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  1. / Nov 08 2014
    I have conflicting feelings about this bedding. I got it almost three years ago as a wedding gift from my mother-in-law. It's gorgeous! I have gotten a zillion compliments on it. It's so beautiful that I don't want to part with it despite it being the least functional bedding I've ever owned. The buttons on the duvet have all popped off. At least once a month I'm hunting for one or two of them to sew them back on. The material is thin but somehow heavy. When hubs pulls bedding up to make the bed it puts a strain on the buttons (tears the material) and sends them flying under the dresser or bed. It's dry clean only. Ours has turned a different shade of gray at the top. I'm not sure why. I've taken it to the dry cleaners twice and they haven't been able to help. I can't stand to see the bed un-made because I think the color change is weird. However, I'm not ready to part with it. I think this bedding would be better suited for a guest room. I don't think it was made to be everyday bedding.
  2. / Jan 25 2015
    Vintage & Edgy
    I absolutely love this product! When I initially got it I was a little disappointed in how flat it was but after a little fluffing and cycles in the dryer, it got to the perfect amount of volume. The fabric isn't quite as smooth to touch as it appears but this can be easily solved by getting a nice, soft sheet set for underneath. Fabulous find! The only downside is the price and I waited until Black Friday to purchase it. I can honestly say it was well worth the wait!
  3. / Nov 12 2011
    Stunning and worth the price
    This is the most beautiful set I've seen anywhere at any price. I've looked at a lot of sets. It is just stunning and we all deserve stunning!!! I also went back and forth about this set because of the price and the material seemed fragile. But after I saw it in the store and spent months looking at others on-line and in stores, this was the one I still wanted, so got it on sale in white. I got two of the European shams. I don't like the standard shams so am going to purchase 3 more of the European one and have them made smaller. The bed skirt looked too short so I got a two tiered one in the same material and they look like they were made to go together. You do have to be careful but can wash it in cold water and dry it on low for about 20 minutes and air dry it. I know a pain but worth it or you can always dry clean it. Hope this is helpful. Oh, everything looks smashed when it comes out of the their shipping packages because they do get smashed. It saves shipping costs that way...right?
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  1. / May 17 2014
    I ordered the blue for my Ca King Wrought Iron bed and am in love at how this high quality duvet cover brighten up my room in a very chic/boho way! I have owned many Anthro bedding sets and this is among my favorite for both quality and style.
  2. / Jul 25 2013
    Beautiful, soft, perfect!
    I love, love this duvet cover. Photo and description accurate. Soft to the touch, light, perfect blend of lime green, light blue and dark blue. I would definitely recommend this duvet cover.
  3. / Aug 27 2013
    overall i'm stoked about the bedding. it's beautiful and comfy. but the queen is a little bigger than i expected.
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  1. / Dec 04 2014
    Good quality, but colors are a little off.
    This duvet cover is made of a thick, substantial fabric and it held up well to washing and drying (permanent press) in a side loading machines. It definitely runs a little larger than the 96 x 104'' measurements given, especially given the fabric border than runs around it. This worked well with our large, king size bed, and was one of the reasons why I decided to keep it. I loved the pattern online, and the only thing I don't like about it is that the flowers - which appear more red/coral on my computer - are bright pink in real life. I decided to keep it anyway due to the quality and size, but wanted to alert others who might not be a fan of the pink coloring.
  2. / Dec 09 2014
    More pink than pictured
    This is a nice, thick duvet cover that runs slightly larger than the listed dimensions due to the fabric border around the edge of the duvet. The pattern is beautiful, but I was disappointed to find that the flowers - which appear to be more red/coral on my computer - are pinker in real life. I decided to keep it anyway due to the quality, but wanted to post a review to alert others to the color issue.
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No disrespect to warm and cozy down inserts, but they are nothing without duvet covers. Our duvet cover sets in particular have a way of dressing up less-than-stellar comforters and tad-too-old throws. From ruffle duvet covers to those swirled with hand embroidery and exploded floral prints, one is sure to find a duvet that adds a certain something to existing bedroom decor. As the seasons change, there's nothing more welcomed than a duvet cover change-up: a few buttons here and there take you from sumptuous velvets and silks to lightweight linens and jersey in no time. That's the beauty of duvet covers!
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