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  1. / Oct 24 2014
    Quirky, Precious, & Thoroughly Delightful
    I bought this as a gift for a dear friend of mine, and we both share a genuine enthusiasm for all things British-related, vintage, and sophisticated. We have an insatiable desire to host vintage-styled parties, particularly tea parties, so when I saw this book I knew it was essential that one of us own it. It was the perfect birthday gift - and going through the book page by page was just as exhilarating and enjoyable as making its recipes and participating in it's little how-to's. Like how to tie a head scarf? Yes, please. I'm just a college student with little money to my name, but this little splurge was well worth it. Money may not buy happiness, but this purchase certainly brought the potential for an entirely new spectrum of delightful mornings, afternoons, and evenings with friends and family.
  2. / Jan 23 2013
    Adorably Awesome!
    Love, love love this book! I picked up a while back after seeing it in a local Anthro store a few times. I was drawn to it and then it disappeared. Found it at another Anthro and bought it right then. Beatiful book full of great recipes and TONS of information on tea parties and as well as great prep info. It's a book to covet and pass on to future generations!
  3. / Oct 06 2013
    Great gift for you or a friend!
    I love tea, and I use this book often, and keep it on display as its cover art is so unique. Contains actual - and delicious - recipes. A great gift for your yourself, a friend, or for tea-themed bridal shower party favors.
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  1. / Oct 01 2013
    cute, heavy, hollow
    I fell in love with this little guy and his toothy grin and so splurged on him as a birthday-gift-to-self. He's as-pictured but what you can't see is that he's hollowed out: his head and tail are upside-down U shapes which felt a little disappointing; for the price I expected a more satisfyingly solid piece. It's still plenty heavy, so you can tell why they chose to hollow him and he still is heavy enough to keep your books in place (a big concern for me). You can see the seam where the two sides of the pieces meet and there's a hole in the top of his head from the casting process (I'm pretending that's his blowhole). The painting on the teeth is a little sloppy--again, disappointing for the price--and he has some extra white paint around his mouth, but at least the eyes are carefully done. Final thought: you can barely see this in the photo, but there's a bright blue paint layer to this little guy that's especially strong on top. He looks like a dark navy and he mostly is, but the strong cerulean blue top coat is definitely there in big strokes (in the photo you can kinda see it on the curve of his head).
  2. / Apr 07 2014
    Cute but has iperfections
    I wouldn't have paid this much for bookends for the mantel if I didn't have a gift card to use. The whale is really cute, just like pictured, but does have paint drips on the head. Wish it didn't, but will keep it anyway. It's a fun addition to the room, and you can't see drips from afar.
  3. / May 02 2013
    Not a beluga
    This is not a beluga. Beluga whales are white. It is cute though.
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  1. / Mar 12 2013
    I am learning french at the moment and this is the perfect book for me to learn simply vocabulary with. It looks so cute and vintage! I love it! It is just what I expected.
  2. / Nov 05 2011
    Great book
    This book was shipped super fast and protected in plastic. I can't wait to give it to my best friend to read to her son! The front is super glossy so it's different than the old Dr. Seuss books from my childhood but it looks great! So glad to have this classic in French!
  3. / Dec 14 2011
    Great way to learn French!
    What a wonderful way to learn French, whether you're a child or even an adult! I took French years ago in high school and college, but have sadly forgotten much of it over the years. I plan on using this book to relearn it all over again! :-)
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  1. / Dec 06 2012
    j'adore paris
    this book is absolutely amazing. i just spent two and a half weeks in paris {sigh…i miss it so much} and actually brought the book with me. it organizes the city by arrondisement, so basically every day i just picked a different neighborhood to explore with the book. i had been to paris before, but i found SO many hidden passageways, GORGEOUS covered galleries, tiny courtyards, and absolutely amazing shops that i had never seen before {many of which you would simply pass by without a second glance if you weren’t looking for them}. plus the styling and photography are lovely. i have read countless guidebooks about paris, and janelle looks at it through a completely different (and completely beautiful) lens. highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended!
  2. / Dec 28 2013
    My biggest dream is to live in Paris one day (cross our fingers) and this book is fantastic!
  3. / Apr 30 2013
    Just beautiful
    This book was a present from my daughter, who dreams one day to go to Paris with me..I've been there twice, and fell in love with the city. So, as somebody who's in love both with art and design, and everything French, I can tell that this book is wonderful. It's a pleasure to turn the pages, beautiful in every aspect..so many places of interest mentioned, so many helpful hints. It makes your heart sing, it makes your head dream and plan. I do hope to go to Paris again, but this time I will keep this book in my purse:)
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  1. / Aug 23 2013
    Quirky, Intriguing and Charming
    This is a great little book. I chuckled most of the way through the read. The author has a very easy style and is relatable. I loved the details of Coco's personality and events of her life the author brings to the surface. She was a really interesting person and you get a sense of her as real: her insecurities and successes. Loved it. Read half the book in 2 days.... This book is for anyone who wishes to know the person, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, not simply the fashion icon.
  2. / Nov 11 2011
    This has to be one of the best books I've ever read dealing with not only fashion but also Coco. It was fun and I never became bored with it. Upon starting it I soon realized that I would have to watch myself or I would end up reading the whole book within an hour or two! I made sure to pace myself only reading a chapter a night. I will being reading this book for sure more than just once and it is one of th ONLY books I will not be loaning out to any of my Friends
  3. / Jan 18 2010
    I gave this to my mom for a gift.....the illustrations are beautiful and she said the book was a very fun read. She is still reading it. It also looks nice on her coffee table because the cover is so attractive. It was a great buy for her.
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  1. / Jan 26 2013
    cute book
    This adorable book explains concepts like honesty and respect in a way that little kids can understand. My kids love the simple illustrations and there is even a section in the back where kids can record their own observations.
  2. / Jul 22 2009
    A great keepsake book. I bought this for my children when they were toddlers. Love the cute stick figure drawings. The content is simple and easily understood by children.
  3. / Sep 07 2012
    great fun book for toddlers to learn how to behave - great illustrations
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  1. / Apr 20 2014
    Great unique gift idea!
    I purchased this book for a close friend and her daughter for Christmas. They already have conversations similar to the ones the questions in this book pose, but they never write them down. The things kids say! I am so happy that she will have a record of some of the things her 8 year old daughter will say over the next 3 years. I can imagine this book would be a great hit from ages 3-12 or maybe even 13 but after that when they hit their rebellious and not cool to talk to mom or dad years, it might not work so well so I think timing is key with this book, but that is just a personal thought and obviously every child/parent relationship is different. Overall, love the design, the price was very reasonable and when you think you are really creating an heirloom and capturing memories for a child, it is perfect.
  2. / Jan 26 2013
    great for stimulating conversations!
    This little book is great! I love that you can log 3 years' worth of responses for each question to see the growth in your childrens' answers as they grow. The first page is "write your name" so you can see how their motor skills develop as well. My children love answering their question of the day, and it gives me more insight into what they're thinking and going through and has spurred some interesting discussions. It's a great way to connect with your child!
  3. / Dec 13 2012
    This is such a gem. I have two kids and my husband and I are always trying to find ways to document all the memorable things they say through the years. This book is totally adorable. I'm giving it to my 5 year old for Christmas and can't wait to go through it with her. This would make an incredible gift for ANY parent!
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