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  1. / Dec 12 2014
    A Beautiful sweater but in no way a sweatercoat
    - This is gorgeous. But in NO way is it a sweater-coat. It is just too thin IMO to be classified as such. - I would order your usual size UNLESS you want to wear this over-sized OR you have very broad shoulders and larger arms, then, in both instances, size UP one size. - This is not lined and the material is on the thinner side. I have not had any belt "issues" as another reviewer has, but I can see where the belt could come loose, as the loops on the sweater are not very secure. - There are no buttons or slits on the cuffs, but the sleeves are still [relatively] easy to "tszuj" up. And the functional pockets and the collar's versatility to be worn a couple different ways are very nice touches. - This sweater IS going to pill, so have a sweater stone or sweater comb on hand for maintenance. - Again, it is an incredibly versatile sweater (with it's black, brown, and beige palette and patterns). It looks great with Ts, blouses, turtlenecks, and over dresses, too. It just isn't a coat in any sense of the word, so just set your expectations accordingly.
  2. / Nov 30 2014
    Perfect sweatercoat
    I've owned this sweatercoat for about 3 weeks now and have worn it at least 2-3 times each week. It's absolutely perfect and the neutral shades go with just about anything. Also, the fit is very flattering. I typically buy more bright prints, but I feel in love with this when I saw it online. The weight is perfect for Texas weather. I can see myself being able to wear this through most of the winter. For reference, I bought a MP because of my height (5'1''). If I would tried it on in the store I probably could have gotten away with the regular M. I almost think the sleeves are too short, but my husband has assured me they are the perfect length. I probably would have exchanged it for the regular length, but I didn't want to have to pay for the shipping. Overall I think this sweatercoat is a great investment. I see myself wearing it for many years to come!
  3. / Dec 15 2014
    Warm & comfortable
    I used this sweater as my winter coat in NY & it was perfect! When it got really cold I just wrapped a cashmere shaw around me. The hood was perfect when it was raining.
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  1. / Dec 04 2014
    Versatile Cardigan
    I got this cardigan in the gray color and I love it! It can be dressed up or down. the shade of gray is so feminine and soft. I'm usually really sensitive to sweater materials but this doesn't make me itchy at all. I'm 5'4 and this isn't long either and the sleeves are the perfect length. I have a problem with the sleeves being too long and bunched up near my wrist. Overall awesome awesome and can't wait for the weather to cooperate so i can wear it more often!!
  2. / Oct 28 2014
    great wrap
    Bought it in taupe to begin with; coming back for the green and white. I know I'll be wearing this cardigan the rest of fall, all through winter, and into the spring. Like another reviewer, I have sensitive skin, and though I love natural fibers, I can't stick to wool to keep me warm. The exact percentages: 55 cotton, 25 rayon, 15 nylon, 5 cashmere. I'd prefer no nylon, but the end result is super soft knit that I don't mind next to my skin as a top layer or one of many under a winter coat.
  3. / Oct 13 2014
    Soft & Warm Cardi
    I was on the hunt for a soft and warm cardigan to get me through the fall / winter. I was hoping for something that wasn't wool, but that was warm and not itchy. I have very sensitive skin! I also wanted something longer and comfy, but that wasn't frumpy. This sweater met all of my criteria! I bought this in a medium. I'm 5'11" and typically wear small or medium sizes. The green is a very beautiful, rich forest green. I can already tell I'll be reaching for this on a weekly, if not daily basis!
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  1. / Dec 05 2014
    I love it but....
    I love Anthropologie's boiled wool cardigans/jackets for an alternative to blazers and jackets at work. The cute ruffly detail of the front made this a must have for my wardrobe. I'm a D-cup and the ruffles helped my 'girls' look less obvious. HOWEVER if you are on the busty side, do not expect it to fit like it does in the picture on the flat-chested model. I'm a D-cup and off the rack, the sweater gaps, the ruffles don't lie flat and the waist starts at my ribs so it looks like I have weird giant hips that start really high up on my body. But on me at least, I was able to add a hook-n-eye to keep it from gapping in front, I tacked one of the ruffles down so it lays flat, and the high waist was easily fixed (I know how to do alterations) I recommend the jacket if you are an average to small bust, but if you are a little top-heavy you might not like how it looks off the rack. I love the sweater, I'm glad I bought it (even though with tax it was close to $200) but I rarely go to this effort for clothes, and if I wasn't handy with a needle and thread I would be really disappointed.
  2. / Dec 01 2014
    Plum is stunning
    I saw the plum in the store the other day and snatched it right up. I am petite, 5'0", 115 with a 36C chest and the XS is slightly large, yet fitted, which works perfectly with thicker winter sweaters. It is a bit thin so it will not do for super cold days, but it has been a staple for me this past month and I have received numerous compliments. The rouching in the front is fantastic and the back has a very feminine cut. This piece is absolutely worth it.
  3. / Nov 19 2014
    Plum Beautiful!
    I purchased the plum colored version of this felted wool coat because the contrast colored opening was so flattering, drawing the eye back and forth, accenting the curved waist. I love the soft warmth of felted wool - I have an old Guinevere coat worn almost to rags. Since I wear both small/medium sizes, I went with the medium just to make sure it fit over heavier winter clothing. I'm sure I'll wear this coat out over the years too!
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  1. / Jul 30 2014
    Gorgeous, as pictured, FTTS, please restock
    This pullover sold out within a few days of its first appearance. On anthro day, all the xs and s sizes were sold out online, and within two days all sizes were sold out online. I had to call cs to locate a lingering xs to get mine (I received mine from anthro at Boston within 48 hours of placing a charge send so that's excellent service!!!) Anyway, this pullover is super soft and has a nice casual, but romantic feel to it. It looks exactly as it does in the pictures based on the fit and color. I normally take xsp, but the xs fits me fine (the elbows line up with the lace elbow pads and the sweater portion ends above my hips), Anyway, I knocked down a star because I'm annoyed it sold out so quickly, it came in only one color, and that it's a little pricey for a thin sweater. However, since it's beautiful and easy to pair with, I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of it come fall so I can justify the price. Please bring this beauty back in royal blue, light pink, and moss green! Or just bring it back!
  2. / Nov 14 2014
    Very Pretty & Comfy!
    I ordered this sweater immediately after seeing it online. I ordered it in black and gray. They just came today and I absolutely love the black one. The lace on the gray sweater is too yellow for me. It is not a light ivory lace as shown. So, I may exchange the gray one for the plum color. I can't wait to wear this sweater, it is beautiful and the black lace gives it a feminine feel. I ordered the Xl because I am a 36D. It fits perfect.
  3. / Nov 13 2014
    I Love this Sweater! I bought in Black, size M (I'm 5'6 155 pounds). It's nice and soft and nips in at the waist. The lace flares out at the back and is a really cute detail! Wear it with pants in a different color to see the lace at the bottom.
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  1. / Dec 15 2014
    A little overpriced but super comfortable
    My husband bought this for me and at first I thought it was super ugly and frumpy… it looked like a throw my grandma would have. But then I put it on, and it was just so incredibly soft and comfortable that I started to really like it. Ultimately I've decided to keep it because it's warm and makes me feel like I'm wearing a comfy bathrobe and my husband likes it, but I do think at full price ($148) it's a bit overpriced for what it is. If this goes on sale it would be a much easier purchase to justify. Bottom line - a more stylish way to get away with wearing the comfort equivalent of a bathrobe in public. And I'm pregnant right now so comfort is key!
  2. / Nov 16 2014
    I just bought this...it is a luxurious and fabulous fashion statement! It is nice to wear when the weather is beginning to be on the cool side but I am not sure I would wear it during snowy conditions as a 'coat' without something more adequate underneath, like a turtleneck. The sleeves are a bit snug and they were for a friend of mine who bought one in a smaller size as well so what you wear underneath might compromise the fit of the sleeves although doable.. I think it's just constructed that way. Still it is a wonderful piece to add any wardrobe.
  3. / Dec 05 2014
    So Cute!
    Just purchased this sweater/coat. Love it. So much cuter than in the picture. Best part is it is extremely warm without having any wool in it. I purchased a regular size medium even though I usually wear a petite medium/large. The fit is great since I like my sweaters a little longer.
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  1. / Dec 05 2014
    Could the collar have been half the size? Maybe, but it looks great just the way it is. I am not a big fan of shawl collars, and neither is my mom, but we both really liked this sweater jacket. I purchased the grey, and it is stunning. The contrast of the black trim with the grey is beautiful. I didn't like the beige. It has a pinkish hue, and if you are pale like me, you will not like it either. The fit is perfect. For the reviewer who mentioned it needing a closure in front, just go to a fabric store, buy a hook and eye closure and sew it on. That will solve the problem! I highly recommend this sweater jacket.
  2. / Nov 14 2014
    Lovely and unique.
    This is one of my favorite pieces this fall. It's very well made, the fit is perfect for my frame, and it lays beautifully. I know other reviewers weren't crazy about the thick collar, but I think that's what sets this apart from other sweaters/jackets. I wouldn't change a thing about it.
  3. / Oct 15 2014
    Quality, but a few design flaws
    In my opinion, there are a few design flaws on this, mainly the shawl collar is humongous!!! Half of that would've been sufficient. If you like that kind of thing, you may not mind it. And there is no closure, so everything just hangs. The quality is great, I loved the sweater-type sleeves and the soutache trim makes it so lovely. I ordered a small (34C, 127#, 5'5") and it was a little big and if I loved everything about it, I would've tried an XS. Color is as shown on photo and length was good for me. May be a bit itchy as expected for boiled wool. But overall it felt soft and cozy.
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  1. / Nov 17 2014
    soft and cozy sweater
    This sweater is really pretty and appears well made. It is very soft and warm but not too heavy. I think it fits a bit shorter than it looks in the model picture. The back ends at the small of my back (no butt coverage) and the front hits at the top of the hip. I am 5 ft 4 in (125 lbs) and I got the XS and it fits roomy. The sleeves are generous in size for me and I usually have problems with shirts too tight on my arms. I wish this sweater was longer, but I like it enough to keep it.
  2. / Nov 14 2014
    A pretty creamy white sweather
    My usual size small fit fine. It is a pretty & unique sweater. I am returning though because the ruffled hem on my left side (facing right side in the model pic) does not lay properly. It sticks out in an odd way & does not hang or lay nicely as on the opposite side. It is very noticeable. The model pic looks fine, but mine does not. Going to return.
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