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  1. / Jun 10 2012
    Love these!
    I have these in the chartreuse, dark green, and orange--for years I've had solid white plates and I thought it might be nice to add a pop of color to my dinnerware. Enter the latte bowls. I pretty much love everything about these--the color is cheerful, which I swear makes it more fun to eat out of than if it were a plain, white bowl. The shape is good for gripping, so if you have kids or a slightly clumsy hubby, this is awesome. I've primarily used these to heat up the oatmeal I make a big batch of early in the week or soup (I hate plastic containers--our dishwasher infuses them with the taste of detergent, so I don't use them much anymore). My old bowls would get hot to the touch--these get a little warm, but so far, no burned digits. Overall, I'm really happy I got these and will probably look to add another color in the future.
  2. / Sep 10 2014
    Great for household use
    I have a few of these bowls and I don't actually use them for eating. They serve as jewelry dishes, or in the junk drawer housing nail clippers, safety pins, etc. They're very durable and super cute. I will definitely buy more!
  3. / Jun 19 2011
    Makes a great gift.
    I recently bought a stack of these in various colours (they sell them individually in Canada). Love, love, love these! The sales person told me some of the colours are seasonal, so I can go by and pick up a few from time to time. They make a great gift, and the mini ones are handy for baking. My only cons are that they seem prone to chipping compared to the ones from another store. Only time will tell. In the mean time they look great! They also don't stack well, so you can't have more than four stacked, not the look I wanted, but it'll do...
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  1. / Apr 02 2010
    cute as a knick knack
    I saw this little bowl and thought it was really cute but way to small to eat from, so I passed it by without buying it. Low and behold someone broke one of my favorite little plants and when I realized this bowl was the same size as my plant bowl, I had to get it. Now my plant has major style!
  2. / Jul 05 2011
    I am in love with these bowls
    I bought 1 of each color from this set of bowls... and I have to say I'm in love with them. They are adorable... can't wait to eat some ice cream out of them :)
  3. / Aug 03 2010
    A wonderful gift from a friend
    I received 8 of these bowls with the accompanying serving bowl. Very unique and versatile.
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  1. / Mar 25 2014
    I purchased these bowls in the store several months ago. They look even better in person! I loved them so much that I went back and ordered the plates as well.
  2. / Nov 23 2013
    Love this design
    I bought the bowls to go with my existing plates that are are pale blue green. The colors in the bowls have a watercolor feel and look hand painted . We mixed and matched with some other colored bowls and the resulting table setting is terrific!
  3. / Nov 01 2012
    Swirl plate
    This whole pattern is more gorgeous in person than in the catalog. I am an artist and its design is very appealing to me, You won't be disappointed.
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  1. / Oct 15 2014
    Fun, Useful Bowls
    After reading the reviews about this bowl, I plunged right in and purchased 2. I am very happy with them. The colors are beautiful. The bowl is of an excellent size for cereal, ice cream, soup or fruit. I have washed them in the dish washer several times. No problems... Love this bowl!!
  2. / Jul 30 2012
    So pretty
    I have this bowl on my entry table. I put my keys and usually toss whatever bracelets I have on into it when I get home. I'm not very careful, but still... no chips. I just love it. It's so nice to surround your home with big and small bits of beauty.
  3. / Jul 23 2012
    Another Great Bowl
    I love Anthropologie bowls and this one is no exception. The colors are lovely and the size is just right for that morning bowl of oatmeal or perhaps a bowl of fruit. You can't go wrong with this one.
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  1. / Apr 10 2014
    Love Them
    I ordered one of each color of these bowls and I love them all! The bowls aren't perfectly round, which I love. In fact, these designs are so pretty and unique that I promptly ordered the dinner and side plates. I'm excited for some new dinnerware.
  2. / Jan 12 2014
    ordering more!
    These bowls are much prettier in person. Very hard and sturdy glaze and just the right natural shape.
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  1. / Sep 25 2014
    Runs a bit larger than the latte bowls. But the latte bowls fit nicely inside. (I got the yellow latte bowls, and it looks great.) These bowls feel good when handled, and look terrific on my shelf.
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