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  1. / Nov 01 2012
    i love this product, but wish Anthro references where they got their round bulbs, shown in photo. I have looked on many websites to find similar look, but only vintage globes are available, or strange globe shape in clear. Does anyone know where to find these bulbs? thx
  2. / Feb 04 2011
    Unique and cool -- love it!
    I love this chandelier! It is really unique and I love the exposed bulbs. Although it definitely has a very industrial aesthetic, you can dress it up however you want to achieve the look you desire. That's what drew me to this fixture, I knew I would have lots of fun decorating it for different occasions, hanging things on it, weaving fabric around it, whatever strikes my fancy! My only caveat is that six exposed bulbs are intense, so you'll definitely need either a dimmer or to go with a much lower wattage. Also, I hardwired it myself and was a little thrown that the wires are not well marked (they are both black but one had a sticker with a plus sign that fell off immediately). The face plate also has a nut that is obviously intended for a grounding wire but there isn't one in the fixture. Ultimately, though, I had no problem wiring it and this is probably my favorite purchase ever from Anthro!
  3. / Sep 27 2010
    simple, industrial, chic, and a lot cheaper than anything you could get from restoration hardware. We love it over our dining room table. Just a side note... if you are planning to use Edison bulbs factor in about $60 additional bucks. I did not realize that those bad boys are about $10 each... worth it to complete the look though. Super pleased with the light :)
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  1. / Jan 18 2015
    this chandelier changed the look of my bedroom
    this chandelier is gorgeous. I have it on a dimmer switch and it looks so amazing, changing the entire look and feel of not only the room it's in, but my whole apartment. It is sophisticated and playful at the same time…an amazing piece of art. I have always been told that lighting is everything and now i believe it!!! It does have a lot of pieces but is not difficult to put together. I LOVE this chandelier!!!
  2. / May 04 2014
    Great looking piece; needs adjustments
    This chandelier is truly stunning. However, be prepared to assemble roughly 250 pieces when it arrives. This was surprising to me giving the higher price tag. Also, the base/ceiling mount is not visible in the product pictures. It is very thick and houses a large transformer. Ideally, for aesthetics, it would be great if the mount were half its size. The wire which the chandelier hangs from is easy to adjust so that the chandelier hangs at your desired length, however, the electrical cord that powers the chandelier is not. I will have to figure out some DIY solution to shorten or disguise the extra cord length--again, not ideal given the higher price. Also, the light it gives off is very bright! (Like the sun, you shouldn't stare directly at it!) I have a dimmer, but the transformer buzzes on it as soon as the voltage is dropped from 120, so I will have to experiment with smaller watt bulbs. Overall, I'm satisfied with the look of the piece, just be prepared to put some extra time into making it work for your home.
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  1. / Mar 30 2012
    Great light BUT only 10" diameter!
    Love this light! The glass is beautiful, color is true to what is shown on the website, and the overall design is just lovely. I purchased this to go in a kitchen nook. Unfortunately, the description on line says the pendant is a 20" diameter which is not correct. Its a 10" diameter. I like it so much though, I'm considering getting another and hanging two side by side!
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  1. / May 23 2013
    Cool and effortless pendant
    I'd been looking for a chandelier for my dining room for a long time, but couldn't find anything that I really wanted; and then I saw this. I needed something wide because my dining table is large, but the ceiling is sort of low, so the shallowness of this 'flatbrim' shape worked perfectly. I loved the irregularity of the shape online and in person as well. When I first saw it, it reminded me of Lydia's hat in "Beetlejuice" and it had this austere feel to it, but it's dramatic at the same time. So the quality is nice; the mesh looks blackened and then parts of a more pewter tone shine through. When it's lit, the whole thing sort or illuminates from across the room. I've tried it with an Edison bulb which looks nice, and a soft white incandescent which was also nice. Because the room is quite dark, I may try a chrome-bottom bulb to bring the light up. My husband removed some chain links to shorten the chain and installed the lamp easily. Overall, a great great purchase. Also, if you were up for a project and wanted the mesh to look for dense, you could weave in between then mesh, fabric or string or leather or something.
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  1. / Aug 13 2014
    Pendant Lamp
    I was going to send this pendant lamp back. The colour online is not really the same as in real life. In the picture the lamp looks a brown/cast iron shade however it is more of an silvery aluminium colour. I was quite disappointed however it has grown on me and I didn't want to pay for the return shipping. The cord is a light coppery brown colour, the lamp itself is sturdily constructed and a bit on the heavy side but nothing a normal mounting bracket/outlet box cannot handle. I had an electrician install it, he adjusted the cord length and chain links quite easily. Overall pretty happy with the purchase now.
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