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  1. / Mar 26 2012
    SO CUTE!
    I am in LOVE with this precious tea cup! I was on a hunt for the perfect tea cup and here it is. I use it to drink pretty much everything! To give you an idea of exactly how big this cup is, you can poor an entire can of soda into it. Of course it's so attractive-- there were no chips in the paint or anything when it arrived, it was in perfect condition and it's plenty durable. The size is spectacular, I've even eaten soup out of it. When i drink tea or coffee from it i only need to fill it half way which i love because it leaves me plenty of room so that I don't spill. I recommend this to anyone! :)
  2. / Dec 10 2014
    IN LOVE WITH THIS MUG. It is simply adorable and chic. All Anthro mugs are so cute, but this one is my fav. Great gift for any tea/coffee lovers!!!!
  3. / Feb 09 2012
    Coffee Tastes Better...
    Somehow these mugs make my morning coffee an event. The size and shape are very similar to the Kebaya mug, and I just love the texture that the twisted handle and smooth bumps along the base add. They hold about 11 ounces of beverage. I have ordered theses mug as gifts because I am so impressed by the quality and beauty. My personal favorite is the green, but the yellow is a bright, cheery splash of color - perfect for a morning 'perk!'
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  1. / Jan 27 2014
    favorite apron
    I bought one of these for me and one in my daughter's size on a trip to Atlanta in 2012. We had just seen "The Sound of Music" sing-a-long at the Fox Theatre and then went to the Anthro store at one of the malls downtown. I thought it would be fun to have these aprons as souvenirs. We love them. They're charming!
  2. / Jan 28 2012
    This apron is seriously AMAZING! I adore the design, and it still looks like an apron. I bought it two days ago, and I'm so in love with it already. I hesitated to buy it at first because of the price, but I'm so glad I bought it, and it was the last one in the store! I read reviews that criticized the material of the apron, and I think it's just fine, it is an apron after all! It's a tad big at the top, but that is probably because I'm a small sized person, and that is easily looked over! All in all, I think you should definitely buy it if you're debating on it. I absolutely adore it :)
  3. / Sep 10 2010
    Favorite Apron!
    I searched and searched the internet for the perfect matching aprons for me and my daughter, and this is the one I decided to get. I am very happy with the purchase, the details are unique and beautiful! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars for design is that the chest of the apron seems very wide. I am average sized, and normally have problems with things being too small in the bust, but this apron is so wide at the top that it gaps open when I move. Aside from that minor detail I am very happy with the apron and am still think it is the best apron out there!
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  1. / Jan 02 2012
    warm, sweet and feminine (canadian made). love it!
    i have always worn burberry brit perfume but decided i wanted to try something similar, but new. i went to anthro looking to try the moulinette soeurs odette perfume, but decided it was too strong for my taste. this little bottle (the charmer) was hiding on the bottom shelf, and after one quick spritz i realized it was exactly what i wanted: light, warm and sweet like sugar. but i don't think it smells like candy or pie, it just smells warm and delicious (but not in a fresh baked kind of way). i definitely liked this one the best, my 56 year old mum liked it too ! at $28, you can't beat the small convenient size and cute bottle. plus it smells great and is made in toronto! great x3.
  2. / Sep 11 2014
    I really wanted to love this perfume and though it does smell quite nice, it's just not for me. I'll send it back and give one of the other scents a go.
  3. / Oct 18 2011
    I have all four scents, and love each one. I am so sad that you can no longer get Darling Blue, it was a perfect light and almost powdery scent that I will have a hard time replacing. I absolutely love Flaming June for the fall, The charmer in a perfect spring scent and Women in Yellow is slightly citrus-y and is great to wear during the day. I wish there were matching body lotions and bubble baths for these scents because I would buy the whole line. I have read in some of the other reviews about trouble leaking, but I've never had that problem. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back Darling Blue and do not discontinue this line!!!!!
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  1. / Aug 11 2014
    perfect size for my family of three
    I love this little butter dish. It's painted so well and is durable. My family is me, my husband & our 10-year old daughter so a half-stick of butter is a good size for us. I don't use this every day but I'm trying to make more of our dinnertimes special as our girl grows up. She likes the nights when I use "fancier" things for our meals and this butter dish is cute & practical.
  2. / Jul 29 2014
    Beautiful Dish
    The moment I saw this butter dish I knew I had to have it! It's so beautiful and perfectly fits a 1/2 cup block of butter. What a wonderful addition to my kitchen and I also went ahead an bought the spoon rest too!
  3. / Apr 18 2012
    Beautiful butter dish
    I asked for this dish for my birthday and I can honestly say that it was my favorite gift! It livens up the inside of my refrigerator, peek-a-booing through my clear butter compartment. The painting is beautifully done and even though it's not very large it does fit an imperial or blue bonnet butter stick perfectly. It also fits in the butter compartment which is great in my opinion.
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  1. / Dec 27 2012
    Can't beat the quality for the price!
    I sampled Rose, Peony, Carnation, and Thistle. All of them smelled just like the notes described, which was really great. I didn't expect to love them all, but I did. For the price, you can't get perfumes that smell better than this. The bottles are gorgeous. I did notice the tops had chipped, but it's probably because they are just display bottles. But they are still pretty and unique even when chipped to the point where it wouldn't bother me. I tried them on several hours ago, and they are still plenty strong on my skin. No complaints about longevity. I think English Rose is my favorite. It's a very sweet rose. I like the minty green of the thistle. I liked the pink scent of the peony, kind of reminded me of sweet pea by Bath and Body Works, but better quality. And the Carnation perfume smelled a bit like vanilla and orange, sweeter than expected, my least favorite, but still nice. I don't think you can go wrong buying any of these.
  2. / Dec 30 2014
    All scents smell amazing
    I love these perfumes so much that I bought at least three of the scents: Noble Carnation (travel size), English Rose, and Dogwood. The bottles are beautiful and decorative; even the travel size one! They're well packaged and come in beautiful wooden boxes, which I kept even though I have no idea what to do with them. I definitely recommend smelling the perfumes in stores rather than go by the online descriptions. The scents are unique and unlike most other perfume brands (except for the Hot House Peonie, which kind of smelt like generic perfume to me). Noble Carnation is definitely a sweet, almost candy-like scent (with a little tartness). Perfect for spring, summer, and the young of heart. English Rose goes the opposite direction and is a bit more adultish, which isn't necessarily a good thing. While I love the scent, it can be reminiscent of one's grandmother, if that makes any sense. However, I guess that's the price it pays since it actually smells like real roses (unlike many of the so-called rose scented perfumes). It's a pretty, soft, and floral scent. I think Anthropologie discontinued the Dogwood scent, which is a real shame because I really like it (it's actually my favorite of the three). It's not a girly scent, but I wouldn't call it masculine either. What I really like about it is that its underlying base is cocoa, which stays on you for hours! So after the initial scent evaporates, the chocolately base stays with you for a long time. Definitely more of a fall/winter scent.
  3. / Nov 12 2012
    I am a fan of Royal Apothic's perfumes- the packaging is beautiful and the scents are rich and unique, and let me be the first to say that they have really outdone themselves this time!! At first glance I didn't really know what to expect from a Carnation perfume since the flowers themselves don't really smell, but this scent is absolutely stunning. It is light and floral but strong enough to stand alone as a winter fragrance. I am always instantly attracted to Royal Apothic's beautiful packaging and I am so happy to add this to my vanity. I have found my new signature scent! Can't wait to try more!! Thank you Anthropologie and Royal Apothic!!!
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  1. / Aug 22 2014
    I purchased this book as a "welcome to the world" gift for my niece, and I could not be more pleased. This classic story has stuck with me throughout my life and I am sure it will continue to be a treasured tale for my niece as well. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you Anthro for always giving us quality product.
  2. / Apr 19 2013
    Love this edition!
    This is one of my favorite books and I absolutely love that it's been turned into a pop-up version using the original illustrations. The pop-up versions of the illustrations are brilliant and really enhance what was already a wonderful, beautifully illustrated story. The only thing that could make this better is if it had used the translation by Katherine Woods instead of Richard Howard, since the Woods translation is more charming. (Plus, the Woods translation is older, so it would fit better with Anthro's vintage theme.)
  3. / Feb 01 2012
    Amazing book for adults and children!
    The pictures in this book are adorable. The pop-up design and other funky structures of the book are so neat and wonderful. There are cards that you can open up and things pop-out. There are triggers you can pull to move objects on the page. There are triggers you can spin to create a wonderfully changing background. This book is so well thought out! I originally purchased it for my baby girl's room. Once she gets older, I know she will love it as much as I do!
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  1. / Apr 03 2014
    One of my Favorite Mugs
    I was gifted this mug over a year ago and it is one of my favorites. This mug is the perfect size, not too large. The handle is pretty small, however. I use this mug every week which means it goes through the dishwasher every week, as well. It has helped up very well for such frequent use. I'm considering purchasing another or a few more to make a set!
  2. / Dec 29 2012
    Swirled Mug
    I love it! Can't go wrong for the price and it feels like a mug anyone would love to have tea or even a hot chocolate in. The design is lovely and catches the eye. The handle might be a little small, but when you're sitting down on a cold night with this mug and a good book, it just goes with the whole feel of it. Perfecto!
  3. / Dec 16 2013
    Very pretty...
    The shape is neat and the design is so pretty....very unique and would make a good gift.
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