Oyster Shells Dishtowel
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Summer Sweet Dishtowel
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Tidewater Dishtowel
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Mapped-Out Dishtowel
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Lace-Trimmed Hand Towel
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Arbor Knoll Dishtowel
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Pencey Linen Dishtowel
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Merfolk Dishtowel
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Bulldog Dishtowel
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Average rating for Dishtowels
(4.7 / 5)
60 Reviews
  1. / Aug 27 2012
    Love these for making pillows!
    Even though I've been married for almost 11 years, I bought them for myself! Who says you have to be a newlywed to enjoy these right? They were too cute to pass up! Even my hubby liked them! But because they are more on the delicate side, I thought they'd look so adorable as accent pillows! So I'm planning on sewing them up and adding a zipper to make them last that much longer! Several of anthros tea towels would make great pillows and these are definitely some of them. There is an excellent online tutorial for those of you who need a little guidance on how to do that if you wish to do the same! http://thepleatedpoppy.com/2011/03/how-to-make-a-pillow-from-a-tea-towel/
  2. / Jan 07 2015
    oh those are beautiful, and so big. people say they bought it for a gift, but I bought these for myself and I love them! They are big and good quality, nicely done.
  3. / May 18 2012
    I got this for my daughter's wedding. She happens to love birds and had bluebirds on her wedding cake. I accidentally purchased two online which is easy to do since the checkout does not prompt you if you do that. This turned out to be fortunate because when took both of them out of the package, some of the stitching on the words was hard to read while others were okay. They look to be machine made but still comparing the two side by side had a lot of differences in the stitiches on the design. That is why i gave the quality, an average, but the design is really sweet! Also, the material they are stitched on seems quite heavy and rough, I hope when she washes it, it will become softer.
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  1. / Mar 12 2013
    Cute Cute Cute
    What a cute towel I purchased for my sister as a wedding gift. I am having their name embroidered on the back of the car and the date of the wedding on the licence plate. I will post pictures when I get the towel back!
  2. / Sep 28 2013
    Can't really read 'Just Married'
    Beautiful quality and a quirky gift (I bought it for a workmate getting married), but the frustrating thing is on my towel I can't really read the 'Just Married' text, the stitching seems a little too far apart or something!
  3. / Sep 22 2012
    Well made keepsake
    Looks handmade, much prettier than in picture! I used it for gift wrap for a wedding shower gift with coordinating wide satin ribbon....was very sweet and unique. I just ordered 2 more for upcoming weddings......
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  1. / Oct 12 2014
    Love these!!!
    I know it sounds crazy, but I have a love affair with these dishtowels. I've had mine about 2 years, and am going back now for more. Not because they are worn - in fact, they are such good quality, all the use and washing in the world has still left them looking close to new. Rather, I just love them that much that I'm willing to plop down another decent chunk of money on just dishtowels. They are bright, pretty, soft, big, and do the job, and do it well. I'm not really sure about the review that says they don't dry well. I've never had that problem; in fact, I think they dry very well until, of course, they collect too much water. Yes, like any towel, there is a saturation point. I'm confident you'll have no regrets. What else can I say? I'm madly in love.
  2. / Mar 17 2014
    I absolutely love these dishtowels. They are brightly colored, add texture and life to your kitchen and are thick, generously sized, and well made. I highly recommend.
  3. / Mar 01 2014
    Add great color to kitchen
    Love these dishtowels. They add bright pops of color to my kitchen, which is mostly filled with cool blues/grays.
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  1. / Feb 11 2014
    hoof it in to your nearest anthro!
    so, so cute. wicked soft. great colours. brightens up any kitchen! awesome gift for a new homeowner or bridal shower gift!
  2. / Feb 21 2013
    Beautiful towel
    I love this dish towel! It's simple, water-color style, and appears to be durable cotton. It's educational as well and a good conversation starter for people who don't know much about horses. The illustrations are beautiful and elegant, simple and lovely. If you're not sure whether or not to get it, stop waiting and just go for it!
  3. / Sep 02 2013
    Cute, fun
    An excellent gift for any horse lover.
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  1. / Aug 14 2013
    So cute!
    My boyfriend's mom gets me pretty much anything with a French Bulldog on it because 1. I have one and 2. I am obsessed with him and 3. They love him too. This item is super cute and soft. I love the mustache embroidery. Hanging in my kitchen right now!
  2. / Jul 27 2013
    better in person
    This was a last minute add to avoid shipping costs and while I thought it was sweet, I'm actually thrilled with it. The embroidered dog is fantastic and makes me smile when I walk into the kitchen.
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  1. / Dec 15 2014
    good preschool gift
    perfect for the play kitchen in my 5 year olds room!
  2. / Apr 21 2014
    Bright, Happy, Fun, Nice quality
    Better quality than most items that are almost strictly for fun, I would not use the birthday cake recipe, but it sure gets the message across. Good gift item.
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  1. / Nov 01 2012
    Great wedding gift item
    My sister is getting married soon and I picked this towel and another similar one to give her as a pre-wedding gift. Great quality and adorable. Almost too pretty to use but you sure can.
  2. / Dec 13 2012
    Wedding gift?
    Looking for a wedding gift? This dishtowel makes a great wedding gift! I paired it with a 'just married' tea towel and couple wine glasses. It made a great wedding gift!!
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