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  1. / Jul 09 2012
    Amazing, Dramatic Detailed
    I wanted this bed ever since the first time I saw it in a catalog, lucky for me, my husband and I relocated and decided to buy the bed for our new home, the workmanship is top notch, the details of the bed make me think it was branches and leaves that were dipped in iron as the bed is so beautiful, makes quite a statement and is just neat to rest and be be surrounded by such beauty, I believe the bed helps me focus on nature and clears my head so I sleep better than I have in a while. My husband put the bed together in no time at all, I held the canopy sides for seconds while he secured them and otherwise he did it himself.
  2. / Mar 05 2015
    Enchanted Forest
    We have been living in this fairy tale for about two years now. And it's dreamily magical! It fits in our Indian setting quite well too, the theme being "Vrindavan", the grove where Radha and Krishna's love blossoms!
  3. / Sep 06 2011
    Finally, after 23 years of searching
    This bed is beyond beautiful and exceeded our expectations. We have been looking worldwide for "our" bed since our wedding 23 yrs ago and it was well worth the wait and the price. This piece is incredibly well made. The shipping includes assembly once they arrive at your home which we did not know so our room was not prepared, so when you schedule your delivery, have your room ready. That being said, we assembled it in about 1.5 hours and the instructions (one side of one page) are impeccable and VERY easy. What can we say...we are truly happy with every aspect of our purchase.
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  1. / May 01 2011
    I ordered 2 of these and put them side by side. They were delivered already put together and each came with a wall mounting kit (which I highly recommend if you have children). They look wonderful; a bit rustic and modern at the same time. I have an assortment of books, pitchers, vases, and baskets on them. I like the 14 inch depth--they don't jut out in a smaller place, yet there is plenty of room to fit things on them. It is nice having open sides to put trailing vines on. They only downside is you can't adjust the shelves,but when do we really do that?
  2. / Jul 31 2011
    Picture Doesn't Do it Justice!
    When I saw this online and at the store I knew I liked the shelf but once I took it home and put it in my room I fell in love with it.! It has a beautiful vintage industrial look which is perfect for an eclectic style. I also love it because I have a small bedroom and I was worried it would over power it since it's a very heavy and large piece, but because of it's simplicity with the metal frame and open sides it suits even a small bedroom perfectly! It's also very heavy and has beautiful wooden shelves. I could not ask for a better shelf!
  3. / Jan 07 2013
    Very good looking rustic bookshelf
    This is the best looking and best built rustic bookshelf I have seen. I looked for many months to find a bookshelf that would fit our "Montana Rustic" lake house before purchasing this one and it is perfect! Good quality, sturdy built, rustic charm with a little industrial style to it. Metal drawers are the perfect accent to this bookshelf and they work great also.
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  1. / Nov 19 2013
    Unique Small Dresser
    I had been eyeing this for ages and finally bought it over the last furniture sale. I received the dresser less than 3 weeks after ordering and it was initially on backorder until tomorrow. The delivery went well. I love the dresser and it is actually larger than I was expecting as I knew it was a smaller dresser. Here are measurements as Anthro only lists part of them: Drawer 1- 20"x10"x5" Drawer 2- 22"x11"x6" Drawer 3- 26"x12"x7" Drawer 4- 29"x14"x8" Drawer 5- 32"x16"x9.5" and the feet are 2.5". I gave this dresser 4 stars because a few areas seem like they were not sanded properly and are not smooth, causing the finish to look funny and the surface feels rough. I plan to refinish this. I may contact Anthropologie with photos to see if they can compensate for that. One area on the side with the messed up finish is about a 7"x7" area which is quite large. Still, it was a great piece for a corner in my dining room. I'm a woodworker and the quality of woodwork is pretty good, not perfect. You can also see some glue where the boxes were attached.
  2. / Aug 29 2010
    I liked this so much that I am going to order a second one(although I am not sure where I am going to find room for it)! RE Cost of Shipping: I have purchased a bed and this chest from Anthropologie, and I think their shipping fees are a bargain! Having purchased numerous pieces of furniture(from various other sources) for my new condo, I can tell you that Anthropologie provides excellent white glove delivery service for a reasonable price! Design Within Reach(a very high end store that I have been buying from for years) charges more just to deliver the items to the doorstep, while their white glove delivery service is very expensive and quite dreadful. Crate and Barrel charged more just to deliver two floor mirrors to my threshold, and they didn't even deliver the correct product(I received cabinets instead of mirrors!).
  3. / Sep 13 2010
    the Understated Statement Piece
    I bought this for my rather small New York City apartment and absolutely love it. It is so solid (real wood! beautiful wood!) and is unique without screaming "look at me!" in the way a lot of modern furnishings do these days. It holds a ton of stuff and is perfect for a small space that needs an understated statement piece. Also! can we talk about the AMAZING delivery service?! I got it WITHIN 10 DAYS of ordering it, and the sweet delivery guys carried it up FIVE FLIGHTS of steep stairs for me, unpacked it and even apologized that they had to make a mess (which they promptly cleaned up) to unpack it. They also asked if I wanted to try it in different locations in the room and offered to move it around for me. Couldn't be happier with the service. Just to move things within the city you'd pay more and get worse service.
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  1. / Jul 13 2012
    Gorgeous Table, Unique pc for your home
    This table JUST arrived, and it was a anniversary gift from my husband. I have had this in my cart for almost 2 years and I am so beyond happy with this. It fits right in with my industrial contemporary look I am going for. It is the perfect size as well, hubby thought it was going to be to big and over baring, but it adds a certain elegance to the room. The only complaint that I have and it is probably not the manufacturers fault, but there is a slight scratch on the table that I am hoping hubby can buff out, but I was so distracted with dogs barking and the delivery guys (which were not the best, watched them outside my window trying to get the cardboard wrapping off the table and the took there feet and stomped on it) in my house that I did not notice it until they had left :(......crossing fingers and hoping.....but that has nothing to do with the actual table, it was a defect that came afterwords....just stunning..... if you have been having doubts about this table....buy it NOW...before it is not offered anymore....
  2. / Oct 30 2013
    This is one incredible piece. After reading the other reviews regarding the unfinished wood on this coffee table, I was prepared to do the wood sealing myself. The edges on the wood were also very rough and having young grandchildren this was also an issue. I sanded the wood top and sides to eliminate some rough spots and rubbed the top and sides with boiled linseed oil. After a lot of rubbing the table top is wonderful and fully sealed. It looks wonderful in our living room! Would highly recommend if you are willing to do the work to seal the wood.
  3. / Sep 22 2013
    Beautiful Piece
    I searched for the perfect coffee table for years....I never like any of them! This one is beautiful. The design is gorgeous and unique, and I thought the price was very fair given the iron work. It is huge! So make sure you measure first if you have a small place. The wood isn't finished, and I've looked into different possibilities for finishes, but I think they would all take away from the aesthetic of the raw wood. We just make sure to use coasters, and the one little coffee spill we had was wiped up immediately and there's been no spot. I figure that small scratches and stains won't be very noticeable on it, and will hopefully just build up a patina. The delivery took longer than promised, but I am overall very pleased with this table!
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  1. / Mar 10 2013
    Love this dresser- saving for the larger Brigitta
    I purchased this in the fall during anthropologie's 30% off furniture sale, and am very happy with that decision. It was on backorder, and while I was waiting for it to ship, another one popped up Craigslist so now I have 2. The wood from both is very similar so I can tell you there is a high level of consistency between pieces; I have not always had that experience with anthro home stuff. The drawers slide smoothly and have a wooden latch at the back to keep them from coming all of the way out when you pull. Swivel the latch up and they come all the way out. The drawers fit more than I expected and the mango wood is really the most gorgeous I've maybe ever seen. The design is very sturdy and for its petite size it's pretty heavy even with the drawers out, which is another indicator of the high quality of this piece.
  2. / Feb 22 2014
    Excellent Design, Quality, Color, Size
    This nightstand is perfect for small spaces. It is a beautiful light, beige-brown color. The wood is gorgeous! Excellent craftsmanship. Delivered with "white gloves" - worth the shipping/delivery cost (see my other review on Perch Counterstools). I was very pleased with this purchase.
  3. / Dec 14 2011
    Great nightstand -- sturdy, cute and functional
    I loooooooove my new nightstand. I've had the Bridgitta dresser, its larger counterpart, for years and love it as well. I like this one even more than the dresser because of the shading -- it's more brown and vintage-y looking, which appeals to me a great deal. It's not too heavy (you can easily move it from place to place if you like rearranging furniture), but heavy enough to give it sturdiness, character, and class. The drawers open very smoothly and are completely removable when/if you need them to be. Considering the quality of this product, the price is amazing. Also, I love the three-drawers-piled-on-top of each other look. I am very happy with my purchase.
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  1. / Aug 20 2012
    Thanks to a previous reviewer who suggested this as a sideboard! I purchased it for my dining room as well. Looks amazing! This piece is perfect with an eclectic mix of old and new furniture. Plus it is nice and sturdy!
  2. / Oct 26 2009
    Makes a nice sideboard
    I splurged on this item for the dining room because it was the perfect size. It was worth it. The table isn't made to look fake-vintage, thank goodness. It's simply a sturdy, elegant, dignified, well-made thing. It's deep enough to hold a tray of wineglasses or coffee cups or a birthday cake, ... probably all three.
  3. / Apr 17 2012
    Great Console Table!
    I received my console table yesterday and it really is exactly as pictured. I have a coordinating side table in a connecting room that I purchased from Urban and the higher quality of this console table really shows. Sturdy construction, industrial chic. Exactly what I wanted in my entryway.
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  1. / Feb 14 2010
    Save your pennies
    I think this chair is worth every penny. It's a comfortable, generous sized, low profile chair with a beautiful rich color. It has added such a punch to my living room seating arragement. The height is perfect for facing away from the TV and towards the sofa because it doesn't obscure the view of anyone sitting on the sofa. My only complaint would be that, if possible, it might be *too* low profile. It is a little difficult for some of my older relatives to get in and out of, and I've noticed my taller friends tend to avoid it, especially if they are wearing skirts. Still, I love it, and I know we'll be using this chair for years to come in a sitting area or in a bedroom.
  2. / Jul 16 2010
    Another Great Purchase
    I love, love my chair! Like sitting in a new smell good leather purse!! I love the low to the ground part and I can curl up in it! It is so cute in my room!!
  3. / Apr 20 2010
    love, love, love this chair
    I'm pretty picky when it comes to furniture, and it takes quite a unique piece for me to splurge like this. But it is very comfortable and adds so much to any room you put it in! I love how deeply inset the bottom cushion is and the buttons liven up the piece to make it even more adorable. The front wheels make it easy for moving and even look cute. The only negative: it sits quite low, which I really like, but has made it difficult for some of my company to stand up as easily. The green color is amazing and looks great whether you're trying to dress your room up or down.
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