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  1. / Feb 14 2015
    Beautiful Jacket
    I ordered this jacket online. Ordering things online is super stressful for me, but this jacket is truly beautiful. It looks like real leather, feels like leather, sounds like leather. It's soft to the touch and stylish. The perfect weight for a spring day. I am only disappointed that I couldn't order the petite medium instead of reg medium as the length would've been more appropriate for me. Nevertheless, I'm in love with this piece. I would like to mention though, I find it surprising that only one other reviewer said anything about the wiring in the jacket. Like the other reviewer, I too am concerned about how this will hold up over time... Also, I don't think the jacket runs small. It's true that the arms are a bit tight, but nothing severe. I wish I would've ordered the small instead. Today I am wearing a long-sleeve collared shirt under a pull over sweater, and the jacket fits just fine, albeit a bit snugly through the arms. Anyway... there's my two cents! Hope it helps some of you prospective buyers. :)
  2. / Apr 05 2015
    I've been looking for the perfect leather jacket and I think I've finally found it. This jacket is absolutely beautiful! I'm surprised it's not real leather. The material is soft and supple and even looks worn in places (which I love). Part of why I haven't been able find the perfect jacket is because many of the ones out there have too much hardware and some are too simple. This one is a great happy medium though! As other reviewers said, it does run small. I tried on my usual medium, and it was too tight in my shoulders so I had to go with the large. I'm only sad that I bought it too late to wear it all the time because it's already getting warm where I live.
  3. / Feb 12 2015
    Just as good as everyone says
    As other reviewers have pointed out, this is a terrific vegan leather jacket. It's soft and supple, but with enough shape that it doesn't seem obviously fake. Some of that structure comes from wires that have been inserted into the collar and cuffs (like wired ribbon). They can be a little tricky to adjust, but they allow you to stand the collar up and keep the cuffs folded back. All the details are teriffic. Sadly, I have to return it because I was sized out. Usually a Medium (dress size 8), my broader shoulders and larger bust didn't work with this jacket, even when I sized up to a Large. XL was already sold out when I placed my order. I'm pretty sure that would have fit—i.e. going up TWO sizes. People have written that the sleeves are tight; I think it's actually that it's cut narrow through the shoulders. If that is your body type, go for it! PS My jacket arrived pretty wrinkled. I put it on a hanger for a few days but the wrinkles didn't come out. Who the heck knows how you'd get wrinkles out of this fabric.
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  1. / Apr 17 2015
    Absolute closet staple; you'll wear it everyday.
    This jacket isn't actually made of real denim/chambray, but a luxuriously soft, thicker-weight cotton. It's beautifully dyed so that it's not quite uniform blue, but almost like watercolor blue. Hard to describe. It's honestly the perfect weight for Spring (60*F SF in Bay Area). My only caveat is the fit. I'm 5-5.5" tall, 128 lbs, 34C, 28" waist, 35.75" hips, with broad shoulders, and bought an XS in this. If my hips were any wider than they are- the bottom hem would be too tight when zipped up. So pear-shaped ladies, and especially busty ladies, will definitely need to size-up in this. It zips over my 34 C bust but with zero extra room. I took home the XS b/c I like a fitted look, and the S seemed baggy/longer when worn unzipped. Even in this XS, I had to cinch in the waist quite a bit. Since it's 100% cotton, I plan to have it dry-cleaned. No margin for shrinkage! I thought my army-green anorak was the only jacket I would ever need as an effortless layer that matches everything, but I was wrong. This is my new go-to.
  2. / Apr 30 2015
    Spring in Chambray
    I haven't always loved chambray but this jacket won me over! It's perfect for those in-between weather days. It is light and the length is perfect as I don't like cropped jackets on me. I found the sizing to be true to size, although I was debating whether or not to size up. I decided to get the medium (my usual size), with some help from my anthro friends, because it was more flattering. I would have selected the large if I was going to wear more bulky/heavier clothing underneath. However, since I'll be wearing this mainly in Spring, bulky clothes are put away for colder weather days! Also, I am not one to pair blue/denim with blue jeans. It's just a pet peeve of mine, but this jacket is definitely an exception to that rule of mine!
  3. / Mar 23 2015
    I am in love with this jacket and am so glad I bought it! I actually bought the green color, which is exactly as pictured - a very light green with no fading like the blue version. The jacket does come with a disclaimer that the color of the jacket may fade and change after the first few washes but I love it so much that I won't care. For me, this jacket ran a little big as I ended up with an XS as opposed to my standard S. The S did fit but when left unzipped, it lacked structure and looked too large. The XS alleviated that and I am still able to wear it zipped comfortably. It is ridiculously soft and is nicely lined. It gives lightweight coverage and doesn't seem to be super wind resistant. I wore it out and about on a 60 degree, slightly windy day and was perfectly fine save for large wind gusts, which were a bit chilly. I didn't mine it one bit though!
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  1. / Mar 01 2015
    In Love
    If a sales girl hadn't found this for me I woud've never tried this on but I'm so glad that I did. While it looks cute on the online model the way she wears this jacket isn't my style. I ditched the string that keeps it belted creating a very different look...wearing it open gives it the look of a stylish blazer without the movement restrictions. The jacket is comfortable enough to sleep in (soft and stretchy), it's heavy (weight wise) but not overly warm making it perfect for those cold office buildings. The coloring of the white is hard to see but it's two toned with the front being a light bone (it's not a bright white) and the back being a light gray. The black is just black but there is a fabric difference btw the front and back(same as the white). I consider this a must have so I got one in each color. Unfortunately the black runs small and they're out of XL. Due to the stretchy material I can get away with a L but there is a BIG difference everywhere btw the white XL and the black L.
  2. / Mar 14 2015
    Truly Amazing!
    I got this sweater in both the black and white. I did the white in Petite, and the black in standard sizing (as petite wasn't available). I love them both. It is definitely noticeable that the white fits snugger, and smaller; but was no issue for me being 4'11 and 107lbs. The material is heavy - but not too heavy; and the angled front makes it so flattering. My only SMALL complaint, is that the sleeves are a little long considering they are rolled up; but the material of the sleeves is solid enough that you can pull them up a little higher and they stay. I definitely recommend this piece to everyone. It goes perfect with jeans, leggings, a dress, or a skirt. It's really so versatile, and can be dressed up or dressed down without issue.
  3. / Mar 21 2015
    Super Versatile
    So I passed this jacket over online and when I saw it in the store I had to have it. I purchased the white/grey combination but I could have gone for the black too. It is super cute and I took my regular anthro size M. I am 5'7" and 135lbs. I found the grey jacket in a medium a little bigger than the black jacket in the medium....sometimes that happens. This might not be true to all of these jackets but it was true to the ones in this anthro store. I thought you could dress up or down this jacket and it would be great with a tank top underneath. The grey/white combo has more of a distinct look to it and the black is more subtle. The back of the jacket is sweatshirt material and the front is a drapey fabric. Great staple piece.
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  1. / Apr 17 2015
    Stunningly Classic
    This kimono takes a pair of dress jeans and tee from day to night with a classic flare in fashion. Could go with all white, as well, and look stunning. Very comfortable to wear due to the design that makes it hug the shoulders. You may need someone in store to show you the proper way to put it on as it doesn't come to mind by just looking at it straight on. Sooooo worth the price!!!
  2. / Apr 22 2015
    This is SILK (NOT cotton/rayon)!
    It's a lovely concept, and well-executed. The silk is fine, but I'm becoming a textile snob, and generally prefer textiles from India, over China. While I wish Anthro offered more products made in USA, I definitely LOVE Indian textiles. Workmanship is typically excellent. What the first reviewer said is true; you may very well need someone to help you figure out how to put this on. At first the saleswomen in my local store had a hard time figuring it out, and when I was checking it out, one came over to me and showed me how to wear it. It does hug your shoulders, so is a thoughtful design for this type of garment concept. I have not worn mine yet, but it is a very pretty piece.
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  1. / Jan 29 2015
    such a cool style..wiring in the collar
    I just love this style.. its so cool .. you cant say that you already have something similar in your closet. Its truly a work of art :) I can wear this with my jeans or a great slip dress.. really its is the perfect "clothing accessory"
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  1. / Mar 10 2015
    I wish this came in 00 regular
    Great quality jacket and not too heavy for spring in TX. I ordered both the 0p and 00p and small size fit perfectly in my shoulders and waist, but the length is too short for me. I am 5'2" 105 lbs and have a short torso with long legs for my height, so this blazer unfortunately made me look stumpy on top. I am hesitant to try this in 0 regular, since 0 petite was too boxy, and wish a size 00 regular was offered. But, if you are very petite or like the cropped look, then give the blazer a try since it is cute and comfortable. The color in person looks exactly as it does online.
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  1. / Mar 18 2015
    Very Pretty
    Really pretty shrug. I'm a U.S. 6/UK 10 and ordered a size small. As far as a lose fitting shrug can fit it does sit nicely on the shoulders so yes, it fits well. The back of the shrug sits around the mid buttocks (I'm 5ft 7). In the picture I'd say it looks more white than it does in person. Off white is more of an accurate description. The material is lovely and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and really I'm looking forward to wearing this in the summer as its a very light and elegant summer piece. I'll be teaming this with skinny jeans and a cap sleeve t-shirt for now but it will work equally as well with any type of shorts and a cute cami in the warmer months. It is dry clean only as the material is delicate but not so delicate you'll be overly worried about accessories catching on it, but even for me who stays clear of dry clean pieces when I can I'm actually really pleased with this item. Glad I bought it.
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