral color scheme.
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