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  1. / May 20 2011
    My cabinet just came today, and I know it's bare, but I am excited to share pictures and my review. I purchased this cabinet to place in my dining room. I am an artist and often work at my dinning table to be near the kitchen. However, I {never} move my work supplies back to the spare room (which is too dark to work in). Basically until this cabinet came all of my art supplies were all over the table, all of the time. Anyway, the point is that the cabinet is amazing. It is unique, well built and the storage is AMAZING! I can store my art supplies, prints, cello bags, packaging etc... This cabinet would also work really, really well to store table linens and large serving pieces. The shelves are adjustable. In addition to that there is a power cord cut out in the side of the cabinet with the shelves. So you could put a TV on top of the cabinet and store electronics inside. Very versatile piece of furniture because it can be used to store a variety of items in a variety of rooms. And it smells woody. Mmm.
  2. / Jun 12 2015
    Good size for apartments
    I really like the look, sort of reclaimed wood. It is very sturdy and has convenient storage. The size is perfect for my tiny apartment.
  3. / Apr 18 2015
    A perfect fit!
    Our console arrived this morning and we already love it! Media/electronic units fit nicely with convenient holes for cords, and all concealed away and clutter-free. Nice spacing in open shelving to house books and objects. Height is perfectly proportionate and ideal for living room setting. Ample drawer space holds remote controls and even extra miscellaneous items.
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  1. / May 23 2015
    Love this bed frame
    I ordered this bed for my daughter's room since it has cat like features and she loves cats. It's a bed that she won't outgrow. It is beautifully made and the quality is excellent. I wasn't home for the bed set up but the delivery service did everything.
  2. / Nov 04 2012
    Queen please!!!!!!!!
    I have seen this bed in the store. It's beautiful....well made, sturdy, even more beautiful in person. I have the Forest Canopy Bed and it is also amazing. This bed is equally as beautiful in a different way. I NEED this bed for my guest room but have to have a queen. Please, please, please get the queen back! This bed would also be perfect for a little girls room. Very Alice in Wonderlandesque. Bet you'd sell lots of twins too! If you have the need for a king, go for it before it's gone! You won't be sorry.
  3. / Apr 19 2014
    whimsical, magical, ethereal
    This bed frame is as stunning in person as online. It's somewhat industrial, yet elegant and slightly magical--not overstated by any means. Despite its obvious whimsy, I could see myself pulling it off well into my later years if accessorized by other age appropriate bedroom furnitures, etc. Four things I noticed upon its arrival that differed from my impression of the images online: (1) my specific frame was a much darker black than in the picture (which seems to show a more muted gunmetal gray); (2) it is actually quite tall, much more so than I expected; (3) it is *extremely* heavy and will undoubtedly prove a substantial burden to move in the future (I will have to hire at least two if not three people to move the pieces down my treacherous staircase even when disassembled); (4) bedskirts are a pain to fit. I simply did not account for this last issue, even though the picture clearly shows the structure rendering bedskirt-fitting difficult. The 'box mattress' will inevitably fall just underneath the iron structure that diagonally connects the bottom frame and the posts. This means that bed skirts will bunch at the corners and resists smoothing--especially if the skirt was designed to enclose rather than split along the posts/legs. This is not a deal breaker by any means. It simply means I have to forego a bedskirt (my duvet is difficult to match with those style bedskirts which can accommodate this frame) and therefore resist storing anything below the bed. All that said, I would not take back the purchase for anything. It is my favorite piece of furniture hands down!
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  1. / Jan 22 2015
    WOW! Heirloom qualtiy; classic yet unique
    Bought this along with the bed and could not be happier. Makes quite a visual statement but would go with any decor and other prints/art in the room. EXTREMELY well made frame and finish inside and out. Metal wrap is perfect.. Top 3 individual drawers and single bottom drawer. Considering the mirror as well but want to be sure not too much of a very good thing. Think that long mirror would be different enough from other 2 pieces or smaller mirror making a one-piece look placed over the dresser. HIGHLY recommend. As a single stand-alone piece in a bedroom entrance hall, living room or dining room,would also be stunning and not out-of-place. Does not read "bedroom." Beautiful finish toned down with rubbed-in brown patina that is then rubbed off to allow just enough metal gleam. Not too shiny or bright.
  2. / May 29 2015
    well made and very pretty
    I've had this dresser in silver for about 6 months and love it. It is very well made (and heavy--about 150 pounds) but because it reflects light nicely it does not look heavy. The embossed pattern is pleasing and interesting to look at to make the piece unique. It is fairly large--a bit taller than I expected, but it fits well in my space. The drawers slide well for a handmade piece and for being large. I have the sense that this piece will last a long time and age well. I'm enjoying it.
  3. / Jun 05 2014
    I ordered the gold version, and it is simply stunning. It really is a quality piece that is worth the money, especially considering this is not a piece you can just pick up at the local box store. The drawers pull out smoothly, and the three small drawers and one large provide ample space for all of mine and my husband's items. I do want to comment on the delivery service included in the upcharge. They never made an appointment with me and just showed up one morning as I was leaving for work. They did not unpack it or place it upstairs where it needed to go, which is what I paid for. Anthropologie's customer service was great and discounted my shipping costs due to the lack of follow through on the other company's end, so I was very satisfied with Anthro, once again.
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  1. / Jul 12 2013
    Beautifully Detailed Dresser
    I bought this to go in my bedroom. It is even more gorgeous than pictured. The base wood is a little darker than pictured, but not so much that you should reconsider. This piece is very heavy, much heavier than you would think for a dresser this size. It is solidly built and I think it will last decades or more. A great family heirloom. The inlay design is absolutely gorgeous - reminiscent of Syrian and Indian designs seen so often in magazines. The detail and craftsmanship are exquisite. It is an expensive piece, to say the least, but you absolutely get what you pay for. The measurements are accurate. One thing I did not like: the interior of the drawers is painted brown. While the paint matches the wood, I don't understand why they covered such pretty wood. I plan to line the drawers with wallpaper or art paper to cover. Once the drawers are removed, the dresser is much lighter, but definitely takes two strong people to move. Best to know where you want it placed when it is delivered. Highly recommend. Looks great with white walls and bedding.
  2. / Jun 17 2015
    Unique & Exquisite Design, Solid Construction!
    I have looked for 10 years for a fine dresser, favoring high quality, unique, international materials and designs. Despite considering many beautiful options, e.g., studying multicolored Brazilian perarosa hardwood options in New Mexico and LA, I was not previously inspired to buy. However, the minute I saw this Ivory Inlay Dresser at Anthropologie online (my brown and white option is stupendous!), I knew I had found THE dresser. Even the timing was right, as I purchased it using my once annual birthday discount. It was delivered today: I am a perfectionist and checked every inlay design, surface, and drawer function carefully before the movers installed it in my bedroom, It is GORGEOUS! The design and artiisanal craftsmanship are top quality, and I have seen such designs (albeit with semiprecious stones instead of bone inlay) at the Taj Mahal in India, in Morocco, in my travel to 70 countries. The construction is also superb, and very solid as others have commented. All the drawers have a lock and unlock feature at the rear that is very useful. This is a STELLAR quality, STUNNINGLY UNIQUE design, and solidly constructed dresser! I also bought the matching brown and white bedside table, but that came with a few manufacturing defects (cracks/spaces/other flaws in two of the inlaid bone materials), so I refused delivery, but I am confident Anthropologie will send out a perfect new one soon. GREAT dresser all around! Worth the 10-year international selection process, and cost is completely justified by quality!
  3. / Feb 27 2015
    Worth every penny!
    I waited and saved for three long years for this dresser and it did not disappoint! Yes, it's expensive, yes it was worth it. It looks just as it is pictured online, and it's a heavy piece. I agree with the other reviewer who commented on the painted interiors of the drawers--I don't know why they did that and I wish they hadn't, but the exterior of it more than makes up for it. It's so beautiful we couldn't hide it in our bedroom but instead put it in the living room. EVERYONE comments on it. I bought the brown and ivory colored version. I love it so much. I tell my husband every time I look at it, it makes me happy. I will have this piece for the rest of my life!
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  1. / Mar 23 2014
    I didn't want to love it....
    I gave up my search for a great bar cart long ago..settled for something else. This was so interesting though..... Hesitated..... Did I really need it... Ordered it but didn't open the box for weeks..... Now we're buddies forever. It's very nice, very cute. Better quality than I expected for the price, to be honest. Thought I'd have to assemble but no, comes solid just as is. I have a deep sofa and am using it as an end table/cart. The leather wrapped handle adds nice warmth. Very cute. Don't hesitate.
  2. / Sep 07 2014
    Worth the price tag
    Beautiful finish, speckled mirrored top. Gorgeous.
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  1. / Apr 05 2015
    Aslan's table
    This is the loveliest dining table I have ever seen. The quality of the wood is far beyond what I've seen in furniture stores, the engraving creative and beautiful. The table is a piece of art that creates the mood of our dining room - gives it the feel of a richly beautiful forest. Expensive but very well worth it, this is the kind of table that will be a family heirloom.
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  1. / Oct 10 2014
    Amazing mattress and oh so pretty!
    I was a little irked to spend so much on a daybed mattress, but now that I have this in my house I am SO glad I did. For starters - unlike every other twin/daybed mattress I looked at online before buying this one, and I looked EVERYWHERE, and I mean everywhere - this mattress fits the hand-carved wood and iron Valpo daybed (being sold online right now) PERFECTLY. (Every other mattress I looked at had a different depth or length, and none of them were "pretty" enough to where you could leave the mattress on the bed, sans sheets, and not have it look unkempt.) I plan on never putting sheets on this, unless someone is going to be sleeping on it. The rest of the time it will remain unmade, with a long, burlap "Bonjour" pillow on top of it, and a few other accent pillows. The mattress is substantial: firm but not too firm, and definitely designed not only to look nice, but to afford guests with a good night of rest. The only caveat I want to mention is although the design is exactly as pictured, the coloring is slightly different in person: The background matches that of what you see online, but all the design work is more of a muted blueish grey, NOT a distressed black. It is still VERY neutral and will work with just about any other colors, but I think it is important to note the variance so you won't be disappointed. I cannot wait for my first holiday guest to use this! I will post a corresponding review with pics of the bed next week once I have it all "put together" so you can see how it looks in a room! One last item worth mentioning: this will arrive via UPS, and will be left at your door. There is no "white glove" delivery for this item (unlike the bed), so I would recommend ordering this when you KNOW you will be in town so you can bring it inside as soon as it arrives. (The mattress comes in a box, and it's wrapped, but not in plastic, so leaving it outside if you were out of town, and possibly exposing it to rain would NOT be a very good idea). Don't worry about no delivery persons to help though: even in the box, this is very easy for two people to carry up a flight or two upstairs.
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