Jardin Des Plantes Vase
Jardin Des Plantes Vase
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  1. / Jun 08 2012
    I love the look of these bowls and the colors are just beautiful. I gave four stars since I'm not too sure about the quality. I purchased a set of the pastel set and the yellow arrived chipped. They are quite light for the size (which is also why I'm questioning the durability of these bowls). I do think the atom art bowls and inside out bowls are better quality wise (the latte bowls are bigger though). This bowl is good size for a lot of things. Cereal, soup, a serving of rice for the big boys, huge chunks of ice cream, chili, and many more. Most people will find this is perfect size for them. I do think these will not last many years so I probably will need to replenish my stocks every year or two. So if you are buying for top quality, look for something else. For casual use and if you don't mind spending money to replace your broken ones, then get these.
  2. / May 11 2014
    Lovely bowls, horrible shipping
    I purchased two sets of these bowls. One set was completely destroyed in transit. I feel that anthropologie needs to improve its shipping of glass items. This is not the first glass item I have ordered from here that has come completely destroyed. Despite that the bowls are amazing, colorful and useful.
  3. / Jul 19 2011
    Bright & Cheeful fun!
    I snatched these up when they went on sale - who can beat 6 colorful bowls for 15 dollars? I was so happy I did because now they went back to full price. The colors are vibrant and cheerful. They are large enough for a bowl of cereal, a salad, and soup - basically everything. Others are concerned about chipping, and I thought about it too, but really that would probably only happen if I dropped the bowl or banged it hard against the countertop. These bowls probably aren’t for small children. Overall I highly recommend these bowls for a fun pop of color in the kitchen!
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  1. / Jan 13 2015
    Scent as pretty as the package
    I must admit, I bought this perfume for the bottle! It's so pretty! I don't ordinarily even wear perfume! I found this scent however to be lovely - rosey without being too overly floral, alcoholic, musky or strong. Perfume tends to give me a headache, but this I enjoy wearing. What surprises me the most is how long-lasting the fragrance is! In the past perfume never seemed to last more than a few hours, but this holds it's scent all day!
  2. / May 01 2012
    A lovely scent
    I became smitten with Happ & Stahns 1842 Rosa Alba sometime last year when I smelled it in the store. Obviously, I was drawn in by the beautiful packaging but the scent did not disappoint either. It's a lovely feminine scent. Lucky me, my fiancé gifted me this perfume for my birthday last summer. I received the fragrance in the tear catcher since the larger bottle was sold out in all of Anthropologies in our area. It was fine by me because the tear catcher is such an unusual vessel- I just adore it. Unfortunately a few month ago the spray nozzle got caught in the cap of the bottle and I was unable to spray my beloved perfume. Fortunately, Anthropologie swapped it out for me with no questions asked. We wondered if perhaps this was a not so unusual occurrence with this particular bottle? Anyways, the scent is wonderful- it's very nice the warmer months and I feel so romantic when I wear it. I only wish that it would last a bit longer. It seems to fade rather quickly (which is why I've given the quality score 3 stars. I'd say that the actual scent is 5 stars.)
  3. / Aug 11 2012
    Complex and sophisticated
    This is not your typical department store, designer made perfume. Although, billed as a "rose" scent, this perfume is a complex layering of fragrances that wind together to create something totally unexpected. The rose in this fragrance is not the in-your-face rose of say Jo Malone's Tuber Rose or even her Red Rose. It is balanced with notes of grapefruit and tea and pepper. The most surprising aspect for me is that the base notes are warm and slightly spicy ( amber and cashmere wood). I find this subtle, intimate fragrance to be powerfully feminine and on my skin it has good staying power. Hints of it cling to me all day. Anthro says that this was inspired "by The Grand Tour - a trip across Europe enjoyed by young ladies in the 19th century." Uh.... that is true if the young ladies were George Elliot, Mary Shelly, or Christina Rossetti.
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  1. / Jan 08 2015
    My new favorite
    I've tried kate spade twirl, i've tried any sweet floral fragrance i could find, this by far is my new favorite. I dont even care about design of a bottle 99% of the time i just mind the smell. This perfume is so beautiful. It makes me feel fresh and pretty, it lasts ALL DAY, not to mention the bottle is so so pretty! A+ anthropologie/ Happ and Stahns
  2. / Jun 03 2012
    Amazing!!! So Girly!
    I absolutely love this product!!! It smells amazing, not too heavy where you could choke someone beside you, but not so light that the smell dissapates in ten minutes either! I spray 3 times, and it lasts all day long, even when working outdoors for the day. I will be buying this again as soon as I start getting low. The only downside I had was the adorable cap. I couldn't stick it on without it pulling the sprayer cap off itself and then it would get jammed inside of it. It was an easy fix though, I just stuck paper towel pieces in it, so it still closed but didn't get stuck. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! Such a pretty springy/summery girly scent!
  3. / May 05 2011
    Can't wear perfume? Try this!
    The scent is light, and smells floral and spicy at the same time. One spritz is adequate for the whole day. Gorgeous packaging (though I wish the bottle would stand up straight; I'm afraid it's going to roll off my shelves)! I also loved reading the history behind the perfume. I get intense headaches from most perfumes, so I'm dead serious when choosing a scent. I tried it on in the store several times before finally purchasing a bottle. I felt positively gleeful clutching my new perfume on the way out of the store! I second V's response: please don't ever discontinue this item!!!! Fantastic buy.
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  1. / Mar 16 2011
    Tea for Me
    I have recently started a blue and white teacup and saucer collection. Recently as in this is my second set and I couldn't be more in love. It looks great.. This is stoneware which makes it a bit heavy though, I find that when the cup is full I need to hold it with both hands or it just might tip over! Other commenters said that this is no dainty teacup; agreed, no worries about breakage here. I might even let my bf use it! The weight won't be an issue (if it can be considered an issue, just takes some getting used to) for his big strong hands. The rim is not very spill proof either, curves outward so if you fill it too much it will spilleth over..
  2. / Apr 20 2010
    Great multi use addition to match set
    I got these even though my family are not tea or coffee drinkers. That being said, I found the bowl with this set oddly a tad blah. So, with these being a pretty substantial size for teacup, I will use for soups and or sauces, etc. with dinnerware. The design is stunning, quality great. The whole line is sturdy and unique, and the handle of this is really clever and unusual. I have it displayed with my old dragon china and it holds its own along side of it. For price point, great set. Cute even if you just got it for drinks. I suggest trying a couple of different plates for fun, design contiues over to back which adds interest. So cute!
  3. / Aug 16 2012
    Mixed feelings
    I was so thrilled when I got this cup and saucer that I immediately ordered 12 salad plates and dinner plates. It was only when showing it to my mother that I noticed the chip on the rim of the cup. By now I had thrown out the packaging. I am in Sydney, so the thought of packaging it back up and returning it to the U.S. is a bit of a bore. My mother said they must have known as they always run their fingers around the rim to check for chips etc before they send them out but perhaps not? Anyway I am rather cross and wonder how much of the next shipment will be chipped? I did note the review of a previous buyer that some of his had chipped over a year but I hadn't expected it to arrive in that state already. I am not going to send it back as it is too much effort but I am not happy!
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  1. / Jan 02 2012
    warm, sweet and feminine (canadian made). love it!
    i have always worn burberry brit perfume but decided i wanted to try something similar, but new. i went to anthro looking to try the moulinette soeurs odette perfume, but decided it was too strong for my taste. this little bottle (the charmer) was hiding on the bottom shelf, and after one quick spritz i realized it was exactly what i wanted: light, warm and sweet like sugar. but i don't think it smells like candy or pie, it just smells warm and delicious (but not in a fresh baked kind of way). i definitely liked this one the best, my 56 year old mum liked it too ! at $28, you can't beat the small convenient size and cute bottle. plus it smells great and is made in toronto! great x3.
  2. / Sep 11 2014
    I really wanted to love this perfume and though it does smell quite nice, it's just not for me. I'll send it back and give one of the other scents a go.
  3. / Oct 18 2011
    I have all four scents, and love each one. I am so sad that you can no longer get Darling Blue, it was a perfect light and almost powdery scent that I will have a hard time replacing. I absolutely love Flaming June for the fall, The charmer in a perfect spring scent and Women in Yellow is slightly citrus-y and is great to wear during the day. I wish there were matching body lotions and bubble baths for these scents because I would buy the whole line. I have read in some of the other reviews about trouble leaking, but I've never had that problem. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back Darling Blue and do not discontinue this line!!!!!
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  1. / Mar 13 2013
    Easy remedy for making the lid air tight
    I too had a broken bin when it arrived. Customer service was wonderful and I explained the problem of the lid falling in and breaking the bin. I asked them to put shipping instructions to wrap the wooden lid so it could not fall into the bin during shipping. Then after receiving The replacement I resolved the loose wooden lid situation by spreading some clear silicone on the under lip of the lid. I also spread a bit of Vaseline on the top edge of the bin so the silicone wouldn't stick. I placed the lid with the still gooey silicone down firmly on the bin to make a "mold" of the top rim. Remove the wooden lid and allow to firm up and set (I left mine overnight.) Wipe off the Vaseline. Now you have a bin with a silicone seal that stays in place is not visible and provides an air tight seal. The bin Is absolutely beautiful. I smile every time I walk into the kitchen.
  2. / Feb 25 2013
    I absolutely love this jar (so much so that I bought two of the canisters as well). The detail is intricate and delicate all at the same time! It is stunning in my kitchen. True that it is not airtight, but I use it as a treat jar for my pup. I use the canisters for coffee pods. I have had this jar for over a year, and felt the need to comment because of all of the reviews relating to be it fragile. I have had the exact opposite experience. It is incredibly sturdy and has been banged around a lot.
  3. / Jun 02 2011
    A beautiful addition to any kitchen
    I received this bread bin as a gift from a close friend. It is large enough to hold a large round loaf of sourdough bread. The lid is too beautiful to use as a cutting board so I treated the wood with an oil to protect its surface. For a tighter fit I placed a long (14") piece of scrunched up plastic wrap between the lid and the rim of the jar to creat a barrier. If placed carefully, the plastic wrap can not be seen. This makes a fabulous vase for fresh flowers too. Far too pretty to just use as a storage vessel for bread.
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  1. / Dec 27 2012
    Can't beat the quality for the price!
    I sampled Rose, Peony, Carnation, and Thistle. All of them smelled just like the notes described, which was really great. I didn't expect to love them all, but I did. For the price, you can't get perfumes that smell better than this. The bottles are gorgeous. I did notice the tops had chipped, but it's probably because they are just display bottles. But they are still pretty and unique even when chipped to the point where it wouldn't bother me. I tried them on several hours ago, and they are still plenty strong on my skin. No complaints about longevity. I think English Rose is my favorite. It's a very sweet rose. I like the minty green of the thistle. I liked the pink scent of the peony, kind of reminded me of sweet pea by Bath and Body Works, but better quality. And the Carnation perfume smelled a bit like vanilla and orange, sweeter than expected, my least favorite, but still nice. I don't think you can go wrong buying any of these.
  2. / Dec 30 2014
    All scents smell amazing
    I love these perfumes so much that I bought at least three of the scents: Noble Carnation (travel size), English Rose, and Dogwood. The bottles are beautiful and decorative; even the travel size one! They're well packaged and come in beautiful wooden boxes, which I kept even though I have no idea what to do with them. I definitely recommend smelling the perfumes in stores rather than go by the online descriptions. The scents are unique and unlike most other perfume brands (except for the Hot House Peonie, which kind of smelt like generic perfume to me). Noble Carnation is definitely a sweet, almost candy-like scent (with a little tartness). Perfect for spring, summer, and the young of heart. English Rose goes the opposite direction and is a bit more adultish, which isn't necessarily a good thing. While I love the scent, it can be reminiscent of one's grandmother, if that makes any sense. However, I guess that's the price it pays since it actually smells like real roses (unlike many of the so-called rose scented perfumes). It's a pretty, soft, and floral scent. I think Anthropologie discontinued the Dogwood scent, which is a real shame because I really like it (it's actually my favorite of the three). It's not a girly scent, but I wouldn't call it masculine either. What I really like about it is that its underlying base is cocoa, which stays on you for hours! So after the initial scent evaporates, the chocolately base stays with you for a long time. Definitely more of a fall/winter scent.
  3. / Nov 12 2012
    I am a fan of Royal Apothic's perfumes- the packaging is beautiful and the scents are rich and unique, and let me be the first to say that they have really outdone themselves this time!! At first glance I didn't really know what to expect from a Carnation perfume since the flowers themselves don't really smell, but this scent is absolutely stunning. It is light and floral but strong enough to stand alone as a winter fragrance. I am always instantly attracted to Royal Apothic's beautiful packaging and I am so happy to add this to my vanity. I have found my new signature scent! Can't wait to try more!! Thank you Anthropologie and Royal Apothic!!!
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